cat eye infection

Cat Eye Infection Symptoms and Treatment

Various diseases can affect the eyes of cats and cause cat eye infection. Whether they are more or less serious they ...
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black cat

Black Cat Facts Origin and Characteristics

The black cat is unique for many reasons. It is possibly the cat that is least adopted because of its color, but also ...
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Kidney Failure in Cats

Kidney Failure in Cats, Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Do you have a pet, Do you want to know about kidney failure in cats. If you want to protect your ...
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Homemade Cat Food

Homemade Cat Food and Raw Cat Food

Homemade Cat food: While feeding your cat a homemade wet cat food is the best way to go to health concerns, ...
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Cat Coughing

Cat Coughing: Why is My Cat Coughing

Like any other animal or person cats also cough and we call as cat coughing, although they can do it ...
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manx cat

Manx Cat Facts, Personality and Behavior

The Manx Cat is a breed of domestic cat originally from the British Isles, Isle of Man. This cat is especially characterized by not having ...
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Cat Drinking a Lot of Water

Cat Drinking a Lot of Water Why? Effects and Causes

Is you cat drinking a lot of water after food or before food, If you have noticed that your cat drinks ...
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How long do cats live

How long do Cats live? Average Lifespan of a Cat

How long do cats live? The longevity of a pet depends on many factors like cat years. One of them is ...
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Blood in Cat Poop

Blood in Cat Poop Causes and Effects

Have you found blood in cat poop? This is an alarming symptom in any animal, including us as it is a ...
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Do Cats Cry

Do Cats Cry? Why Do Cats Cry at Night

Why do cats cry? It may have happened to you that you have found your cat with tears falling down ...
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American Shorthair

American Shorthair Cat Facts, Breed & Origin

The cat American shorthair or American shorthaired cat is docile and affectionate. Thanks to its physical characteristics and its good character, this robust mascot has earned a place ...
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Cat Diarrhea

Cat Diarrhea: Symptoms of Diarrhea in Cats, types & Causes

The diarrhea in cats is one of the most common diseases of these animals. And it is that as happens with people and ...
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cat losing weight

Cat Losing Weight: Why does my Cat Lose Weight

Is you cat losing weight do you have a problem of your cat sudden weight loss then you must know the ...
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Lykoi Cat

Lykoi Cat Facts | Know About These Werewolf Cat

The Lykoi cats are also called wolf cats or werewolf cat, for their physical as similar to a small wolf ...
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Tortoiseshell Cat

Tortoiseshell Cat: Personality, Behavior & Colors

Want to know about what is a tortoiseshell cat are you going to adopt this tortoise cat, then you must know ...
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probiotics for cats

Probiotics for Cats | How Fast do Probiotics Work

Do you have a pet at home then surely you have heard the words "probiotic" or "prebiotic". This probiotics for ...
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japanese cat names

Japanese Cat Names – Cute Japanese Names for Pets

Want to keep a name for your cat in japanese. Then you are at the right place here we have ...
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Prozac for Cats

Prozac for Cats and Kittens – What are the Side Effects of Prozac

Do you have a pet cat at home then obviously you will know about the medicine prozac for cats and kittens ...
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