Can Cats Eat Dog Food – Is it Safe for Cats

Can Cats Eat Dog Food ? The food for cat and dog have different nutritional content for each species, this because the needs of each other are different and therefore there are croquettes that are created according to the species, stage of development and age.

Dog food contains beta carotene (its organisms turn it into vitamin A), while cat food is composed of vitamin A and taurine which is an amino acid necessary for cats but dogs produce it naturally so the food for these does not contain said substance.

Can Cats Eat Dog Food

The diet for cats should contain more fat and protein than that of dogs. Although there are cats that can live with low protein consumption, it is not the best for your health. In short, cats are carnivores by nature, while dogs are omnivores.


Can Cats Eat Dog Food & Vice Versa

The cat may like the dog’s food and eat it from time to time if you do not realize but if you provide it as a daily diet what will happen is that you cause poor nutrition since the protein levels in the dog food do not they meet the needs of cats.

Likewise, dogs may like the taste of cat food very much, but if it becomes a habit to eat it, it can cause a lot of damage due to the lack of nutrients necessary for its development or excess of proteins that it does not need, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea and finally it can lead to liver or kidney damage.

What do you do if your Cat likes Dog Food or Vice Versa?

If it is a little difficult for you to teach them that they should not eat the other’s food then it is better to put them to eat at the same time but in different places.


Cat likes Dog Food

Remember to set feeding times and not leave the food within reach of your pet throughout the day, but at the time indicated for it.

Do not forget to consult your trusted veterinarian to guide you on the best diet for your pet.

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Why Cats cannot Eat Dog Food

From outside it is normal that the dog food seems exactly the same as that of the cats. They have smells and similar appearance, they have the same brand and, finally, it’s food for animals, right?

cats cannot eat dog food

Some of these ideas may be true, but the reality is that although they may look very similar, both are different.

If you have ever thought about administering the same food to your dog and cat. We will explain why cats cannot eat dog food.

Steps to follow

  1.  If one night your feline’s food is finished and you only have feed for dogs, for one day you can give the animal this food only as an exception. It is not that dog food is toxic to cats. The reason why cats cannot eat dog food is much simpler: because both animals have very different nutritional needs.
  2. The body of cats requires nutrients and amino acids. So that it does not produce by itself and that it receives through food. Cat feed is supplemented with these ingredients to ensure maximum health of the cat.
  3. If instead of buying cat food you choose dog food you will be depriving your feline to receive the nutrients and vitamins he requires, compromising his health in the medium term.
  4. But what nutrients does the cat food contain that does not have the dog food? Some of the ingredients that felines require and that should be present in their food are:
  • A higher level of proteins than the one demanded by dogs.
  • Taurine, an amino acid that they do not produce and that they invest in the diet to keep their heart healthy. Dogs synthesize it by themselves, that’s why their feed does not contain it.
  • Vitamin A, the dogs metabolize it while cats need a higher dose than they get in the food.
  • Arachidonic, an essential fatty acid for cats that nevertheless dogs do not need. It is present in your feed.

If a cat eats frequently I think dog will be receiving a deficient diet, lacking necessary nutrients. So that could put at risk the functioning of your metabolism and your health.


Choose quality feed for your cat and give it the best care to keep it healthy and happy.

This article is merely informative, in a COMO. We do not have the power to prescribe any veterinary treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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