Can Cats Eat Potatoes? Are Potatoes Good For Cats?

Cats are probably the most adorable and affectionate animals you can have. It’s hard to resist the temptation to give your cat a bite of dinner or some left overs while sitting with those sweet eyes. But is it safe for cats to eat our food? Can cats eat potatoes? Are they good for cats. You can know more about cats and potatoes and from us.

The potatoes seem to be one of the harmless vegetables and the general impression is that they are also safe foods for cats. However we need to know some aspects: cats can not eat everything and we should not be influenced by the images of the movies that show us the dead who look for food from the garbage.

can cats eat potatoes

With a little research we can discover that all the wise cat owners know with certainty that human food is not optimal for cats. This is basically due to the fact that cats have very different nutritional needs and although the cat seems to be ecstatic about the food that comes from our plate, it could be terrible for your digestive system.


Can Cat Eat Potatoes

Yes, cats can eat potatoes but not every day. Small portions mixed with your normal food can be good, although not all potatoes are safe. This mainly depends on the cat like we cannot say that every vegetable is good for cat.

Unripened Potatoes

Unripened potatoes contain solanine, a chemical found in the skin of potatoes and also inside them. It works as a defense mechanism and rejects all creatures that try to eat it.

Therefore, if you have a field of potatoes it is important to make sure that the cat does not get close to him and above all that he is not in that area and especially if he is hungry.

can cats eat sweet potatoes

Potato plants are also unsafe since the leaves are toxic. If the cat eats many potatoes that are not yet ripe, although it is very unlikely and its toxicity and the amount of solanine can devastate its digestive and nervous tract. Kittens are at special risk because they are very fragile.

Raw Potatoes

Raw or lightly cooked potatoes should not be given to the cat. They can cause stomach pain due to glyco alkaloid solanine an element present in raw potatoes. Due to its toxicity, raw potatoes are literally poisonous to cats. If you have a cat then you must know can cats eat apples or not. If your cat has eaten a small amount accidentally there should not be any problem, but the large amounts will surely make you sick. Potato skin is not good for cats.

Potato shells are toxic to the cat in the same way as raw potatoes, although it is unlikely that you give them to the cat as food, it can happen that our furry friend can eat some of them while preparing dinner you can give the cat a best homemade cat food for your pet.

The cat may decide to explore the garbage and eat some potato rind and he probably does not like the taste at all, but you have to be careful not to let them go because they could get sick.

Cooked Potatoes

Cooked potatoes are absolutely safe for cats. If you read the cat food packages the potatoes will be one of the most common ingredients.

It is important to know that potatoes are always cooked. Once cooked, all toxic alkaloids are destroyed. A good way to add the potatoes to the cat’s food is to boil and crush them, then add them to the other ingredients: the food will be nutritious and delicious.

French fries are not appropriate for cats, but one or two potato chips will not cause harm. So if you have a query can cats eat potato chips then we can say as yes but only some amount.

can cats eat potato chips

Cats are Carnivores

Cats are carnivores which means that their nutrients are taken mainly from meat. There are few nutrients that plants need but they must be administered in such a way that they are easily digestible.

The cat should not eat too many potatoes or other vegetables obviously he will eat them, but they will not be good for his long term health.

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