Cat Games For Cat That Will Go Crazy

There is nothing more satisfying for those of us who have pets than playing with them. Cats like dogs need to play since in this way they reduce health problems like overweight and also avoid behavior problems such as anxiety, depression and even aggressiveness.

Those felines that live in houses or apartments need at least 30 minutes of daily play.  In this way, you will encourage physical exercise and prevent your cat from becoming a sedentary and boring animal.

Cat Games

But that’s not all when the owners play with their pets, a bond is created that nothing and nobody can break. That’s why in this article we want to show you 7 games for your cat.


Cat Games For Cat

Playing with your cat is just as important as keeping it well fed and offering a comfortable bed to sleep, since without fun the animal will end up suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. For this it is advisable to set a schedule of games per day and always follow the same routine to establish a pattern.

If you do not know how to play with your furry companion or what games you can practice with him in this article from here we show you 7 games to entertain your cat at home in a easy and very funny.

Games of Intelligence

These types of games do not have to be exclusive to dogs. Our friends also love cats. In the market there are different types, such as puzzles or constructions with holes. They consist of hiding objects so that our little friends can find them.

It will be a very fun game for him but you will not stop laughing seeing your cat manages to find his lost toy.

Game of the ball

This game is perhaps the one that our little friend likes best. We all have at home a ball or some other object that rolls. Throw it so that your cat catches it, and you will see how it manages to throw it through the air and spend a lot of time entertaining with its toy.

cat ball game

There are many types of balls: with noise, with feathers or you can simply make an exclusive for him.

Pursue the Light

For this game you will only need a flashlight. It projects the light on some surface such as the wall or the floor. You will see how he pursues and turns to try to reach it. This game can be very fun not only for him but for you too.

Pursue the Mouse

In this case you need a cloth mouse tied to a string. Just put the toy somewhere in the house and pull the rope to move the mouse. In this way it will awaken the interest of your cat, who will chase it throughout the house.

You can also hide the toy in a cardboard tube and make him take it out.

The game of the pen

The pen game is perhaps the most used by cats. To do this you need an elongated stick to which you attach a piece of string and at the end a pen, although it may be another object such as a cork.

Shake the stick so that the pen moves in front of his eyes he will try to catch it. But remember that at the end of the game you must let him catch his prey, in this way he will feel happy.

Box with holes

In this case you will need a cardboard box to which you will make different holes, large enough so that you can put your legs. Then place the different toys of your cat, such as a ball, mouse etc. Your little feline will have a fun time trying to catch his reward. This game is very attractive to them.

The Bag of Surprises

It consists of placing some of the goodies favorite of your pet inside a paper bag. Your cat will immediately throw away its treasure.

Some Tips when Playing with your Cat

First of all you should bear in mind that games of cats and pets in general, should not encourage aggression or competition.

Cats are hunters by nature so it is interesting to take advantage of this behavior so that the domesticated cat runs and pursues its toys. Remember that for this reason they like more those that are smaller, because it reminds them of their prey.

Cats usually play alone but it would be great if their owners spend at least 30 minutes a day playing with their pets. Remember that once the game is over, you must remove all toys from sight. In this way interest in them will increase in their next session.

Each cat will have its favorite toy or game. That’s why it’s the owner’s job to find out which one arouses more interest in his little friend.

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