The 6 Best Dust Free Cat Litters

Every cat owner knows that how difficult it is to set a proper litter for their cat as there are certain important things that you need to follow. If you have a trained cat that uses a litter box, you will come across problems like the bad odor of urine, dust texture of cat litter, and many other issues.

If you have a smelly house because of poor management of your cat’s waste, it can be displeasing for other people. It can also be very toxic for the environment and most importantly for the hygiene of your cats if you do not pay attention to manage it properly.

There are several brands available in the market that are providing cat litter products but you need to know which one is best for your cat.

Cats have a very unique sense of smell and they always choose a litter that is clean and odorless. Make sure that you use a cat litter that your cat enjoys and you can test it by leaving various litters in different places to find out about the preference of your cat.

Every cat owner must keep the cat litter clean as possible and for that, you can try a clumping litter. In this way, you can easily remove the urine and feces. It makes it easy for you to clean the litter box on regular basis and you do not even have to empty and clean the whole box.

The feces and urine can be very displeasing both for humans and cats so it is important to remove them completely for keeping the house environment pleasant. A cat litter is the best option for every cat owner to properly manage the waste of cats. Some cat litters even have baking soda that helps to get rid of smell quickly as it rapidly absorbs the smell.


Six Best Dust Free Cat Litters

While shopping for a cat litter, your main priority should be to search for a cat litter that is dust-free and easy to manage. Finding the right cat litter can be frustrating so you need to have complete knowledge about them to come up with a good option.

There are some recommendations mentioned below that can help you to decide and buy a suitable cat litter that not only absorbs the smell efficiently but also provide a dust-free and clean environment.

World’s Best Unscented Clumping Corn Cat Litter

When we talk about cat litter, there are many options to choose from but you must buy that particular cat litter that is dust-free and can remove the cat waste efficiently. Unscented corn cat litter is dust-free and is made of corn as its name suggests. It is the best odor control cat litter present right now and every cat owner should use it.

In the past cat owners were using sand, ash, and old papers to fill the litter box and they are not that beneficial to control the bad odor of liquid and feces. However, these unscented cat litters are very tough on odor and manage to remove smell easily.

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With the unscented clumping corn litter, it is easy to remove any feces or waste from the litter box using a litter scoop. You can leave the rest of the corn litter in the box and that becomes reusable again. It is not only efficient to remove all kinds of odor but also very long-lasting. If you have a single cat, you can use it for more than a month without worrying about buying a new litter each month.

Natural unscented litter comes with long-lasting odor control making it easier for you to manage your cat waste. With this litter, there is less mess and you can easily clean the box.

These cat litters are free from any kind of silica dust that is very bad for the environment and causes breathing problems for cats. There are not any kind of harmful chemicals in it as it is made from kernel corn.

It is made with natural ingredients and that makes it safe for you to flush it. It is not over perfumery at all and it keeps the sensitive nose of your cat safe. A large box of this natural unscented cat litter can last for two months easily.

If you have more than one cat, you do not need to worry because it is reusable so you do not need to change it every time it gets full instead you can just clump it to remove waste.

You do not want your cat to take bath in the dust with cheap litters and that is also bad for your cat’s lungs if it mistakenly ingests some amount of it. It is time that you should go with a corn litter that is completely natural and also a clean product for your cat. It will not only provide a safe environment for your cats but it is also worth the savings.

ÖKOCAT Natural Wood Cat Litter

Cats are so conscious about their bathrooms and if you have litter in your home that is not per the demand of your cat, it can lead to various problems including bad litter box behavior. If you are a cat owner who is struggling to find the best option for your cat, you should consider this naturally made wood cat litter.

It is the next generation cat litter and it is entirely plant-based. Meaning it does not have any kind of harmful chemicals and dyes in it making it a perfect nature-made cat litter. It has exceptionally absorbent properties and you do not need to worry about having a smelly room anymore.

