Bombay Cat Facts, Personality and Behavior

The Bombay cat is a particularly calm and sociable cat, which adapts well to different environments and family life and loves to follow wherever its humans go. But we are going to tell you more interesting things about it, such as its origin, character, care and curiosities and why it is a cat different in some aspects to the rest of other pet cats.

Do you know the Bombay cat breed? This is what this panther in miniature is called and what you can have as a pet! In fact it was made to look like a panther on purpose and the creator of this breed, Nikki Horner was a fan of The Jungle Book and wanted to raise a cat identical to Bagheera. If you want to adpot this type of cat then obviously you must know about the bombay cat facts and its personality too.

bombay cat

The Bombay cat is not overly popular but it’s certainly worth knowing these are like the types of cats tabby. These type of black cats personality will be mostly different from that of other pet cats. You dare? The most basic data of the Bombay cat breed are:

Size: medium
Life expectancy: 15 years, some reach 20.
Lifestyle: houses, families, quiet life.


The Bombay Cat and its origin

Well no, it has nothing to do with this Asian country nor with its capital. We know that many breeds of cats that exist today have arisen for two reasons, the first is by natural mutations of a specific breed and that have been maintained or enhanced through selective breeding. The other is by crossing other races to give rise to a new one. This is the case of the panther cat or Bombay.

bombay cat breed

The origin of the Bombay cat dates back to 1950. If we make a trip in time and moved to Kentucky there is a breeder named Nikki Horner, she found this breed looking for a “panther” cat with a muscular body and friendly and close character. To do this he crossed American shorthair cats, black cats with the bursa marta. This breed was officially recognized by the North American Cat Breeders Association in 1976.

Bombay Character gets along very well with dogs

The Bombay cat is affectionate and adapts very well to different domestic environments like the ragdoll kittens. It is a quiet cat and will seek the closeness of the members of the family. He gets along very well with another type of pet and it is not uncommon for him to get along with dogs something that will be confirmed without hesitation by those who share their lives with both animals. These bombay cat breeders are very much attractive and they are well adopted with the dogs too.

Whats the sleep of Bombay cat?

They are specialists in finding the warmest place in the house in winter and if that place is your lap, there you will have it sharing hours of sleep and relaxation if you want to know why do cats sleep so much see from us. They love to go to bed and spend long periods of sleep with their humans. However do not think that Bombay is lazy. It is a cat that learns quickly to walk with harness and leash and who will like to go out to inspect landscaped areas and go out of exploration with you.

bombay cat lifespan

They also say that he is a cat with a large memory and cognitive intelligence, so the interactive games they likes and will spend time to inspect and play with them.

Bombay cat a muscular and Agile cat

If the Mumbai cat stands out it is because of its muscle and shape (it weighs between 3 and 5 kilograms, this is the bombay cat weight). It is a compact and strong cat which combines ability and agility in the same way to move. It has a medium size, round shape and unlike other cats it has a short snout. His legs are robust and the pads have a characteristic black color.

Eyes of Bombay cat

It also stands out from other cats because it has a uniform coppery color, smooth and short with a bright tone that can have satin accents on its fur. The eyes are one of their identity marks because they have a color between gold and copper, large and sometimes slightly torn.

bombay cat facts

Meow of Bombay Cat

It has a peculiar way of communicating with humans and that is that the Bombay cat does so by emitting calm and tender meows. This will make him get away with it almost always by the sweet and sonorously calm way, with which he will request attention.

Occasional Problems related to genetics

Both the Bombay cat of breed and the mixed breeds, can very rarely have health problems related to their genetic nature ( cranial-facial deformation or Burmese head ) that also affects calico cat health problems, apart from this usually they are cats that enjoy good health and can live up to 18 years or more this is the bombay cat lifespan. It has been detected that he may occasionally have kidney problems but this is common in cats. In general they are strong and very long-lived cats.

Care of your Special Fur

Your short, shiny coat will be in perfect condition if you brush it a little for every 2 days. In this way we will make sure to remove the dead hair and stimulate the secretion of the natural oils of its fur otherwise dandruff may occur and you should know what causes cat dandruff too. In the case of Bombay is that which gives that beautiful and natural shine to your hair and another reason why it is not necessary to bathe them as long as it is not strictly necessary.

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Good Feeding of the Bombay Cat

If a Bombay cat has little shine in the hair we should think that it is not receiving a good diet or that it is poor in nutrients. It is best to opt for foods that have few cereals and that the source of protein is of quality. This is the reason why many lovers of the Bombay cat are fed with homemade food and suitable for human consumption but specific for them where the contribution of proteins is much better.

To the cat panther, he does not like to be alone

As a curiosity the Bombay cat unlike other more independent cats it is better to live in the company or other cats or pets and of course their humans. It is not a race that takes well to be alone a long time it detests it and can develop states of anxiety related to these absences.

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As you can see the Bombay cat is a very special breed and that surely has not left you indifferent. If you are lucky enough to share your life with them we would love to hear your opinion in the comments (below) and if you have found it interesting share it with the world about our catsfud website.

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