Cat Dandruff: How to Remove it, Causes and Prevention

Cat Dandruff: Does your Cat have Dandruff? As in humans our pets may suffer from the same diseases as in addition to some disorders in your scalp such as dandruff. If your cat has dandruff do not hesitate to read the following article. Here we will talk about the causes how to combat it and especially the way to avoid it.

Dandruff or seborrhea is a common problem in humans and in most cases poses no major health risks. But what about cats that have dandruff? Have you seen tiny dots or white flakes scattered across your pussy’s fur? Yeah it may be that your kitten is with dandruff. Check out how to identify what causes and how to avoid / care that your kitten does not have!

Cat Dandruff

Feline dander is the result of the scaling of dead skin a process that may have several influencing factors but which in general is the natural way of eliminating the body. However if the dandruff is visible it is a sign that something is not right either because the kitten is eliminating excess skin or why it is not licking itself as it should. If you notice that the dandruff is moving in fact it is Mites (Cheyletiella), one should seek veterinary care since in this case it is contagious.

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Causes of Dandruff in Cats

If you notice that your cat scratches more than the bill it would be convenient to observe if it has white spots on its skin. Although it is easier to distinguish it in cats with black hair you should pay special attention to cats with lighter hair.

Before eliminating dandruff in cats it is very important to what causes cat dandruff:

Dry skin

If your cat does not drink enough liquid or through water or food it is very likely that the skin will dry out and later to peeling will occur.

This dryness can also be produced by a diet low in fat in this case we refer to good fats such as those that provide omega 3 fatty acids. So it would be advisable to give a supplement to our cat so that this lack does not occur.


Although it seems strange one of the causes of our cat having dandruff is because of overweight. If your pet is obese you should look at the area at the base of the tail and the lower part of the spine. Surely you will wonder why you should observe these parts. It is very simple since being chubby can not clean those areas well.

how to treat cat dandruff

If this is the case it would be advisable to put your cat on a diet but the fastest way to deal with the problem is to help him clean the areas where he does not arrive. You can do it with a damp cloth or with a towel.


There are some limits called cheiletiela or Cheyletiella that are commonly known as “walking dandruff”. In this case you must be careful as it is contagious. That is why we recommend that you take your cat to the vet to provide some shampoo spray or lotion to eliminate these limits. You can use a best cat dandruff shampoo and eliminate the dandruff quickly.

If the motive of the dandruff of your cat is limited it is recommended to clean all your things like your bed, combs or toys to avoid getting infected. You can even get more information by seeing the best flea treatment for cats and how to avoid them.

Excess Bath

Owners who bathe on kittens very often or use moisturizers and shampoos whether for veterinary use or not. These practices also cause dryness of the skin and consequently the appearance of dandruff.

excess bath cat

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How to Remove Cat Dandruff with Home Remedies

Cat with dandruff can be removed very easily. But the main thing is that you should know how to treat cat dandruff and how to avoid it soon. Here we are going to provide some of the cat dandruff home remedies that can be applied on your cat.

How to Treat Your Cat's Dandruff

  • First of all you should avoid bathing your cat let alone use anti-dandruff shampoo for people. It is better to brush it to remove dead skin.
  • Your cat should always be well hydrated so you have to ensure that you never miss fresh and clean water every day. In this way you will prevent the skin of your little cat from getting dehydrated and annoying dandruff appears.
  • Include tuna in your cat’s diet you can put a spoonful of it in your feed every day this way you will provide more fat to your pet’s skin.
  • If the cause of dandruff in your cat is obesity do not hesitate to take it to the veterinarian and put a specific diet for him changing his diet. In addition to removing dandruff from your hair you will enjoy better health.

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Better to Prevent cat Dandruff

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. That is why we are going to give you some advice so that dreaded dandruff does not appear in your pet’s hair here are some of the cat dandruff treatment. Remember that your pet’s health is in your hands so you should dedicate to daily time to your cat’s attention.

  • Brush your pet every day. This way you will eliminate the loose hair of your cat and the dead skin cells, since with the passage of time they could be the cause of the appearance of dandruff in your hair.
  • Make sure your cat has a healthy life with an adequate diet in omega 3. Try to exercise daily. We recommend that you play with your cat. In this way in addition to exercising your bond will be strengthened and you will be a happy cat.
  • You can also help in feeding your cat with essential fatty acid supplements which help normalize cell function.

These are the simple cat dandruff remedies by which you can cure your cat very easily.


Hope you have got the best remedies to cure your cat that is having dandruff. If you need more information on cats then simply visit our website catsfud. And the more important thing is encourage your kitten to move, play, jump, run, etc. This is the best way to avoid being obese and unable to sanitize properly.

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