Cat Delivery: How to Help in a Cat Birth

Cat delivery or pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages that exists, simply for the fact of creating life within a life, only that is why it is wonderful. However it is something that requires care and a lot of responsibility and in the case of animals, it is not different, so if you have a kitten and it is not sterilized and left pregnant, then you should know how to help in a cat birth if necessary.

It often happens that some owners of pets especially cats, do not keep their animals sterilized either because they are dedicated to the sale of animals of race or simply because they have not had the precaution to sterilize them. So it is possible that it ends for a belly, which is why it is important to know how to collaborate with your pet in this delicate moment.

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How to help in a cat birth

If you are of the people who are dedicated to breeding cats of race to make a living or simply your cat came pregnant, it is very important that you know what to do at the time of delivery and how you can help your cat, you should know that in cats the gestation period is on average 65 to 67 days, that is a little more than two months, this article will help you to know how long are cats pregnant you can simply have a look at it.

One of the things that you should do when your cat is pregnant is to take it immediately to the veterinarian, he will be in charge of verifying the pregnancy and its progress and advising you about its feeding and its preparation for the birth, without forgetting to tell you the amount of kittens you will have.

10 Practical Tips to know how to help in a Cat Birth

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Commonly the cats require a warm and safe place to give birth, prepare places like the laundry or a bathroom that is not very popular, since the mother must feel safe and protected. You should have easy access to fresh water and a little food [ try to give you cat a homemade cat food] without forgetting your litter box at a safe distance.

Make yourself a large cardboard box with high sides and fill it with some old things like blankets, towels and newspapers. It is important that whatever material you choose, it should not have a strong aroma, as this does not like cat-mothers and this can make it difficult for kittens to recognize themselves, remember that they are born blind and are only guided by their scent.

Prepare the cat

Keep a quality diet and you must be very attentive to the reduction in terms of appetite, it is a clear sign that this is imminent labor in cases of cats with long hair like a blue russian cat, it is advisable to cut the hair around of her intimate area, in the same way as her nipples.

Prepare yourself for the delivery

It is important that you have some useful materials on hand in case of emergency, one of them is a cat carrier, this in case it is necessary to take it to the veterinarian in a clinical emergency.

The dry and clean towels are of the utmost importance to have them at hand, that way you can clean the kittens if necessary, another important point is to have special milk for newborn cats, this in case you should feed the puppies, you can know more from how much should i feed my cat.

Keep distance

Cats are territorial animals, you can imagine the more the cats that are giving birth, so it is very important to keep a prudential distance in this type of situations, it is possible that your presence reassures you but that if at a safe distance you do not feel invaded by you.

Recognize the Signals

You must know what are the signs that tell you that your cat is in labor, its signs are the following:

Apathy or agitation, this is where the cat begins to look for a place to shelter to give birth.

  • Excessive grooming.
  • Pants and walks quickly.
  • Purr and strong cry.
  • Low temperature.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting

If you notice that your cat has a blood loss, you should seek veterinary help immediately as this may be a warning signal.

Watch the births

When the labor begins, it is advisable to keep calm and watch the births, if there is a sign of some disturbance it is possible that labor will be delayed which can complicate the situation of the mother and the puppies.

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The Exit of the Puppies

The labor of childbirth can last up to two hours until the birth of the first kitten. If you notice that your cat has settled and is pushing hard without the presence of any puppy in your vagina, it is possible that there is a complication, review it if you do not notice anything you should call the doctor immediately.

If the cat is partially outside and although the puja does not come out, it is best to help holding the puppy gently, it is preferable that you do in each contraction, if the cat does not come out easily contact the veterinarian.

You must make sure that the mother removes the amniotic sac and clean each kitten, if you do not immediately you must help her by breaking the membrane covering her face, do this by wearing sterile gloves, clean her face with a clean, dry towel.

Return the kitten immediately to your mother, this will usually begin to lick it, if this does not happen you will rub it vigorously with the towel dry and clean, this will help the kitten cry and in turn draw the attention of the mother.

Check the Placenta

Each kitten has a placenta, it is important to check that this is so, because if any remains inside the body of the mother it is infected and may die. It is very important that you do not begin to remove the placenta yourself as this can create an internal tear and make the cat deadly sick, in both cases the ideal is to take it immediately to the vet.

You should know that the cats eat the placenta as a process to compensate for the nutrients they have lost, so you should not interfere with this natural process, which should ensure that you do not eat a kitten during the process, due to lack of experience.

Do not cut the Umbilical Cord

Most feline mothers cut the umbilical cord, if yours does not or the cord is trapped inside it is possible to cause an infection, and in this case it is best to consult with the veterinarian.

Let the kittens lacten

You must make sure that all the kittens are lactating as soon as possible, the first milk contains colostrum which is valuable and gives antibodies to the puppies. Kittens are born blind and deaf, so they only have the sense of smell as a guide to find their mother.

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The mother cats could wait until all the kittens are born to nurse them, however if you notice that the cat rejects them, it is important that you prepare the special milk for newborn cats, that way you can help feed them.

In the event that the mother suckles them and the milk does not come out, it is best to call the veterinarian, who will look for ways to stimulate it, while this happens feed them with the special milk.

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It is important that you record every birth, sex, time and weight, in addition to the time in which the placenta is expelled, this type of information may be useful later in medical records or as documentation in case you are a cat breeder.

It is possible that your cat decides to give birth in your bed since it considers it a safe place, so look for sheets or dark cloths to avoid losing the ones you have.

Do not approach the cat during birth, unless necessary. Something important that you should consider if you do not dedicate yourself to the breeding of cats, this is to sterilize your feline, in this way you collaborate to avoid the proliferation of cats in street condition.

Remember that pets are part of our family and we must take care of them and love them, respect them and above all have them under a lot of responsibility, since they depend on us for many things, responsible ownership is extremely important. Adopt not buy! If you want to know more information about cats then simply visit our Catsfud website.

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