Why Does My Cat Lick Me

Why Does My Cat Lick Me? 6 Things to Know

Why does my cat lick me: The felines are wonderful and amazing beings. Although many say they are very independent ...
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female calico

Average Weight of Female Calico cats

Want to know about the average weight of a female calico cat then you can simply check the article from ...
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Cat Games

Cat Games For Cat That Will Go Crazy

There is nothing more satisfying for those of us who have pets than playing with them. Cats like dogs need to ...
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cat memes

Cat Memes That Are Most Popular

Do you want to share the cat memes with your friends then you are at the right place. Cats are ...
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selkirk rex

Selkirk Rex All About the Curly Haired Cat

Have you ever seen a curly haired cat? Yes it is selkirk rex which is a long haired with curls ...
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cat legs

Curiosities About Cat Legs and Interesting facts to Know

Do you want to know about the cat legs then simply know about the curiosities of the cat legs, if ...
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british shorthair

British Shorthair Cat Origin, Care and Health

The British Shorthair has a quiet character and is docile and is very loyal. Although it can be reserved, it ...
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Uveitis in Cats

Uveitis in Cats Symptoms, Causes and treatment

Do you have a cat and is you cat suffering from uveitis in cats, do you want to know what is uveitis, ...
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hair loss in cats

Hair Loss in Cats – How To Avoid Cat Hair Loss

The hair loss in cats is something that could usually be defined as normal, because every time they scratch, lick or rub against ...
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Himalayan cat

Himalayan Cat the Great Romantic Cat Facts

The himalayan cat have a physical appearance similar to that of the Persian cat and that of the Siamese cat and in fact it ...
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tonkinese cat

Tonkinese Cat: Care, Characteristics and Curiosities

This beautiful feline tonkinese cat has its origin in the crossing of two races, the Siamese cat and the bulmes ...
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How to Punish a Cat

How to Punish a Cat? How Should Punishments be for Cats

Want to know how to punish a cat. We know that our cats have behaviors that we can not accept and ...
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how to clean cat ears

Best Tips For How To Clean Cats Ears

Are you willing to know how to clean cats ears. Cleaning your cat's ears is not a complicated task, because ...
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How to Train a Cat to Use the Litter Box

How to Train a Cat to Use the Litter Box

Knowing how to train a cat can be somewhat complex, especially when they are small or babies, since it is necessary to ...
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Ocicat Cat Breed Facts and Origin

The Ocicat is a breed of domestic felines created through human intervention with the purpose of capturing the best and ...
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cat delivery

Cat Delivery: How to Help in a Cat Birth

Cat delivery or pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages that exists, simply for the fact of creating life ...
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ear mites in Cats

Ear Mites in Cats: Symptoms, Signs and Treatment

What are ear mites in cats. There are several types of mites that can live in the ears of cats, ...
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ashera cat

Ashera Cat – How to Care for an Ashera Cat?

Hybrid cats are animals that are gaining popularity. All of us who like cats will surely enjoy watching documentaries about ...
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