5 Things to Know About Maine Coon Cat

The biggest cat is the maine coon cat is a majestic looking cat. Her impressive fur and giant size make her an extraordinary cat. Considered a cat-dog, he is the favorite cat of the French since 2012. Maine Coon is the largest known cat breed in the world. Its size is crazy for a cat can exceed the meter. As such, the record is held since 2006 by a Maine Coon called Leo. It measured 121.9 cm. Know more about maine coon cats from us in detail.

Maine Coons has an extroverted personality. If he has the appearance of a wild cat, it is nonetheless an excellent companion of life. It adapts to any type of environment and is very sociable. Not especially sporty, this cat with medium hairs prefers caresses with his owner or even play with children. He also accepts without difficulty the presence of other animals and congeners.

about maine coon cat

The cat Maine Coon is a sweet giant. Its size is impressive but its character is very nice. It is a sweet cat, without malice and very calm. He does not enjoy the sport or climb a cat tree. He prefers the caresses , the pampering of his owner as children around him. He enjoys going out for a few walks. Very intelligent, Maine Coon cat also likes to chat with its owner by means of meowing and cooing. You can name this cat by seeing maine coon cat names. Like some breeds he loves to play in the water.


5 Things to Know About Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coons cat reached its adult size after 5 years. He must eat more of the kitten food being young, based on kibble with a high percentage of nutrients. Subsequently, his diet consists mainly of animal proteins such as crustaceans, fish and meat. Maine Coon is also a breed that cat drinking lots of water daily.

1. The largest cat in the world

Measuring up to 1 meter and up to 14 kg, Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat breed on the planet and look as a american shorthair. His appearance of wild cat does not remain less elegant. Like wildcats and lynxes, her ears end with a small tuft of hair.

maine coons cat

With a fur worthy of a small lion that makes it even more imposing, it also has a robust musculature.

2. Controversial origins

Legend has it that the name “Maine Coon” comes from the mating of wild cats in Maine, USA and raccoons. Of course this is impossible. Another legend says that this cat was brought to the American continent by the Vikings in their boats.

More seriously it could come from a cross between Maine semi-wild cats and Angora cats imported from Asia by English settlers. It is the first breed cat recognized in the United States. This cat with medium hairs has had great success in Europe since the 1990s.

3. He loves water

Maine Coon is one of those rare cats that love water like a tortie cat. Indeed nothing amuses him more than dipping his papattes in his bowl of water. He also likes to drink directly at the water fountains and if he goes everywhere it’s so much better.

maine coon cats

4. A working cat

Maine Coon is often considered the most dog of cats. Indeed it is very easy to train, learns quickly to bring a small ball and it can even be walked on a leash.

He also has a very developed hunter instinct. He will be very happy in the countryside where he will not only be able to spend his time and satisfy his instinct of freedom, but also rid the barns of pests of all kinds.

5. A sweet giant

Maine Coon has a sweet and cheerful character. Very peaceful, no ounce of aggression is present at home. Affectionate he loves his master more than anything in the world and shows a fidelity foolproof. On the other hand it hardly supports loneliness.

Very sociable, it can adapt to any type of environment people and animals. It is an ideal playmate for children who like to integrate into a family life. In short the ideal cat. And besides he does not meow, but cool.

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With this information hope you have got the best main things about the maine coon cat and their behavior. If you want to adopt a maine coon then this article will surely help you. Before bringing a cat to cat it is more suggestible to know about the cat and bring them. Visit our catsFud for more information.

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