Blood in Cat Poop Causes and Effects

Have you found blood in cat poop? This is an alarming symptom in any animal, including us as it is a clear sign that something happens in health. Generally the blood does not appear if we are in normal state, the blood clots in stool may result in severe health problem in cats. Not only in cats but for every animal if blood when pooping is not good.

The blood in the feces of cats as well as any other animal can be of two types: dark or red blood. In the first case there is talk of hair and in the second hematochezia. This blood in cat stool may be any of the two above reasons, you can know why your cat is pooping blood and you can make sure to avoid it as soon as possible otherwise your pet health may be effected.

Blood in Cat Poop

We know that you care about the health of your feline companion and for this reason we have prepared this article to explain in a simple way and the answer to your question ” why does my cat make bloody stools? ” Keep reading and know the causes, treatments and more about this problem.


Types of blood in the Feces of Cats

Before explaining the possible causes of why my cat makes bloody stools, we describe the meanings of the different types of this.

blood in poop

Both notice that there is blood in the cat’s anus and that this makes feces or even cat has diarrhea with blood is an indicator that something is not right in your pet digestive system or even in other parts of their body. The presence of fresh or not blood in the feces can be one of the main symptoms of parasites in cats, colitis, food problems among many other possible causes.

Thus it is not normal to find blood in the feces of cats as it is not in ours because it is a sign of disease or health problems. Therefore, the first thing to keep in mind is that a visit to the veterinarian will be necessary especially if there is also mucus in the cat’s feces. As we have said before there are different types of blood in the feces of cats because it can be fresh or not. Specifically you can find red or black blood in cat poop and its meaning is as follows.

Red blood or Hematochezia in the feces of Cats

When you ask yourself why my cat needs blood, the first thing you should notice is the color of it. If you notice that the blood in poop of your cat is bright red or bright, then the problem is known as hematochezia.

blood in cat stool

The meaning of this blood is that it has originated in the area of ​​the lower digestive tract ie in the colon, rectum or anus and that it is not obscured because it has not been digested and with this your cat losing weight will arise. Thus in this case you can already see the blood in the fecal remains or even see blood in the cat’s anus.

Black blood or hair in the feces of cats

The other type of blood that you can find in the cat’s feces is that which is dark or black. That this color means that it has originated in the upper digestive tract ie from the mouth through the stomach to the small intestines.

Being this dark color can sometimes be more difficult to see but it can be perceived with a dark reddish color which may seem tar. Have a look on leukemia in cats and its signs.

In both cases, in addition the stool smells especially bad since the hemoglobin which is the red pigment of the blood in decomposition emits a very characteristic and unpleasant odor. So when your cat pooping blood it gives a bad smell.

Causes of stool with blood in cats

Now that you know the two types of blood that you can find in your cat’s feces in his sandbox even if there are no remains of feces or even in his anus. We tell you what are the main causes of causes of blood in stool:

causes of blood in stool

  • Inadequate feeding: If you find yourself in the situation of suffering “my cat shits blood” the first thing you have to review is if you give it a good diet. If you have doubts about it we recommend you check this article.
  • Wounds in the digestive system: It can be so much lesions in the mouth or even nostrils, as wounds in the stomach or intestines. They can be caused by blows or trauma or diseases.
  • Colitis in cats: If your question is more specific like “why does my cat make bloody diarrhea ?” and above all if you also see presence of mucus in the cat’s stool, it is most likely that he has colitis.
  • Intestinal parasites: As we have pointed out before the blood in the feces of the cats is a symptom of internal or intestinal parasites, since these irritate and produce wounds in the intestinal and stomach mucous membranes. Other symptoms are the presence of these in the feces, the scratching of the anal area and the loss of weight even though he eats well.
  • Tumor: The presence of a tumor both benign and malignant in the digestive system of the cat, at any height of this can cause bleeding that will be reflected in the fecal matter as well as in small drops in the anus and on the floor or Sand from the sandbox.
  • Medications such as NSAIDs: if your cat is taking any medication this may be a side effect of this especially if it is NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or also strong antibiotics like benadryl for cats for veterinary use. The reason that this can happen is that these medications irritate and reduce the intestinal mucosa and flora which can produce small bleeds.

What to do if my Cat makes bloody stools – tips

Now that you have more idea about the reasons that answer your question about why my cat defecates with blood, surely you wonder what to do in this case. So if you have questions about what to do if your cat makes bloody stools or bloody diarrhea take note of these tips:

blood clots in stool

  • If you can take a sample in a plastic jar or bag.
  • Call and go to the vet as soon as possible.
  • It allows the specialist to perform the necessary tests so that he can find the basic cause and the best treatment. These tests can go from a stool analysis so we have told you to collect a sample first, until a blood or urine test among other tests such as x-rays or ultrasound.
  • Try to explain all the details to the veterinarian about the behavior and physical condition of your cat in recent days. It will be very important that you emphasize if you have seen any other symptom of illness in him for example if he eats or drinks less, if he is weaker, if you have seen parasites in his bowel movements and so on.
  • Follow all the advice of your veterinarian and return for the control visit after having given all the treatment to your feline.
  • Change your feline’s diet if the veterinarian tells you, for a softer diet.
  • Do not give medications or diet changes on your own only under the prescription of the veterinarian.

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With this you will know about cat blood in stool and why it occurs. If you cat has an issue of blood in cat poop then you must and should visit the veterinarian. If you want to read more articles similar to Why my cat makes bloody stools, we recommend you to enter our category of health. For more information on cats see our catsfud and know more about them.

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