Difference Between Albino Cat and White Cat

There is a tendency to confuse albino cats with white cats. Many people when they see a white cat think … an albino cat! However, this is not so. Therefore, if you want to learn to distinguish them, we recommend that you read this post with great attention.

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albino cats

How to know Albino Cats:

The albino animals are beautiful. They have a white coat that could easily be confused with snow. But in addition to this feature, they present others of equal interest.

If you are wondering how to know if my cat is albino, you have come to the right place. Let’s see what differentiates them from the other furry ones.

How to know if My Cat is Albino

An albino cat is a feline that has ‘undergone’ a genetic mutation. They lack melanin, a pigment found in some cells that produce the coloration of skin, hair, and eyes. So, in addition to having the white coat, you will also see that its skin is pink, without spots. When you do not have protection from the sun, if you have an albino at home it is important that you do not let him go out into the yard too much, otherwise, he could suffer burns.

And, what color are the eyes of the albino cats? Well, it depends. But they have to be one blue and one green, or both blue. This can lead to some confusion because while all albinos are white, not all white cats are albinos. To be sure, it is highly recommended to see what color your skin is, and also the inside of your mouth, which should be a light pink color

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Distinguish an Albino Cat From a White Cat:

The albino cats are cats that have a genetic alteration of birth and therefore have certain peculiarities. It is true that all albino cats are white, but not all those that are white are albino cats. Some of the characteristics that will allow you to differentiate them are the following:

Albino Cat From a White Cat

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1. The total absence of other colors or spots. The main feature of albino cats, unlike white cats, have a 100% white coat. You will never see an albino cat with a spot of color, no matter how small or colored.

2. Two-colored or blue eyes. The eyes of an albino cat are always two colors or only and exclusively blue.

3. Eyelids without pigmentation. The eyelids are these cats will always be the same tone as the skin.

4. Rosacea skin. The skin of these cats always has a pinkish tone due to its lack of melanin. In addition, they never have the typical birthmarks or any type of mole. On the contrary, white cats have a more grayish skin.

5. Nose, ears, pads and pink lips. Like the rest of the body, these areas also lack pigmentation so they will also have a pinkish tone.

6. Little or no tolerance to sunlight. Albino cats have an insensitivity to sunlight due to their lack of melanin. Therefore, it is necessary to protect them and give them more special care than other animals.

If still, you have doubts when differentiating between an albino cat and a white cat, we recommend that you go to a trusted veterinarian to help you and explain the necessary care.

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