American Shorthair Cat Facts, Breed & Origin

The cat American shorthair or American shorthaired cat is docile and affectionate. Thanks to its physical characteristics and its good character, this robust mascot has earned a place in many North American homes and around the world. If you want to know about the domestic short-haired cat you can simply check from us in this article.

This american shorthair kitten is Sociable, intelligent and independent, this feline is long lived and without health problems it makes very good friends with other members of the family in this dogs and children included. Here we want to explain ALL about the cat breed American shorthair.

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair possesses a quick and lively intelligence. Like most of his peers, he has an adventurous spirit that leads him to explore outside the home. This working cat is very par excellence like the lykoi cat and gathers strength and patience in absolute control and it is also excellent as a house cat because he is faithful and affectionate and loves caresses to which he responds with effusiveness.


Character of American Shorthair Cat

It has a sweet and playful character ideal for families. To describe his temperament in all combinations of color and pattern, this race is balanced and sociable. This feline is a perfect companion for both at home and outdoors. This domestic shorthair cats are excellent and silent hunter like siamese kittens. And it is not for less since it descends from the cats that the first English settlers brought with them.

american shorthair cat

For many years the American shorthair cat continued his career as a hunter and for some time now has been introduced into the houses of many countries without losing its hunting qualities. So much so that despite being correctly and abundantly fed, it is not uncommon to be presented with a dam in the mouth and more for personality or combative spirit than aggression. It does not back down in the event of a fight.

Characteristics of the American Shorthair Cat

This american shorthair tabby is a true working animal. It stands out among its physical characteristics that it is a cat of almost large size like the maine coon size, medium bone and robust musculature. The head is neither too large nor too small it is broad and rounded like the skull.

In contrast the snout is fairly square and short, the chin is square and the cheeks are particularly full in the males (something characteristic of this breed of cat). The nose is short and the profile has a smooth stop.

domestic short-haired cat

The head is more elongated than the legs longer and the ears larger than its British equivalent (the British Shorthair cat). It does not reach maturity until three or four years and males are usually much larger than females. Its dense fur isolate it from cold and water and allow it to walk in the rain and withstand low temperatures.

American shorthair cat Personality

  • Weight : between 6 and 8 kg.
  • Size : medium to large. Males are usually much larger than females.
  • Head : the head is large and full-cheeked, somewhat longer than wide.
  • Snout : the snout with strong jaws, it is quadrangular and the adult males have a double chin.
  • Nose : the nose is of medium length and has a slightly concave profile and the skin harmonizes with the color of the hair.
  • Ears : the ears are well separated and are medium in size not too wide or open at the base and rounded at the tip. They make your expression be confident and affectionate.
  • Eyes : the eyes are bright and transparent and are large with the upper eyelid almond shaped and the lower rounded. They are somewhat torn at the outer commissure and the color combines with the fur.

american shorthair kitten

Other Observed Facts

  • Body : They must have a strong, athletic and well-proportioned body. The body is more rectangular long, well rounded and proportioned. The thorax is broad.
  • Neck : it is short and thick.
  • Legs : They are of medium length and proportioned with the body, they have an average skeleton, but with robust muscles.
  • Feet : they are round and well turned.
  • Tail : of average length and thickness without angles it is round and wider at the base.
  • Hair : the coat which is dense, homogeneous and rough to the touch, protects it well from cold and humidity and from getting hurt on the skin. It is considerably thicker in winter but it is not as fluffy as that of the British. To enhance the shine of the coat it is enough to comb it regularly to remove the dead hairs and pass a wet chamois to finish.
  • Skin : It is smooth and soft.
  • Color : Almost any color and pattern is accepted. The most well known and popular variety is undoubtedly the Silver Tabby but the classic, mottled or dotted prints are also very appreciated.

Origin and history of the race

Like the Americans themselves the origins of the American shorthair are European, you can enjoy a great diffusion among the peasants and miners of the last century who selected him not only with the idea of ​​getting cats hunters and good character but also looking some colors and certain coats in order to protect them.

american shorthair tabby

The ancestors of the current American shorthair arrived in North America aboard the chartered boats to take the first European settlers where their presence was essential because they hunted the rats that ate the food and spread diseases  like cat diarrhea. On the mainland these tireless workers reproduced freely enough to become a short haired race native to North America.

At the beginning of the 20th century a British cat fan gave a short-haired, red-haired Tabby male with pedigree to a friend from the United States to be paired with some of the short-haired indigenous felines. This one was registered with the name of “Belle” and it was the first with pedigree that appeared in the registry of the Cat Fanciers Association.


