Can Cats Eat Chocolate? is Chocolate Bad for Cats

Can Cats Eat Chocolate? Cats are very curious so much that you have to monitor a lot what they put in their mouths. There are several foods that are toxic to them, so it is important that we give them only what they can eat, otherwise they could have very serious problems. The first thing we should know is chocolate poisonous to cats or not.

One of the most frequent doubts that we usually have when we live with a furry one is why cats cannot eat chocolate. If you want to know keep reading can cats have chocolate because today we are going to unveil the mystery. This will help for many of the cat lovers as they can expect more from us to know about their pet cats.

can cats eat chocolate

If you have a pet then you must know about the cats and chocolate and the main thing to know is whether you pet can digest it or not. With some little facts and behavior you can easily know whether is chocolate bad for cats.


Can Cats Eat Chocolate? Facts You Need to Know

Many of the users have a query of can cats have chocolate or “is chocolate bad for cats”. With this question we mainly have huge questions about this so we are here to provide a solution for why can’t cats eat chocolate or if your cat eats then is it harm for them or not.

Some cats like chocolates and some do not so before providing the chocolates for cats you need to observe them. If a cat eats chocolate then its fine, if it does not eat leave it but don’t make a force for the cat. Usually all the cats like chocolates.

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About Chocolates

Chocolate is delicious for people so you might be tempted to give it a just a little bit, to your furry friend as a gift. Resist the temptation because chocolate can be extremely toxic to cats especially for young kittens. Whether they are kittens or adults, cats and chocolate simply do not mix.

And the reason why we do not have to give chocolate to our cats is the obromine. A substance that the feline organism can eliminate and that accumulates causing them some problems, typical of intoxication. Indeed if your cat ate, even if it were just a piece of this food his life could be in danger.

Can Cats Eat Chocolate
cats chocolate
chocolate and cats

Symptoms of Your Cat

The most frequent symptoms are hyperactivity, vomiting, cat diarrhea and excessive thirst. In very serious cases that is in those in which the intake has been very high, the animal could end up dying in just 24 hours. So if your cat has eaten chocolate, it is very important that you take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible to avoid getting to that situation.

Pets and chocolate are a dangerous combination. Chocolate is even more dangerous for cats than dogs because of its relatively small size. Pet owners should be aware of the danger of chocolate and what to do if your cat eats.

The toxicity of chocolate

The toxicity of chocolate. Chocolate is dangerous for pets for several reasons. Chocolate contains theobromine a stimulant. Humans can metabolize theobromine relatively quickly, but dogs and cats can not, so it is toxic and dangerous. If your cat eats chocolate, theobromine basically acts as an overdose of stimulants.

The toxicity of chocolate

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How much Can Cats Eat Chocolate

How much? Milk chocolate contains approximately 65 mg of theobromine per ounce and a dose of 50 to 100 mg of this substance per kilo of body weight can be fatal for kittens. Because kittens weigh from a few grams to a few kilos, an ounce or two of chocolate can make a hairy friend seriously ill. Keep in mind that dark chocolate has three times this amount of theobromine and baker’s chocolate has almost seven times this amount, making them much more dangerous for your little friend.

Symptoms. A kitten who has eaten chocolate begins to show symptoms of poisoning within six to 12 hours of the initial ingestion. The severity of the symptoms will depend on the amount of chocolate that the child cat has ingested. The symptoms that your cat may experience include vomiting, diarrhea, rapid or abnormal heart rate, seizures, tremors and wheezing.

What to do if your cat had chocolate

What to do. If your cat has gotten and eaten, somehow, a little chocolate, or without realizing it, you gave it a little, it’s time to take it to a veterinarian immediately. Depending on your cat symptoms, the veterinarian will first stabilize condition with medications to slow your heart rate and control seizures. Once your cat is stable, you can give some medications to get the chocolate out of your system. These drugs induce vomiting, unfortunately there is no antidote for chemicals in chocolate and most of the attention they receive will be to get the substance out of your body and keep it hydrated.

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Keep curious kittens away from sweets and pastries made with chocolate, especially on Halloween. Small chocolate candies may seem like fun things to play with a kitten but they can chop the chocolate to see what it is. Always keep the candy in a sealed container or a drawer where your little one cannot access. If you have guests, let them know that chocolate is not right for your cat. Visit catsfud for more information.

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