Can Cats Eat Apples? Are They Good For Cats

Can cats eat Apples

Can cats eat apples? Are they also fit for feline consumption? It’s fair to know that apples are suitable for cats.

Therefore, it can be an excellent type of fruit for your cats friends. However, there are some things you should keep in mind before you can feed your cats with this fruit.

can cats eat apples

Can cats eat apples with seeds?

You can feed your cats with apples, paying attention. However, make sure that the seeds of the fruit have been removed. The seeds contain substances that can be transformed into poisonous cyanhydrocyanic acid once the intestine is reached.

Did you feed your cats with apples with seeds?

Do not panic. One or two seeds will not cause any side effects. Now that you know, you should be able to feed your cats properly. The apple seeds contain amygdalin, is a toxin that binds to an enzyme in the intestine to produce hydrocyanic acid.

You may remember the Zyklon B poison that was used for mass executions during World War II. Hydrogen cyanide prevents red blood cells from absorbing oxygen. Small amounts can be tolerated in your cat’s body, but larger amounts can be fatal

Unfortunately, there are still no antidotes for this poison. If your cat swallows some seeds without chewing them, your cat will not be poisoned.


The hard skin of the seed preserves the poison intact. When it passes through the digestive system, it remains intact. The problem exists when your cat chews the seed.

The next time you feed your cat with the apples, be sure to remove the seeds. And if you are going to mix the fruit and give it to your cat, make sure you do not put the seeds for the safety of your cat.

How many apples could you give?

Apples are healthy and safe. They can also be a healthy snack to give to your cats. However, you should not give too much.

The cat’s stomach is not as big as yours. Therefore, eating many apples at a time can cause an upset stomach. Two pieces of apple can be enough and it is definitely considered a prize.

Too many apples can cause adverse effects on your diet. Excess of any delicacy can cause a disorder of the digestive tract.

The apples for cats

Apples are an excellent snack because they contain properties that can increase the immune system of your cats. Keep in mind that apples give your friends happy strength to fight against pests and other diseases.

This type of fruit is also known to improve your cat’s hair so that it can prevent allergies or insect bites. With its antioxidant and detoxifying properties, apples can improve the health and functioning of your cat’s vital organs.

can cats eat apples

These include the liver, bladder and kidneys. Before feeding your cats with apples, make sure they are organic. Pesticides can damage the body of the cat causing adverse effects.

Since apples are rich in calcium, vitamin C and other essential nutrients, giving them pieces of apple every day, they can make a nutritional contribution. But, as mentioned above, you should never give your cat too much food.

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A little apple every day can go well and can be a side dish. Unlike its seeds, it is not necessary to remove the skin of the apple.

The skin of this fruit also offers health benefits because it contains phytonutrients, which are antioxidants and reduce the risk of cancer, not only in people but also in their animals. However, if you are not sure where the apple comes from, it would be better to peel it before giving it to your animal.

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