Cat Fleas: Best Flea Treatment For Cats

Best flea treatment for cats: The fleas in cats are parasites that can most affect your cat. They are external parasites that lodge in the lower layer of the hair and in contact with the skin, they feed on the blood through bites. Fleas also reproduce very quickly. So how much later we act the harder it is to end them. If your cat has fleas then you must definitely go with flea treatment for cats and avoid them soon.

If you have detected that your cat is scratching more continuously especially in areas such as the tail or behind the head and is more decayed and with little desire to move and play it is very possible that it is already a victim of fleas. In this case you must use a best flea medicine for cats and avoid the occurrence of fleas. If you observe a heavy breathing cat then you must cure it immediately.

best flea treatment for cats

The most effective way to check it is to use a nit or brush with very fine spikes and joints. You have to sift from bottom to top and see if you see nits, larvae or directly a flea. They are usually very elusive and will try to hide again in their hair very quickly. You can also do it directly with your hands and examine the base of the hair. If you have fleas you will not soon see any. We cannot say that these fleas occurs only in the hypoallergenic cats but it depends on the cleanliness.


How to Eliminate Fleas in Cats

If after examining your cat you have detected the first fleas you have to contact your trusted veterinarian who will explain the different chemical flea chemicals that you can use to kill them. Here goes with the best flea prevention for cats. The most common are:

  • Anti-flea shampoos: These are special soaps that occurs due to their composition and facilitate the elimination of fleas. They should only be used if we confirm that our cat has fleas.
  • Application pipettes: They are the most used anti parasitic of easy application and high efficiency. They lie on the back of the head where their back starts and it is fast acting, causing them to die quickly.
  • Anti-parasitic collars: Contain the insecticides that repel and kill fleas. They can maintain their action until 3 months and the change is recommended after this time.

Home Remedies Against Fleas from Cats

There are number of ways for the best flea treatment for cats, if you have any one of them you can simply share with us too but before that see some home remedies against the fleas on cats.

Bathroom to kill fleas

The first home remedy for fleas in cats is undoubtedly a good bath. Cats are extremely clean animals but once they have been infected with fleas their tongue baths are not enough to eliminate them.

To prepare a good bath that says goodbye to the fleas of your cat we will need:

  • Always warm water
  • Special shampoo for sensitive skin
  • Lavender or citronella oil
  • Fine comb comb for cats
  • Decision and patience

On these occasions it is good to prepare a special shampoo. You have to clean and rub your hind legs and tail well as it is almost certainly where more fleas are and one of your favorite areas. It is advisable to leave it for about 8 minutes with shampoo and essential oils. We have to try to avoid that the shampoo impregnates the head or ears of our cat.

flea treatment for cats

We will rinse with intensity so that there is no remainder is your fur and then we will dry it with a towel always with affection and care and without sudden movements that can make you nervous or hurt you. In the end it only remains to pass the brush to eliminate fleas or kill those that still resist. You can see the more information on calico cat symbolism from us.

Oral Flea Medication for Cats

Cats are different from dogs so do not use products that are not expressly indicated for them. Its effectiveness is less and what is worse you can cause damage to the skin of your kitten. Also you can know more on how long are cats pregnant from us.

  • Young kittens are especially sensitive to oils. So it is best to avoid them in these cases otherwise they may suffer irritation in their delicate skin.
  • We must remove the shampoo well because cats are constantly licking and cleaning and any rest that will remain would be ingested and being able to be intoxicated.
  • As we know most cats do not like water so we will have to take special care and patience throughout the process. In this article we talk about it.
  • When you dry your cat use a white towel if possible to see the fleas well and kill them when they see and fall.

General Cleanliness and a Flea Free House

One of the most important measures although it seems obvious is to have the house clean of fleas, since it will be useless to eliminate the fleas from your cat if we do not keep a clean space of them. When your cat is infected with fleas it is very possible that they are present in many places where you sleep, play, scratch or rest that is why it is important that once we have acted with the proper treatment with our cat and clean these parts well of the house where some hidden flea could have been.

best cat flea treatment

To clean well we can resort to home remedies such as:

  • Vacuum well the areas of stay of your cat including the scraper and the bed or sofa.
  • Wash washers if possible covers and rest elements which allow their removal.
  • Use white vinegar and hot water to scrub well the floors of the house.

Cat Fleas: Natural flea spray

Use of citrus-based homemade antifouling spray that we prepare with:

  • Water
  • The skin of a lemon (we can also use orange)
  • A container with spray

To prepare it boil half a liter of water with lemon or orange peelings. Once boiled for about 5 minutes turn off and let stand so that all the citrus essences are released. Once cold we went through a sieve and filled the container with spray.

We can apply it carefully for all the areas of play and rest of your cat. The scraper, the sandbox, the toys and stuffed animals for his bed and in the areas where he rests. Be careful not to take more than necessary because cats are very sensitive to these types of odors and may be annoying.

best flea medicine for cats

For cats we recommend that instead of using this citrus preparation we replace it with chamomile. The process is the same that we have told you but instead of using a spray we can apply it directly on the body of our cat with a cotton soaked in this solution in a soft and loving way not forgetting the legs and the tail this one is considered as a best cat flea treatment for your pets.

Prevention of Flea Infection in Cats

If your cat has contact with the outside it is most likely that in his walks he interacts with other cats and contagion occurs. You can apply the preparation based on water and white vinegar before these exits and in this way you will reduce the chances of getting fleas because they will not see the smell of your cat appealing. You can use any of the best flea control for cats and prevent them from being effected. If you give your pet some medicines like benadryl then you must see benadryl side effects and then give it to your pets.

Consult Your Veterinarian

These remedies are natural and homemade are informative but you should always have the opinion of a veterinarian who will advise you on possible solutions in each case. Prevention with effective anti-flea products is a good way to avoid major problems. Check with your veterinarian which can be more effective.

If you have had any experience with fleas in cats do not hesitate to share it with the Catsfud users. This is the cat flea treatment. If you found the article interesting share it with other kittens on your favorite social networks.

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