Calico Cat Origin, Characteristics and Life Span

Calico cat also called tricolor cat is a domestic cat whose main feature are its three colors white, black and orange of different size. Calico cats are very showy and beautiful cats with different combinations where the white color predominates and almost all of them are females. They are curious very active and independent. They have a very strong personality.

It is related to good luck so it is another reason to have a cat as a pet. Mainly about the calico cats if you cat a best cat breed at your home then it is really good enough to be happy with a pet. But if you are going to adopt a new cat then you must see the breeds cat years and their nature too.

calico cat

In this article we are going to provide the complete information about the calico cats and their nature of behavior. Before that you should know what is a calico cat and from where it is originated. Simply check our article below and know more information about the calico cat facts.


Origin of Calico Cats

The calico cat does not have a specific origin. Its rarity is found in three colors. There are different types of calico cats that you can see below. On October 1, 2001 the calico cat (Felis Silvestris Catus) was designated emblem of Maryland in the United States and is considered one of its symbol because it has the same colors as the flag the oriole and the Baltimore butterfly.

  • Different breeds of cats with short or long hair can have three colors but only the calico have those three colors that characterize them with white, black and orange and also they have well differentiated.
  • Almost all calico cats are females and this is because the color is determined by the two chromosome XX that only has it and that gives the colors black and orange.
  • The male having only one X chromosome and another Y they can only be black or tabby which is why of every 3000 Calico cats 1 is male.

Characteristics of the Calico cat

Its main characteristic is that they are of three colors. Each cat is unique in its coat no two are the same. These cats have dark orange or copper eyes are very independent active and playful like to be caressed by their owners and are very affectionate. There are several types of tricolor cats. Calico cat personality can be known by below.

Calico or Spanish cat

They are the ones with the most white color on the chest the legs on the chin and abdomen and the well defined black and orange colors on the back.

Carey or Turtle

They have less white and a combination of their rather mixed fur resembles the shell of the hawksbill turtles.

Tricolor tiger

His three-colored cloak features stripes like a tiger.

what is a calico cat

Pros and Cons of Calico Cat Breeds


  • They are very affectionate and like to be caressed.
  • cats are very independent and playful ideal for the family.
  • Calico cats are good luck cats.
  • These are unique because the combination of their spots does not repeat.
  • They do not loose a lot of hair.


  • They are very active and naughty.
  • As their combination is very colorful and unique they are very appreciated and you should take care of them when they go out alone to the garden.

How much does a Calico cat live?

The calico cat is generally in good health so it can live between 13 to 16 years or more if you live in an apartment and do not go out on the street you have less chance of getting sick or having an accident with cats or dogs. The calico cat lifespan is really much better than the other cat breeds.


The calico cat is medium in size and can weigh between 3.6 to 4.6 kilograms.


  • It is difficult to find a tricolor male calico.
  • The fishermen wore tricolor cats in their travels as good luck charms to protect themselves from storms and evil spirits.
  • They are considered good luck cats.


  • Calico cat health problems are very rare because of their breed structure.
  • This calico cat symbolism are not much effected by climate and other conditions.
  • These cats are very healthy and are not known related diseases.
  • They are less sensitive and delicate than other pure breed cats.


These cats do not need more care since their fur is between short and medium so you can brush them from time to time likewise you do not need to wash them very often.

The visits to the veterinarian for their control of vaccines and decontamination can be once a year.

Food Tips

You can give good quality cat food that contains proteins and vitamins to care for your hair and that is always bright and healthy also remember that cats like fresh and clean water.


There is a cat whose face is half black with green eye and the other half is orange stripes and blue eye that is called Venus and the two-faced cat and it is the most famous on the planet even has its more features too.

Calico Cat Facts

The calico cat is not a race itself if not that from a genetic abnormality they are cats that have a quite distinctive tricolor coat having parts of its coat white, black and very distinct orange.

This rarity in its color makes these calico tricolores cats are very appreciated. In addition this genetic characteristic occurs especially in the cats being extremely strange that these colors are given in male cats: 1 of each 3000 and in addition rarely these males are fertile.

calico cat facts

Many breeds of cats are differentiated from the remains by a characteristic behavior or personality. Some are calmer and others are more playful. In this aspect it is important to remember that Calico cats are not a breed in itself and that this combination of colors can be given in different breeds of short or long hair.

So if we look for a specific personality type it will be much more determined by the race and the pedigree of the parents than by the color. Even so many breeders have reported that calico differ from other breeds and colors.

They should not be confused with the Tortoise shell cats and another color rarity that equally only occurs in females. These also combine 3 colors but they are usually more mixed forming more mottled patterns and in while the calico have the colors and spots on the fur are very well differentiated .

The Tortoiseshell also occur in any type of race. So we can find this feature so uncommon in shorthair cats or longhaired cats like Persians.

As we said it is extremely rare to find this type of male tri-color cats so they can not cross each other. It is generally believed that female cats with this characteristic are more likely to have kittens with this characteristic in their fur but it seems that it is not confirmed.

Cat names Calico

Below are the calico cat names that are most popular and more useful. So you can even choose a name for your cat from us. Below are some names simply check out them.

  • Cinnamon
  • Stains
  • Niki
  • Kimba
  • Bambi
  • Mimi
  • Simba
  • Lula


With this you have got an information about the calico cats behavior their facts and their nature. If you know more about these calico cat breeds then simply share with us. Also you can see our CatsFud for more information on cats and their behavior.

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