Calico Cat Names: Choose a Best Name

If you have a new calico kitten at home and you do not know what name to put for your calico cat then you can choose the color of your coat, that is choose calico cat names according to their color. If you are looking for names for calico cats of three colors may be you will be worth one of the ten names that we propose. No matter what breed of cat you have with which tricolor is enough.

The cats of 3 colors are a very special cat genetic freak, so the names of three-color cats must also be special these are the unusual calico cat names. To inspire you a little when choosing the right one pay attention to this list of calico kitten names for tricolor cats. Below are some of the names which you can see from below.

calico cat names

Nowadays keeping your pet cat a name is the most difficult thing because if once a name is suggested we will be calling daily with it, so rather than keeping some unusual names and calling your pet we need to keep a good name and call with it, this gives us more satisfaction too. So for our pet lovers we are providing the calico cat names female and male which you can see below.

Cute Calico Cat Names With Meanings

The following list of names for tricolor cats is accompanied by a brief explanation text of the names. Do you like any? Which one are you staying for your new pet?

names for calico cats

  • CANDY: If your cat has ocher tones, she is a sweet and affectionate cat. Caramelo is a name that adapts to her. Do you like this name?
  • ELSA: It is a name that is fashionable for the movie Frozen. If you have a little girl you may want to put your cat that name. If you have a tricolor cat in which the white and beautiful predominates then it is an ideal name.
  • FLAME: Another name for your tricolor kitten with ocher tones. Flama means ‘llama’ in Catalan. Do you dare to call your cat that way?
  • PUMPKIN: Or if you like the names for cats in English, Pumpkin. It is a perfect name for calico cats muff and colored orange mainly.
  • LIS: It means “beautiful as a flower.” The tricolor cats are colorful as flowers. If you have an affectionate, beautiful and intelligent tricolor kitten, why not use Lis?
  • CONFETTI: It’s an original name for tricolor cats, do not you think? If your cat’s coat is striped, Lis is a funny and appropriate name.
  • FREYA: She is the most beautiful and beloved goddess in Norse mythology. If you want to put this mythological name for cats to your feline tricolor, it must be pretty, elegant and sweet.
  • LIA: It is a name of Hebrew origin related to isolation and loneliness. If you have a tricolor kitten that only trusts few people and is reserved, Lia is the perfect name.
  • ME IF: It is a short name for cats and the most used. It’s a good name if you want your tricolor kitten to quickly assimilate his name and I’ll listen to you.
  • PUCHI: What do you think of a Japanese name for cats? If you have a small and playful tricolor kitten, you can be original and opt for Puchi. Puchi means ‘small’ in Japanese.

Names For Tricolor Cats

Discover our inspiring list of names for calico cats and turtles! Did you know that tricolors are always females? If you want to know why read this curious answer here, explained in a simple way. Why tricolor cats are females. A tricolor cat is a cat lady and as such she can not carry a name like Fluffy or Socks. We have to find an appropriate one, below are the girl cat names calico check out them !!

girl cat names calico

Names for calico three-colored cats – MONKEY NAMES

There are short names, cute and adorable just like tricolor calico kittens, some examples would be:

  • LILI
  • NENA
  • NALA
  • MOON
  • ELSA
  • STAR

You can find more in this listing names for cats and kittens .

Female Calico Cat Names – AUTUMN

The cats calico and tortoise often have many ocher on their fur, so you could choose names for tricolor calico cats names related to autumn and its colors. For example:

  • FIRE

 Calico Kitten Names – FLOWERS AND GARDEN

The calico kittens are full of color, and nothing more colorful than a flower or a garden so consider one of these names:

calico cat names female

  • LIS
  • YARD
  • ELF

Girl Calico Names – CELEBRATION

These girls are characters! The personality of the tricolor cats is special, bright and particular so why not use names of things related to celebrations:

  • GLITTER (meaning glitter)

Calico Cat Names Male – PATTERN OF THE COAT

Depending on the specific pattern of your tricolor cat’s hair you can choose one of these names:

  • MOSI
  • MESS
  • LIA

Names of three colored Calico cats – CAMOUFLAGE

Many tricolor cats have the tones so intermingled that they wear the most perfect camouflage suit that exists! Imagine names related to this concept or that sound similar to the word camouflage, type:

  • SHAW
  • CAMU
  • CAMI
  • MUFI

Names of calico or turtle cats – QUEENS AND GODDESSES

The three-colored cats are the lucky cats, special and revered cats. So why not give them a regal name as they deserve! For example:

calico cat names male


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Most of the calico pet lovers will be searching for the names for their best tri color cats. So may be you have got a best name with the help of us. If you have any other best calico cat names then simply share with us. Also you can get more information on cats from our catsfud website. Keep sharing with us.

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