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Odor generates in a process when enzymes mix with the liquid and waste but with a wood fiber included in this cat litter, it prevents the creation of ammonia and provides an odorless clean indoor environment.

Wood also has great absorbing qualities so when your cat is done doing its business in cat litter, it quickly absorbs the liquid and prevents the smell to spread. It also forms solid shapes of waste that make it easier for you to clump with a scoop in litter and throw them out.

Probably one of the main highlights of wood litter is that it is not dusty at all as it is made from fine wood. With no clay dust in your home, it will be a healthier and clean environment both for you and your pets.

If you are worried about your tight budget, you can make the litter last longer. One way to do that is with regular clumping and cleanups of the litter box. Natural cat litters are eco-friendlier and more effective in removing the smell produced by the cat’s urine or feces.

The odor-fighting ingredients of this wood cat litter are all you need to neutralize the smell from your cat’s room. Wood litter is also softer than other litter available in the market like clay litter. This litter is not only environmentally friendly but also provides better odor control.

Fresh Step Advanced Cat Litter

Today many companies are coming up with their own formula and ingredients making new litters for cats. Litter is better when it is dust-free and does not have any harmful chemicals like Fresh Step advanced cat litter. Apart from other cat litter we have discussed, it has a scent and leaves a nice fragrance in the room.

It is the best fighter of odor and efficiently absorbs smell very quickly. It also posses some solid ingredients like activated charcoal that are effective in blocking the urine odor. Instead of bad odor from your cat’s waste, you get to enjoy a clean, fresh and nice scented indoor environment.


One of the main highlights of Fresh Step advanced cat litter is that it provides 10 days of odor control. It means you do not have to worry about changing the litter after some days. You can easily remove it after ten days and waste can be scooped out after regular clumping.

Cat owners struggle a lot while cleaning the litter box as cheap cat litter is so dusty and it is a very hectic task to clean it. This cat litter is not dusty, so you do not need to worry about the dusty room.

The odor-absorbing ability of this cat litter is very effective than other options available in the market. The cool and nice scent of this litter will not only make your pet happy but will also leave a very pleasant effect on humans. From now on, you do not have to worry about separating the cat room.

You can easily put the cat litter box in a living room or lounge without worrying about the bad odor from the waste.

When looking for the best litter option for your cat, there are some things that you need to look for in it. First of all, look for the best material because if it is natural and does not have any preservatives, it will efficiently remove the bad odor.

Another important thing is the clumping and odor-fighting power of the litter. If we take the example of Fresh Step advanced cat litter, it holds all these qualities making it a perfect fit for your cat. It does not matter whether your cat’s bathroom is in a central area of your home, with the unique formula of this litter, it will neutralize and mask the smell in no time.

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Every cat owner understands that cheap and low-quality cat litter can be a very serious problem. Cats are very conscious about everything and they also prefer a suitable material to dispose of their waste. Ultra-premium clumping cat litter is also becoming very popular among cat owners these days as these litters are long-lasting and you only need to replace the litter once a month.

Everyone seeks a litter that is easy to scoop and that does not spread a lot of dust everywhere in the room. A premium cat litter helps tamp down the smell caused by the urine and feces and all you need to do is just scoop it from time to time to keep it clean.

Many people struggle with various allergies and skin complications and dusty litter can be very unpleasant for them. With premium clumping cat litter, this problem is solved completely and it keeps your surfaces clean and safe.


It is the perfect clumping litter available these days and most importantly, it does a great job at controlling odors providing a more pleasant indoor atmosphere.

Clumping is easier when the litter is dust-free because when it is made of natural ingredients, scooping out the litter box is easier. However, make sure to not leave the litter for a long time as it can make solid clumps. If you leave it for a long time in the litter box, it will also disturb your cat routine.

Low dust litter should be the priority of every cat owner and ultra-premium clumping cat litter is the right veterinarian formulated solution available. The premium texture of litter is made up of various ingredients and its main highlight is the bentonite clay.

