British Shorthair Cat Origin, Care and Health

The British Shorthair has a quiet character and is docile and is very loyal. Although it can be reserved, it is delivered to its owners and is a wonderful companion which is easy to please and very appropriate for family life. Besides the female is an excellent mother. The British shorthair cat has a temperament reminiscent of his ancestors, great rat hunters who lived in freedom in English territory.

It is in effect an independent cat, with a good predatory instinct which aspires to a great freedom and that seeks wide spaces for which it is advisable that its owner have a garden. Due to his personality and marked independence, especially if he is allowed to leave the house it is very important to teach him to obey the call or at least to hang him a bell.

british shorthair

British Shorthair is a cat with a gentle, dignified and reserved behavior, but it tends to be considered in the same plane as man, for which it can become stubborn and oppressive if from a young age it is not taught what it can and what it can not do. This serene and independent cat is very corpulent.


Characteristics of British Shorthair Cat

It is of size between medium and large, with a solid and majestic bearing. It has a fighter’s body with broad shoulders and flanks. The selection has enhanced the volumes to accentuate its solemn appearance. This appearance is reinforced by its large head like a munchkin, unmistakable with short hair and maxillary structure even more powerful than the throat.

british shorthair cat

  • Weight: Between 4 and 8 kilograms.
  • Size: Medium / large
  • Head: It is huge, round and wide. The face and facial bones are also rounded, like the forehead, which is slightly flattened in the mortarboard and should not sink.
  • Snout: it is well developed, with an indentation at the height of the whiskers very visible. The chin is firm and aligned with the nose and upper lip.
  • The nose: It is of medium size, it is straight, short and wide.
  • The ears: They are of medium size, rounded, broad at the base and widely separated from each other. They also have a rounded tip.
  • Eyes: Large, widely separated and round, located quite low on the head. They are usually copper or other intense colors, in harmony with those of the mantle.
  • Body: the British is a medium to large cat with a compact and well developed body and a wide, solid chest.

British Shorthair Puppies

If you are thinking of adopting or buying british shorthair puppies, you should know that the typical litter of short-haired British cats already has the main characteristic that adult cats will have: roundness, that is: big head, chubby face, chubby body and legs of robust bone.

The small ones do not give any problem, they are vivacious terribly voracious and they grow very quickly. So that the month they are so round that they crawl on the belly. The only critical moment is the passage from maternal to normal feeding, since they require strict vigilance to avoid berthing and suffering intestinal problems.

Origin and History of British Shorthairs

Perhaps the oldest of the British races and one of the least disturbed the origins of the British date back to the domestic cat of Rome, which settled in Britain at the time of the Roman Empire.

At the beginning, this race was estimated by its physical strength and hunting abilities, but soon its gentle character, resistance and loyalty would be valued. It remains a healthy and robust breed without any of the problems that affect some of the highly modified breeds.

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In the second half of the nineteenth century the English, who have always stood out for their love of animals and decided to select a breed of cats that was typically Anglo Saxon. For this they took as a departed point the native cat which actually descended from the Italian cat, introduced into the island by the Roman legions.

Feeding of British Shorthair

Regarding what the British shorthair cat eats, we must emphasize that it is a cat with a voracious appetite. Therefore it requires a varied, balanced and well balanced diet to avoid overweight. He likes to eat fish as well as meat and fish and also homemade food, you can know about homemade cat food recipes.

Regarding the feeding of the British Shorthair cat to say that it does not require major attentions, except of course those concerning and proper to a conditioned diet and according to its size and physical characteristics. Therefore it is essential to feed it with croquettes or high quality feed with a balance of proteins, healthy fats with omega 3 and 6 to favor the appearance of its fur and vitality.


The type of hair of this cat requires very simple attentions but they must be carried out with thoroughness. It is necessary to eliminate the dead hair with a closed barbed comb so that the British do not eat it while licking.

Naturally this operation will be more frequent during moulting, which normally takes place in spring and involves a considerable loss of hair and undercoat. The very density of the fur and its vagabond instinct make it prone to having cat fleas, which must be eliminated using one of the many special products that are marketed.

british shorthairs

The hair, thick and with a single layer, has a lot of body. To keep it in good condition it is enough to eliminate the dead hairs combing it once a week, although many exhibitors have a repertoire of tricks to enhance their beauty.

Health and Veterinary Care

Like the rest of the kittens , it is extremely important to go to the vet with your cat at least a couple of times a year so that this animal health professional can detect possible problems.

Always remember that the veterinarian is the only professional with the ability to diagnose and check the health status of British shorthair. In addition he will be the one to tell you when and how you should give him the relevant vaccines. Similarly it happens with the sterilization of your cat. Having the vaccination schedule up to date is essential for the health of your pet and prevent diseases.

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