jumping cat

How Much a Cat Can Jump? Curiosities of Jumping Cats

Have you seen a jumping cat. The body of the cat is specially designed for hunting, that is it has ...
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Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cat Breeds Character and Facts

The Abyssinian Cat is a very special cat. It is an animal of great intelligence and exceptional physical condition, who loves to climb, ...
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fever in cats

How to Identify Fever in Cats in a Simple and Effective Way

Surely it is not easy to know how to identify fever in cats as we can determine if our pet is ...
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distemper in cats

Distemper in Cats or Panleukopenia: What it is and How it is Treated

The distemper in cats is a viral disease which is highly contagious and affects cats and is caused by the feline ...
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ragdoll cat

Is Ragdoll the Calmest Cat in the world

The ragdoll cat race (rag doll) owes its name to the muscle relaxation that it acquires when you hold it ...
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hairballs in cats

Hairballs in Cats: Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention

Have a cat at home, is it having a problem of hairballs in cats when it is licking each and every ...
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donskoy cat

Donskoy Cat or Don Sphynx Cat Features & Facts

Don sphynx or Donskoy cat seems to be grumpy but is sociable and playful. The appearance of Don Sphynx cat ...
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antibiotics for cats

How to use Antibiotics for Cats

Antibiotics for cats can be powerful allies in the fight against a number of dangerous diseases, but if used incorrectly ...
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cat vomiting

Cat Vomiting What to do and Possible Reasons

Do you have a cat and are you searching for cat vomiting and its treatment. In some cases if we ...
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How to Stop a Kitten From Biting

Is your kitten biting you and you want to know how to stop a kitten from biting you. Although we ...
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What is the Price of a Munchkin Cat

As with other breeds of cats, there are not many breeders dedicated to the breeding and selection of this breed, ...
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maneki neko

Facts About Maneki Neko Lucky Cat

Lucky Chinese cat is a Maneki Neko. You're tired of seeing it in any establishment of the Chinese, in any case ...
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about maine coon cat

5 Things to Know About Maine Coon Cat

The biggest cat is the maine coon cat is a majestic looking cat. Her impressive fur and giant size make ...
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Dewormed Cat

Dewormed Cat: How to Deworm a Cat Natural Remedies

Are you having a dewormed cat. Deworming your cat is one way to ensure the health of the animal and ...
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cancer in cats

Most Common Types of Cancer in Cats Signs, Symptoms

Having a cat and want to know how to treat cancer in cats. All cells that develop and divide without ...
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munchkin cat

Reasons to Adopt Munchkin Cat in Your Life

Do you know what a Munchkin cat is? It is a small kitten with short legs. Commonly people call them "dwarfs" and believe it ...
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Maine Coon Cat Names

Maine Coon Cat Names For Your Pet

Looking for a name for your Maine Coon cat? Maine Coon has a long list of memorable, outstanding traits that ...
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Ringworm in Cats

Ringworm in Cats Infection Symptoms and Treatment

Ringworm in Cats is one of the types of worms in cats. If we decide to have a cat as a ...
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