Floor To Ceiling Cat Trees: The Top 4

If you’re a cat lover then you’ll agree with me when I say that we all want to give our cat (or cats) their own personal space consisting of their favorite things like dangling toys, platforms to climb and jump off to, and some winding tunnels. But at the same time, you don’t want your space to become theirs. That’s where these floor to ceiling cat trees come in!


Why Do Cats Like Floor To Ceiling Cat Trees?

Did you know that cats instinctively like heights and the thrill of climbing? This feeds their need to explore and is also mentally stimulating for their brain.Floor To Ceiling Cat Trees


According to a Pennsylvania-based veterinarian, vertical space for cats is very important.

If you’re a city dweller then you might be worrying about whether you have the necessary square footage. That’s why using a vertical space with floor to ceiling cat trees becomes essential. This smart invention gives your cats lots of room to lounge, climb and play all without taking too much room. Your cat and you will get the following benefits by using floor to ceiling cat trees,

Timid Cats:

Shy cats have a habit of studying their surroundings in order to feel at ease and safe. The floor to ceiling cat trees can help your timid cat by providing it a view from high up through which they can easily scan their surroundings and be comfortable.


Cats want entertainment and if you don’t provide them with that then they will make use of what you have in your house such as climbing the curtains, knocking on vases, or clawing on the sofas. A cat tree can provide them with entertainment which will keep them occupied and maybe they won’t try to climb your curtains anymore.

Dominance Issues:

A floor-to-ceiling cat tree is great for households that have multiple cats. If you’re a person with multiple cats then you’ll agree with me when I say that one is going to be dominant over others. With cat trees having only one perch or sitting area, a fight may break over between your two cats over who gets to sit on it.

The floor-to-ceiling cat trees are great in this sense. Here the cat is most dominant will situate itself on the highest perch which the submissive one will take their place down.

Saves Space:

Well, I have also discussed this point above. Whether you don’t want your living room to be filled with cat climbers or you live in a small apartment in a big city, this invention will save you space. It will only take up vertical space which isn’t even used anyways.


After years of researching cat products on Amazon, I found that floor-to-ceiling cat trees are in fact less expensive when compared to other cat products.

Gives Cat Heights:

You may have often found your cats on top of your refrigerators or cupboards. Ever wondered why? Cats just love heights. Such types of cat climbers provide your cats’ excellent viewpoints. Some floor to tree climbers often gives you the feature of adjustable heights so you can set the height of the tree climbers according to your cat’s liking.

What Features Are A Must Have In Floor To Tree Climbers?

Every floor to tree climbers varies from each other. They may vary in size, height, aesthetics, number of platforms, and stability. You may want to make sure that whatever tree climber your buying, your cat is comfortable with it. Let’s look at a few must-have features,

The Material:

This one is important guys. If your cat is a fan of scratching you may want to keep a close eye out for the type of material you buy. If you end up buying a flimsy and a cheap one then your tree climber won’t even last 2 days of scratching.

You would need to find a material that is durable and has some skid-proof textiles to boot. Try looking for a cat climber which is made up of natural sisal. Natural sisal would not only remain prone to their scratching but will also keep their claws healthy.

Or try buying a cat climber made out of wood. Wood is an ideal choice as it will not only withstand the scratching but also has the weight to keep itself stable.

Number of Platforms:

This factor is especially for those people who have more than just one cat. Like I mentioned before, two or more cats can create dominance issues. Make sure you buy a cat climber which as at least one platform for each cat.

The Design:

Look for a cat climber that is not only comfortable for your cat but it also looks good in the living room. You don’t need an ugly cat climber right?

The Budget:

Of course, we all want to spoil our cats here but you should also be careful of the budget. You may not want to buy a cat climber worth thousands of dollars. Whenever you’re going to buy a cat climber, keep your budget in mind.


This is an important one guys. If floor to ceiling cat trees have no fastenings then both you and your feline pet have the chances of getting hurt. If the tree doesn’t have a proper wedging then you might risk it falling or tipping off.

When you’re looking for a tree climber then look for one which uses screws instead of nails for fastening as the screws are more stable than the latter.


It would be nice to have a tree climber whose height you can adjust right? This way you won’t even feel the need to measure whether the cat climber can fit in your living area or ensure that your cat will have enough height to climb. And if you plan on shifting at your new home that doesn’t have the same height as your previous one then that won’t matter as you would have an adjustable cat climber.


You don’t want just a climber which your guy can climb on right? Poles, cubbies, toys and perches will keep your cat happy and active.Floor To Ceiling Cat Trees

The Top 4 Best Floor To Ceiling Cat Climbers:

After careful research and reading tons of blogs and guides, here are my top four floor-to-ceiling cat tree recommendations.

