Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exotic Shorthair Cat: Physical Characteristics and Care Of Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Cat: Calm and friendly, the exotic shorthair cat, or exotic shorthair, resemble the Persians, except for their long ...
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Smallest Cat Breed

10 Smallest Cat Breed In Existence

There are about 100 Smallest Cat Breed known in the world. Some of these breeds are very old like the ...
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Does my cat love me

Does My Cat Love Me? 14 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

These are the 14 signs that your cat loves you Does my cat love me? Yes, your cat loves you ...
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white cat breeds

White Cat Breeds – All About The Most Beautiful Pale Kitties

White cat breeds, those little cats created to know what it feels like to pet a tiger, are the most ...
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Large cat breeds

Large Cat Breeds: Choosing The Right Cat For You

15 Different  Types Of Cat Breeds The ragamuffin is a type of large cat breeds that is capable of reaching ...
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Dangerous Foods for Cats

8 Top Dangerous Foods for Cats: Avoid Giving to Your Cats

Dangerous Foods for Cats Here the top Dangerous Foods for Cats, Recent studies of dietary practices show that more than ...
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poisonous plants for cats

Poisonous Plants For Cats! What Plants Are Toxic To Cats

Toxic Plants For Cats Poisonous Plants For Cats: Although sometimes you are tempted to offer your cat some of what ...
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3 months old kitten

3 Months Old Kitten – Taking Care of a Kitten, Precautions & Advice

Taking Care of a Kitten, Precautions & Advice 3 months old kitten: When a kitten comes home, it is essential ...
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fading kitten syndrome

Fading Kitten Syndrome – Symptoms and Causes of Fading Kitten

What Is Fading Kitten Syndrome and How to Treat Fading Kitten Syndrome What is Kitten's syndrome fading away and why do ...
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peterbald cat

Peterbald Cat Breed Facts, Appearance & Behavior

About Peterbald Cat Peterbald Cat. It is a cat of Oriental appearance but with a peculiarity, it does not have ...
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why does my cat stare at me

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me? What it Means

Why does My cat Stare at me It's hard to ignore our cat when it stares into our eyes. Want ...
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can cats eat eggs

Can Cats Eat Eggs? Are They Safe For Cats

Can Cats Eat Eggs Do you know if a cat can eat boiled eggs? or can cats eat eggs? Well, ...
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Spring Fever in Cats

Symptoms of Spring Fever in Cats, Signs and Remedies

Symptoms of Spring Fever in Cats No animal adherents to calendar conventions to instinctively adapt to seasonal change. Even though ...
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can cats eat strawberries

Can Cats Eat Strawberries? Attention and effect of giving way

Can cats eat strawberries Sweet, sour and tasty "Ichigo". I think that there are many cat lovers that I like ...
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do cats smile

Do Cats Smile? Here’s How To Tell Your Cat Is Happy

Do cats Smile: The cats make us laugh all the time. But what about them? Do cats also laugh? Many ...
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Can Cats Eat Ice Cream

Can Cats Eat Ice Cream? A Step by Step Guide by Catsfud

With the arrival of summer, many of us go back to eating ice cream to refresh ourselves. And, of course, ...
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Why My Cat has Dandruff

Why My Cat has Dandruff | Remedies and Solutions

My Cat has Dandruff: Dandruff in cats can appear as you least expect it. And, who can imagine that a ...
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Cat Herpes

Cat Herpes: Symptoms and Treatment for Herpes In Cats

Cat Herpes: Herpes in cats or as is known as cat flu is a common disease in our feline friends, ...
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