Regarding the feeding of cats of the american shorthair breed we must indicate that they do not need special requirements except those concerning a diet according to their physical characteristics and size.

How robust and large cats like tortoiseshell cat are can sometimes have a tendency to suffer obesity when they reach maturity. In general the male specimens are usually the most prone especially if they have been sterilized.

Care and Hygiene

Like all feline pets it is very important that you regularly visit the veterinarian. If everything is normal a couple of times a year will suffice. In this way this feline health professional can examine, recognize and discover possible diseases in cats like feline leukemia diseases.

You should know that the veterinarian is the only qualified person to review and diagnose the state of health of the American shorthair cat. Also it will inform you of what vaccines are necessary to put and when it should be done. You can also talk to him if it is appropriate to sterilize him. In summary, it is essential to keep the vaccination schedule of your pet up to date.

Health and diseases

Apart from the normal care of any domestic cat, the american shorthair requires some control of possible parasites when returning from their excursions. As for health it does not present any problem because it is a robust and resistant cat. These domestic shorthair lifespan is higher than other cats.

domestic shorthair cats

American Shorthair Cat Colors

All the colors, nuances and traditional varieties are admitted as well as all the tabby drawings. The most appreciated motif is the silver classic tabby, consisting of a bright silvery white background with charcoal black patterns, sharp and well contrasted. It has wide rings on the legs, tail and neck like mackerel tabby. The facial drawing forms an eve on the forehead, spirals on the cheeks and lines on the sides of the eyes.

Varieties American Cat Shorthair

American shorthair can be more than 100 different colors like a ragdoll cat. For this reason here we will cite only a few the most popular. Let’s see them in detail

American Shorthair Silver Plated

White base color with dense black tabby marks that form a specific pattern. The classic drawing is the most distinctive. It consists of one or more solid necklaces in the chest, three wide circular lines that form a porthole on one side or the other, rings on the tail and legs and butterfly marks on the shoulders. With its emerald green eyes the silver tabby is very often the center of all eyes.

domestic shorthair lifespan

  • Color : the pale base, including lips and chin is light silver with dense black markings. The nasal flesh is red brick, the black pads and the eyes can be green or hazel.
  • Constitution : medium or large in size and quite muscular, the head is more elongated, the legs longer and the ears larger than their British equivalent.
  • Character : good character, affectionate and sociable, Good hunter.

American Shorthair Tabby blue

The short haired American is an ideal pet because of his stable temperament. It is an intelligent animal with good character that gets along well with other breeds of cats and dogs this american shorthair breeders are too good.

black american shorthair cat

It is easy to keep your short, thick coat in good condition with a routine brushing. Combining makes hair stay clean and rubbing with your hand or a silk cloth gives it a healthy glow. The eyes and ears are easily cleaned with a little cotton and a doormat helps the indoor cat to sharpen its nails.

  • Color : the base color for the blue Tabby including lips and chin is pale blue bluish with very intense blue markings these look as blue russian kitten. The whole mantle has warm fawn tones. The nasal flesh is old rose, the cushions are pink and the color of the eyes is golden bright.
  • Constitution : medium or large in size and quite muscular, the head is more elongated, the legs longer and the ears larger than its British equivalent.
  • Character : of good character, affectionate and sociable and a Good hunter.

American shorthair Tabby Mackerel

In the Tabby Mackerel the marks should be thick and clearly defined similar to fine pencil strokes. The legs should be regularly striped with narrow bracelets like the tail and it behaves as a sphynx cat. It has several characteristic necklaces around the neck.

american shorthair breeders

The head also appears striped and with a typical “M” on the forehead as a munchkin cat and uninterrupted lines start from the eyes towards the back. There are more lines that extend through the head to meet the marks of the shoulders. The lines are joined along the spine forming a dark mark and pencil strokes run along each side of the body from the column.

  • Color : the marks of the body take the form of clear narrow lines, like pencil, that go down the spine and form narrow bracelets on the legs.
  • Constitution : medium or large in size and quite muscular, the head is more elongated, the legs longer and the ears larger than its British equivalent.
  • Character :  affectionate and sociable

American shorthair Carey Brown

As benefits a cat whose origins are on the outside the short-haired American has thick, dense fur and is athletic and strong. The breed will show affection for the whole family, but it is a cheeky and curious cat that needs space to move.

American blue short toed hawksbill

In a contest, Americans with short hair would be penalized for being too plump in their constitution. Points would also be deducted for being obese or too bony. The tail should not be too short, but it would have to be heavy at the base and narrow towards an apparently blunt end.

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