  1. Tianzhu Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree
  2. Trixie Floor To Ceiling Cat Post
  3. Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7801
    1. 32 L x 27 W x 78 inch H
    2. 40 L x 33 W x 80 inch H
  4. Furhaven Pet Cat Tree (Skyscraper Playground)

1.     Tianzhu Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

This climbing structure will take your cat up to another level of high. It’s more like a mansion than just a tree. The base of this tree is made up of E1 level bamboo fiberboard which is thick enough to carry a literal full-grown person! It has a super solid structure and a well-balanced design.

There is plush carpeting and the beams are covered with sisal. This structure has five layers of platforms. Your cat can access the tree with a ladder that is present at the base. This floor-to-ceiling cat tree also contains two plush baskets, a swinging hammock, and a cozy cubby. It not only provides entertainment for your cat but can also accompany 4 to 5 cats of different sizes.

The height can not be adjusted but this tree climber comes with extra security. Along with it comes a wall anchoring strap so as to prevent the tree from toppling off. It is available in black and beige colors.


  • Enough platforms for 4 to 5 cats and can support large breeds.
  • Has a wall anchoring strap.
  • Different activities are available.


  • Non-adjustable height.

2.     Trixie Floor To Ceiling Cat Post

Trixie floor-to-ceiling cat post favors large cats. This cat post contains various shapes of hammocks and nests which are large enough to place 16 pound plus cats!. It also has adjustable heights with heights running from 95 to 111 inches. It has a wide base which is the reason for its stability

The Trixie floor-to-ceiling cat post includes a perch, a hanging pom pom toy for your cat to play with, 6 scratching posts, and three platforms for your cat to sit on. The material of the scratching post is made up of natural sisal. The material of the platform is soft and plushy and the perch is lined with soft and warm fleece.

You can easily assemble this with the help of study screws. The material overall is sturdy, comfortable for your cats, and durable. Moreover, it comes in a beige color so it will go with all the home designs.


  • Easy to install
  • Contains a scratching post and a hanging pom pom
  • Adjustable heights
  • Has a wide base
  • Contains large platform


  • Some cats may face difficulty reaching the top platform.

3.     Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7801 (32 L x 27 W x 78 inch H) and (40 L x 33 W x 80 inch H)

If you want to go for a trusted brand then Armarkat is the way to go. It is a USA-based company that is known for making excellent quality cat trees that surpass online brands and generic pet stores.

Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7801 offers two different size configurations from which you can choose:

  1. 32 L x 27 W x 78 inch H
  2. 40 L x 33 W x 80 inch H

Both offer a ton of heights and are literally legitimate castles for your cat. It doesn’t attach to the ceiling but that’s okay. There are platforms and perches which your cat can explore by ladders, jumping or even climbing.

The scratching posts are not made of sisal material but a ton of rope made up of sisal is wrapped around it. Both the floor to ceiling cat trees are equally heavy which allows big cats to jump about on them. The base is wide which creates stability and can hold multiple cats. The hardware is steel and the scratching posts are made up of wood.


  • Offers 6 months warranty for defective parts
  • The rope is made of sisal is wrapped around the post
  • Made in the USA by a trusted brand
  • Has multiple perches at different heights
  • Contains incredible build quality


  • Can be a bit inexpensive
  • May need added stability by pushing it to a corner.

4.     Furhaven Pet Cat Tree (Skyscraper Playground)

They say “save the best for the last”. Furhave’s adjustable tree structure is an all-time favorite for most cat lovers out there. The base is sturdy and contains an adjustable spring brace on the top for security and stability.

It contains four levels that your cat can get to with the help of ladders. It also contains a ladder at the base in order to spark curiosity in the feline animal and encourage the cat to explore the three levels of climbing. The other part of the structure is lined with a plusy faux material which will give your cat a luxurious surface for both playtime and sleep.

It also contains a soft spring toy that endlessly bobs around. The posts are wrapped with sisal which promotes scratching. This tree post is well suited for small to medium furry buddies. These are available in 3 neutral colors i.e. gray, brown, and cream. The long and lean cat tree will definitely match almost all decors.


  • Can fit into tight spaces.
  • The faux is easy to clean
  • Comes with a 90 days warranty for material defects.


  • Not suitable for large cats.
  • The structure can become wobbly if it is not installed properly.

Final Verdict:

Each of the floor to ceiling cat trees that I have reviewed has specific features to their designs that can help them stand out. One is made up of luxurious material while the other has security additions. Out of the research I’ve done, I found the Furhaven Pet Cat Tree (Skyscraper Playground) to be the winner. It has a lot of different features which support your cat’s every need. It has a height of 69.3 inches which is more than enough for small-medium cats. The best part is that it offers all of this is a very suitable price!

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