Can Cats See in The Dark – The Real Reason Behind it

Can Cats See in The Dark: There are many questions that have always been asked about cats and darkness, such as why your eyes sparkle at night if you see them in the dark or how they see the world through their bright eyes at night. How is the life of a cat through the darkness?, And why could cats need a to see in the dark?

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Can Cats See in The Dark

Cats are nocturnal hunters by nature. Since ancient times cats have been known to have the double life: one day and one night. Even if your cat is domestic, it will continue to maintain that tendency to be a lover of the night.

As the domestic cat has a passive life while we work, it makes them spend most of the day sleeping and at night they are more active. That they are able to see in the dark, makes it easier for them to be active at night.

Why Cats’ eyes gleam in the Dark

This phenomenon has a very simple scientific explanation. And that is the organ of vision of cats has a lens and a kind of curved mirror that is placed just behind the retina, which has the ability to reflect a cone of light directed towards the source that illuminates it.

This effect serves two purposes; to intimidate the prisoners or threats and on the other hand, improves the vision, since it is absorbed twice as many photoreceptors. They can increase their vision six to eight times thanks to their pupils have the ability to open much in low light and contract to become a thin line before a large amount of light.

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How Can Cats See in The Dark

Unlike us, we have a 180-degree view, the cats have a vision of 200 degrees, so they have more scope of vision.

Can Cats See in The Dark

In the dark, there is an important factor that cats have the ability to see. The eye has two cells: cones and rods. Cats have many more Cannes than cones, and the dogs are the ones that absorb more luminosity, although they are blocked when there is too much light and they do not show sensitivity to color.

These are the reasons why they see much better in the dark, but this makes them all too clear by day as if the world were a white film. But you have to keep in mind that a cat will not see in absolute darkness, it will need a minimum of light for your dogs to do their work.

As we have seen, the fact that cats see in the dark makes them very active at night. If that bothers you, we’ll give you several tips that will help your cat sleep at night.

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Make your cat sleep at night

The most reasonable solution is to increase your activity during the day, so when darkness comes, you will be tired and will not feel like wandering around the house. But of course, if we are working all day, this may seem complicated. However, there are things you can do to facilitate your activity.

Put shelves under the windows

It will not take long to climb them and observe everything that happens through the window. It will keep you entertained to see the birds, the leaves of the trees move in the breeze, the butterflies … Or if you are in a city, you will be entertained by the people and the passing cars.

Find him a friend

Have you thought about having another cat? They do not need much time or a lot of work, so having a partner for your kitten will help him spend the day playing with him and being exhausted when darkness comes.

Play with him

Do it before you sleep and increase the time you normally do.

It is possible that even after doing all this, your cat will continue to bother you at night. We will give you tips for that later.

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