Can Cats Eat Strawberries? Attention and effect of giving way


Can cats eat strawberries

Sweet, sour and tasty “Ichigo”. I think that there are many cat lovers that I like strawberries, but can I give straw to a cat? I have a query that can cats eat strawberries.There are many foods that cats should not give, but strawberries are rich in nutrition but it seems that there is no problem but is it? Let’s see if cats can eat strawberries this time.

can cats eat strawberries

It is okay to give a cat a strawberry!

There is no problem if it is a small amount to give strawberries to cats. Strawberry contains a lot of vitamins and contains a lot of dietary fiber.

Therefore, if you give one grain for reward etc, it is rather much better ingredients than giving other sweets and snacks.

Since strawberry and other fruits are naturally derived, they are better for snacks for cats and human tastes than snacks and foods that contain a lot of additives, so the owner that love cat likes strawberries is certainly given Please give it to me.

Attention to make a cat eat strawberries

There are points to be noted although it is said that cats can eat strawberries. First of all, Ichigo is to give a small amount to the last.

cat eat strawberries

Strawberry sugar

  • Risk of becoming diabetic
  • Obesity gets worse

Ichigo is sweet and sour and tasty means that it contains sugar. Cats are animals that can not decompose carbohydrates and reduce blood glucose levels.

Of course, there is the possibility of causing diabetes if a large number of strawberries with a lot of sugar are given.

At the moment, cats who are diabetes and cats that are obese tend to have further symptoms worsening by eating a lot of strawberries. Let’s not give it to such a cat.

Strawberry dietary fiber

I mentioned that strawberries contain abundant dietary fiber, do you know that cats are not good at digesting dietary fiber?

Of course, some degree of dietary fiber promotes defecation and prepares the intestinal environment. However, ingesting too much dietary fiber can cause digestion and cause diarrhea and vomiting.

When giving, please do not give it as much as 1 grain.

It is NG to give strawberries to cat every day

Can I give it as a snack daily if I decrease the amount to be raised at once? Those who have such a question, basically it is NG.

Even if you give a small amount at once, if you continue to give it every day, sugar and dietary fiber accumulate, eventually causing symptoms such as obesity and diabetes. It can also lead to daily diarrhea and vomiting.

Sometimes, give as giving a reward or vitamin supplementation.

Effect of giving a strawberry to a cat

I understand the point of giving a strawberry to a cat, but what is the effect of giving strawberries to a cat on the contrary?

can cats eat strawberry leaves

Unlike other ingredients, there is less lipid

For cats, lipids are a nutrient that should be ingested, but by eating a large amount of human food or a commercially available cat food, it is inevitable that you take too much lipid.

If you take too much lipid, it becomes a cause of obesity, and deteriorating it will cause various diseases.

In that respect, strawberry is healthy food for cats, which tend to take too much lipid because they are less fatty foods. But if you eat too much, you will get fat from sugar, so let’s be careful of giving it too much.

Vitamin abundant

For cats vitamins are indispensable nutrients to keep the body healthy. However, it may be biased in everyday life, so if you take it well from rich ingredients such as strawberries, you can compensate for the nutritional balance of your regular eating habits.

However, since you can know the amount of vitamins that can be ingested from about one grain of strawberries, let’s compensate from the usual balanced diet and treats.

Antioxidant effect

Antioxidant action is the action of activating enzymes in the body. It is anti-aging that you often hear with antioxidant action.

If the antioxidant action works, the function of the enzyme becomes active and it prevents oxidation of the body. In other words, it means that it has the effect of keeping the body young.

When I return the story, Ichigo contains this antioxidant effect, which means that it helps us to be a young cat forever. It is a food that humans and cats want to incorporate by all means.

can cats eat strawberry yogurt

Some of the cats dislike strawberries also

Sour for cat = rotten!
There are likes and dislikes also by gourmet cats as human beings likes and dislikes. Especially, Ichigo is sour, so it seems that many cats do not like it.

It is said that sour foods are not good because it is recognized that sour in nature is rotten.

Let ‘s make it impossible for cats who do not like to eat strawberries because they are good for bodies.

Strawberry yogurt

Also, if you put strawberries in yogurt, there are also cats that eat deliciously so please try it by all means.

Just to be careful, yogurt is a food with a lot of lipids, and eating too much will cause diarrhea so let strawberries and yogurt give a small amount.

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  • Cats are okay to eat strawberries! With this, you can know can cats eat strawberries.
  • Diabetes and obesity get worse when giving straw more to cats
  • Strawberry dietary fiber may cause dyspepsia
  • If you eat strawberries cats also have antioxidant activity
  • Eat strawberries and can supplement vitamin!

There are actually many cats who like strawberries, and there are many love cats who give it as a substitute for snacks.

Ezo heavy strawberry which is a kind of strawberry has an effect of removing calculus and it is said to be good for preventing periodontal disease.

Strawberries with abundant vitamins and antioxidant effects, how about letting love cats protect the quantity by all means?

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