Can Cats Eat Watermelon? Are watermelons bad for cats?

Watermelon is our favorite summer fruit, perfect to hydrate in the hot summer months. Can cats eat watermelon? Yes, sure!

This delicious fruit is much appreciated by most people, and can also be shared with cats. There are few precautions that are essential for the health of your animal when it comes to human food, especially watermelons.

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Can cats eat watermelons

Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Read more about what is important to know about watermelons and their benefits and disadvantages for your cat.

The nutritional point of view of watermelon is a good source of vitamins A and C, which are both important nutrients. It also contains essential minerals, magnesium, and potassium. These are important for a healthy and balanced diet for your cat. If this has diabetes, you should avoid giving it watermelon because of its high sugar levels.

Watermelon, in general, does not have many nutritional values compared to other foods that are essential for cats. Cats are carnivores and their diet must be meat based.

The Cat’s Sense Of Taste:

The taste of watermelon makes it very popular with people. Its sweet taste may not tell your cat anything about it, but according to a popular belief, cats cannot identify sweet flavors. This applies to most carnivores!

The watermelon pulp is safe for your cat. However, you must remove the seeds before giving them to your cat. This is because some of the components that are inside the seeds can be very harmful to them. It is believed that watermelon is risky if all the seeds are not removed beforehand.

Can Cats Eat Watermelons

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Watermelon seeds can be very dangerous. Watermelon seeds contain cyanide, which is also known as a cyanogenetic glucoside. It is dangerous for cats because they can not get rid of it. If your cat accidentally breaks a seed while eating watermelon, cyanide will circulate in your body and can cause intoxication.

Your cat may begin to present symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea. If this happens, take it immediately to the veterinarian. There is not a specific amount of seeds, so this could happen. Therefore, it is best to remove all the seeds before feeding your cat with watermelon.

Along with the seeds, the rind of the watermelon should also be removed. Your cat may not have difficulty eating it; however, it is quite hard and difficult to digest.

The Key is Moderation:

Like any food that is not created specifically for cats, it is necessary to limit the amount of watermelon that is fed to your cat. In large quantities, it could bring more disadvantages than advantages for your cat. The undesirable effects on your health will begin to be visible over time.

A few pieces at a time are fine, a whole dish is not. Nourish your cat with moderate doses of natural foods. Foods that provide valuable minerals, vitamins, fibers, enzymes, and antioxidants may not be present in commercially available cat food.

Fragile intestines refrain

Like many fruits, watermelons can destabilize the dog’s intestines and cause diarrhea, especially when ingested in large quantities. When introducing a new food, it is important to offer smaller amounts and to monitor how your pet responds. If stool consistency changes, stop giving it to Fido.

The Key is Moderation

Remove peel and seeds from melon

Even if the seeds are not as dangerous as for other fruits, for example, the apple, they can still lead to a blockage of the intestines. The peel is just as risky and does not contain any nutrients, so it would be unreasonable to offer your dog watermelon before he has prepared it properly.

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Nutritional value of watermelon

It’s not only negative, far from it! With a water content of about 92%, this melon is perfect to encourage your dog to drink more in the summer, which is great for his health.

Beta-carotene, magnesium, vitamin A, potassium and vitamin C are nutrients found in the fruit. For a food as low in calories, it is not to neglect.

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