3 Months Old Kitten – Taking Care of a Kitten, Precautions & Advice


Taking Care of a Kitten, Precautions & Advice

3 months old kitten: When a kitten comes home, it is essential that you provide everything you need for your adaptation and comfort, here we list the basic elements for this new member of the family …

The third month of your kitten arrives, it is halfway through adolescence. You will notice that your pretty blue eyes begin to change color, usually fading into green and gold. You can find the teeth scattered on the floor while she sheds her milk teeth and the bone teeth come to take their place.

3 months old kitten

When we talk about treatment for your kitten we refer to the humanitarian management that you have to provide, this will depend on their physical development and their development before society, a cat is more independent in all senses than other animals, make it violent as a result of our treatment wrong would make things difficult.

Precautions To See a 3 Months Old Kitten

The advice that I will give you will be of great help so that kitty does not generate problems for you. these are the precautions for a 3 months old kitten:

3 month old kitten

  • At the moment of holding it, it should be in a subtle way if you do not want to be hurt by those really sharp clubs, take it with your two arms and place it next to your chest so that you feel safe, do not throw it into the air, as this generates stress.
  • Do not hit, the blows do not solve anything just cause fear, stress and you will violent, there are techniques in the training section of this page will teach you to educate that rebel kitten, without having to resort to violence severely. Not to mention that you can cause injuries to bones, organs and skin, please do not beat any animal, they do not deserve it. Pressing it too hard can injure it, expose it to extreme temperature changes, force its exercise, throw objects at it is totally forbidden, remember children can hurt them without any intention, 5 out of 10 cases of visits to the kitten veterinarian due to injuries, are caused by children. Educate your child (s) to respect the life of other living beings.
  • This point more than treatment is to refer to the respect you deserve your kitten in terms of food, keep your bowl of croquettes clean and with food of the day, give him the rations that correspond to your weight and age, the water is others tell you that it must be totally clean and fresh.
  • You must be careful when you take it, when you hug it and when playing with it, you are fragile at this age remember it. Be sweet with him, now you are part of his family, he will see you as part of his life, his protector, his food provider and his partner, so treat him with respect and love.

Essential elements

Most essential elements that should be taken care of a 3 months old kitten are here. check out them.

3 months old kitten precautions

Bed for a 3 months old kitten:

(remember it’s your space and there you will sleep for a long time, it has to be comfortable, clean and with enough space for him).

3 months old kitten Food:

It should be according to your age, that covers your nutritional requirement and preferably that recommended by the Veterinarian, he will give you the best choice according to the weight, size, and breed of your kitten. Obviously in this section include bowls for water and food totally clean (it is very important that they are washed continuously to avoid digestive problems such as gastrointestinal infections.) With the advice of your veterinarian the croquettes brand that suits your budget and style life of your furry friend.

For your cleaning it is necessary:

Specific shampoo for your pet (the shampoo and soaps for humans irritate the skin, it covers hair follicles generating infections, it does not clean them properly, it generates itching and it leaves your hair rough, so do not use them. neutral soap is more than enough, in case you have external parasites such as fleas or ticks, you will have to buy a specific soap, depending on the age of the kitten, because if it is very small there can be poisoning by reabsorption in the skin of the component There are medications that are reabsorbed in the skin without causing intoxication in your body, check with a veterinarian first.

  • You should bathe it carefully, with warm water, do not put too much shampoo or soap, use only the necessary one according to its size, try not to get water in your ears or eyes, remove all the soap residues and before cleaning your ears, ask your veterinarian to give you the proper technique because it is a delicate process.
  • When carving your body do it gently from the neck to the tail, a massage would not hurt at all and stimulate the growth of new hair and remove any type of soap residue at the time of rinsing.
  • There is a very famous myth that cats do not like water or bathing … this is a big lie, the key is that since you are a little kid, talking to him while little by little you bathe him is a great help, since the first experience will be key to relate your next bath, if your first bathroom was traumatic, so relate the others, but if it was a good experience, take others calmly, so try to do it as little traumatic as possible, you should take into account that cats are extremely clean animals, (Contrary to what many people think) then bathe your cat every two months, they clean themselves and it is not necessary to bathe them constantly.
  • And in the same way the rest of the bathrooms try not to have stress. An important part is your nails, which if not cut properly could hurt you while he plays or can destroy your furniture, which will not be anything pleasant, there is a special nail clip, ask your veterinarian to show you how and how to cut them or filing them, you can also buy online via latex-based nails that adhere with a special glue to their garritas, the only problem I see is that they are temporary, I recommend you better cut them properly, if you want to do it yourself, here we show you how Do it:  How to cut the nails of my dog ​​or cat .
  • The drying is an essential part of the bath, because if you do not dry your pet properly you can generate skin problems due to humidity and even respiratory problems, be careful with that. It is not the same as the last part of your pet’s hair is dry, the hair is completely dry, we often confuse that, go to your pet and check if the start of the hair is really dry, but dry again with a dryer, many times the towel is not enough. What happens when you leave moisture in that part where the hair starts? The bacteria proliferate quickly causing infections in the skin of your kitten or fungus that will cause the hair to fall and a lot of itching, in the worst case if it is not treated, as long as they scratch, there could be self-mutilation.

Collar for your new born kitten:

The cats do not need to leave on a leash but if with the collar, the kittens will reach an age where you should give them the freedom to go out with certain restrictions, so that this one is not poisoned, run over, etc. And not only that, it is a way for animal control and other people to identify that the cat has an owner, if possible make sure that it comes out with its plaque where your data comes in case something happens to your pet.


Toys are a fundamental instrument in your mental and physical development, these toys will stimulate your digestive system, strengthen muscles, joints and locomotor system, will develop emotionally with you and the other members of the family, discover things, stimulate your brain and in As for your house, you will avoid being bitten by furniture, shoes or whatever is in sight, so buy for your kitten toys that are not too big to hurt your teeth, but not so small that you can swallow them, analyze the size , that has colors and q are not too hard, because the toys will also stimulate the request of teeth at a certain age, just as humans will also get a strong denture after having moved the teeth called “De leche” or temporary.

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Always remember that unlike a dog, cats have a much greater independence, they learn many things alone and they value their space a lot, they allow the exploration to know their new home, with patience and these tips, your cat will be a pet totally adapted to its environment.

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