Cat Eye Infection Symptoms and Treatment

Various diseases can affect the eyes of cats and cause cat eye infection. Whether they are more or less serious they always require appropriate care. We discuss in detail about the different infections of the eye in the cat in this article. Your cat has an incredible view. However your cat’s eyes can sometimes be sick. They can be as serious. Some may make it blind if they are not taken in time. We look at potential eye pathologies to better prevent and treat them.

The sight is a very important sense for your cat, the cat eye discharge may occur because of some reasons. The latter is we remind you a nyctalope. That is to say a cat can see the night through sticks that humans do not have. Its pupil adapts according to the brightness. In addition, his field of vision is greater than that of a human: 260 ° against 230 °. Still your cat is short sighted since he only sees objects close to him. For this purpose his whiskers serve him continuously and come in addition to his sight.

cat eye infection

Some diseases can affect the kitten vision or even make it completely blind. So during this state your pet needs cat antibiotics and cure such diseases immediately. The kitten eye infection may occur because of some problems in their health which can be cured by using the eye drops for cats mean while have a look on why do cats cry during the night.


Cat Eye Infection: Symptoms

Normally the eyes of the cat are clear and have no flow, the edges of the eyelids are smooth without crusts or redness and the third eyelid (called nictitating membrane ) should not be apparent.

eye infection symptoms

Definition of Infection

An infection is an attack of the body or a part of the body by a virus, a bacterium, a fungus or even a parasite.

These “intruders” multiply and provoke a defense reaction on the part of the body usually leading to fatigue and fever. These infections can be cured by giving prozac for cats or cat probiotics.

Eye Infection Symptoms 

Below are the signs of an eye infection in cats. It is quite easy to spot an anomaly in the eyes of his cat. In case of infection you will observe (on one eye or both):

  • A thick and sticky discharge, yellow, greenish or sometimes even red-brown.
  • Their eyelids may be stuck because of pus.
  • Cat’s eyes scratch, he rubs with his paws, often blinks.
  • Eyelids may also be a little swollen, red, irritated.
  • The nictitating membrane may be partially or totally visible.

Possible Causes of Eye Infection in Cats

As we have seen an infection can have several causes (viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic) but which are in the cat those are most often met. You can see the cat eye problems that mainly causes the cat eye infection.

kitten eye infection

Herpes of the cat

The herpes virus one of three viruses responsible for common cold cat is an aggressive virus that particularly affects:

  • Kittens at a young age.
  • Those who have a defect of immunity.
  • Cats living in a group.
  • Those who are under heavy stress.

Its most characteristic symptom is an eye infection with thick red-brown discharge (as well as purulent nasal discharge, cough, general exhaustion).

It can be fatal it is very contagious and the affected cat can remain carrier for life. The virus will thus be reactivated in a cyclic way “taking advantage” of a big stress or a decrease of immunity of the organism that he has infected to resurface.

Feline chlamydia

It is an infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydophila felis. Easily contagious between cats, it has the particularity of causing conjunctivitis first on one eye before going to infect the second.

The eyes are flowing, the eyelids are swollen, the cat is struggling to keep his eyes wide open, the nictitating membrane is visible and red.

Chlamydophila felis is also part of the bacteria that make up the cat’s coryza’s formidable recipe (in addition to viruses).

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP)

This pathology can also trigger an cat eye infection. Finally we can find uveitis (which is infection of the iris of the eye and its vascularized layers) and keratitis (which is an infection of the cornea). An eye infection can also cause an ulcer, that is a loss of material at the surface of the eye.

Recommendations for Infection of the Cat’s Eye

As usual it is advisable never to let a health problem occur. Since the eyes are fragile organs they must be carefully watched. So in case of doubt or conjunctivitis make an appointment without waiting.

eye infection treatment

  • The veterinarian will make a general examination to establish his diagnosis.
  • He will carry out a sampling of the flows to determine if the infection is due to a bacterium or a virus, following which he will be able to adapt the treatment.
  • In general the veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics.

Medications can be given in the form of tablets to be swallowed by the cat or by injection made by the veterinarian. We will also have eye infection treatment that can be done by following steps:

  • clean the affected eyes
  • Give cat eye drops in its eyes
  • Apply an ophthalmic ointment

In prevention of cat eye infection, there are vaccines that protect your cat to do when he is a kitten.

To clean the eyes of your little cat, use a compress soaked in saline, going from the inside to the outside. Never use cotton, the fibers of which could damage the already irritated eye.

Finally remember to never use products from your pharmacy to treat your cat’s eyes, the different molecules and dosages could have serious consequences on his health.

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With this you will get an idea of the cat eye infection its symptoms and signs that causes the cat eyes to be infected. If your cat is effected by some eye diseases, it is mandatory to take your cat to a veterinarian and cure it as soon as possible. Visit our catsfud for more information on cats.

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