Furthermore, if you are a cat owner who is suffering from some sort of allergy, this cat litter is completely dustproof. Being a medium grain litter, it stays in the box keeping your room nice and clean.

As we have discussed various ingredients and efficacy of this cat litter, it is also important that you should know the right direction to use it. First of all, make sure that the litter box is clean, and then place about 3 inches of this mixture in the cat litter box.

Depth is important in the litter box because, in this way, it will be easier for the cat to cover the waste when it is done doing its business. You can buy a good scooper that you will use to efficiently clump the litter to scoop out waste material. Afterward, you can easily throw out the waste. Make sure to bring the same quantity in the box after scooping.

Purina Tidy Cats Free & Clean Clumping Cat Litter

When we talk about low dust cat litters, Purina Tidy Cats free & clean clumping litter is one of them. It has low dust and completely unscented. There are not any kind of fragrances or harmful chemicals so it is also one of the best cat litter available right now.

This cat litter has the tremendous power to fight the odor of feces and urine and can provide you a clean environment inside the house.

Every cat owner wants a suitable place for their cats and it is only possible when a cat can enjoy the overall look and feel of his room. The litter box should be cleaned regularly so that it may not become the cause of the formation of bacteria. If we talk about Purina cat litter, it has activated charcoal that efficiently absorbs the smell and keeps the litter box clean.


Charcoal is very beneficial when it comes to absorbing the smell of the cat waste because it has tiny pores on its surface that quickly trap the smell. In this way, it will not come out providing a more dust-free and easier solution for managing your cat waste.

Regular maintenance and changing of litter are crucial because cats do not like to use the same litter for more than a week. Make sure that you have enough stock to fulfill the litter box. The large size of this cat litter can be used for months if you have a single cat.

This unscented cat litter mixture helps cat owners stop the smell before even it starts. You can also easily remove the tight clumps with regular scooping in the litter box. After that, you can easily throw it out and can dispose of it.

A fresh and clean litter box will also keep your feline friend happy and energetic throughout the day and it also provides you an ease of mind that your cat is safe and healthy.

While shopping for cat litter, low dust cat litter should be the priority of every cat owner. This cat litter has a low concentration of dust and that makes it the best option for you to buy.

The freshness and cleanliness generated by this litter provide extra comfort to your cat. It does not matter that what kind of cat breed you have in your house; your cat will always appreciate it. Purina cat litter is also very lightweight in comparison to other clumping cat litters. It makes it easier for you to carry it and does not require a lot of effort.

A dust-free cat litter box will always be admired by every cat, so having a low dust litter in your home should be your top priority.

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter

Cat litter of good quality is an essential supply for all cats and every cat owner should make a good decision while shopping for a litter. Arm & Hammer cat litter is the best solution for you if you are struggling with finding a good litter for your pet.

It is one of the best cat litter that absorbs the urine and most importantly it allows your cat to easily bury its waste when it is done with it. Burying waste is the natural behavior of cats and when they bury it in this litter, it absorbs the odor providing a clean atmosphere.


Probably one of the best cat litter that is providing you 100% dust-free formula, meaning you do not have to worry about a dusty room anymore.

It destroys the odor in seconds and forms solid rocks that are easier to clump. Frequently add new litter from time to time to keep the litter box clean and fresh. It comes in different sizes and depends on your preference that how much your cat wants.

An important consideration while choosing a quality cat litter is to make sure that your cat likes the material of the litter. The clump and seal platinum cat litter do not have any harmful ingredients and have a minimal smell that will attract your cat to use it.

It has a sand-like feel and the size is also standard. Your cat will quickly get used to it and most importantly it will neutralize the odor leaving no dust.


Cat litter is the best option if you want to deal with cat waste and most importantly if you want a pleasant indoor atmosphere. Make sure that you keep an eye on the material, clumping power, and liquid absorbing ability of litter. You can also change the litter material from time to time depending on your cat preference.

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