Cat Growth Chart and The Growth of Cats

Cat Growth Chart: Cats are small cats that grow incredibly fast. In just one year they go from weighing around 100 grams when they are born to 2 or 3kg ten months later. But in addition, they are considered adults from 6 or 7 months, because at that age they begin to have heat and therefore if the mating occurs the cat will give birth to their own offspring. With only six months yes.

A grows very faster and if you are cat lover and do your have a cat then you must know about the kitten growth chart because it is necessary to have a look at your pet. Here in our article we are going to share the kitten growth chart weight as per their stages. So check our article and know more about it.

Cat Growth Chart

But the growth of the cats does not end during the first year, but in the second and third years their body will expand a little and they will also increase in weight as their development nears its end. Know each stage that your friend is going to spend and enjoy each of them with the camera in hand because time goes by very quickly and you will soon see that your little ball of hair has become a Mr. Cat.

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Stages of the Cat Growth Chart

Here we detail the different stages of growth that your cat will experience throughout his life. In each one we will explain the changes that occur in your body and behavior so you know at all times how your cat is growing. Here will be the cat age chart simply have a look at it.

The Growth of Cats

First Month

The kittens are born blind and deaf. They depend on the mother to maintain their body temperature, eat, and stay clean as she helps them to relieve themselves. At this early age, they already recognize the odor of their mother’s saliva and are guided by smell to follow it, although it will not be until the third week of age that this sense will have fully developed. This will be the kitten size chart for the newbies.

  • More or less after two weeks they will open their eyes and begin to explore their surroundings but staggering is that until 17 days will not be able to walk well. For now, they stay close to the mother who will not hesitate to defend them against whoever is needed. That is why at this stage it is better than if we live with dogs we never leave them alone with cats.
  • At three weeks we can start weaning giving them canned food (better if it is natural). It is also a good age for them to learn to do their necessities on a tray since they can do their own necessities. You can teach them by putting them gently in the hygienic sand after each meal, this way you will see how very soon you will understand that this is where you have to go whenever you need it.
  • With four weeks they start playing with each other jumping over the mother and biting each other. At this stage, they learn that they must control the strength of their teeth as they can sometimes hurt. You can see more information on cat teeth from us.

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Second Month

With functional eyes and ears, cats will be able to maintain body temperature and with a huge desire to explore everything they begin a very important stage: Socialization. Little by little your mom will stop breastfeeding them so the kittens will have to learn to be a little independent. So at this age, it will be time for the animal to have contact with humans. We will have to take them gently and give them caresses and pampering so that they can associate us with something positive (love) since it is expected that these cats will not be frightened by people but quite the opposite.

With eight weeks they can be adopted. But you should know that they are very active and very playful something that perhaps your furniture does not like too much. Although if you have a scraper at your fingertips there should be no problems.

Between the Third and the Sixth Month

At this age, the cat “is already” a cat. He already has everything he has to prepare for adulthood. He does not need the mother to survive and it is very likely that he will start wanting to go abroad something that we will only allow him if we are completely sure that he will not be in danger.

cat weight chart

The females will go into heat for around 6 months. If you only want a friend a pet, it will be more than advisable to sterilize or castrate them (both male and female) around this age. Although it can be done between 4 and 6 months it is best to wait until 6 months, to avoid development problems (especially in the case of males). Also if you give her permission to go for a ride, this will prevent your cat from coming home with a wound or if it is a female with some surprise (pregnancy).

From the Sixth Month of the Year

cat weight chart by age

Now yes, you already have an adult cat. You may think that you sleep too much but you should know that they love to play especially at night. Yes, they are nocturnal animals so if you want your sleep at night you will have to take advantage of the times when you are awake during the day to play with him and “tire him out”. In the market, you will find many types of toys such as strings, laser pointers, plush toys… Choose those that you think you will like the most and have fun with your best hairy friend.

From the First Year to Three

During this stage, the cat will finish developing and begin to show adolescent behaviors. It is usual that during these years he does what he wants disobeying even the orders that we give him. Despite their size, they are still puppies that love to play and get attention to something they always achieve, right?

From Three to Seven Years

Little by little, we will notice that our cat is not as eager to play as before. Spend a lot of time sleeping (around 14h per day) and their behavior becomes more territorial if possible. In fact from these ages, it is complicated (but not impossible) to accept a new cat in its territory that by the way it is your home. You need to see the cat weight chart and then analyze your cat growth. At this time even your cat licks you and you can see this article why does my cat lick me and know about the pet cats.

From Seven to Twelve Years

From the age of seven, a cat begins to age. They become even more sedentary and calmer. Your friend will spend a lot of time resting and not so much playing. Of course, it will continue to do so at times. But as you get closer to old age you will not have as much desire to pursue toys.

After Twelve Years

Your cat is older You will notice how your appetite decreases and that your senses deteriorate. It can produce dermatological changes to develop hyperthyroidism and its claws can grow too much due to little use. They spend less time cleaning themselves, something that will soon be seen on their fur, which will lose its shine.

The life expectancy of a cat is about 25 years. But regardless of how far you get if you give him care, attention and above all a lot of love he will become your best friend

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How Old Are Cats?

How long do cats grow? As we have seen, the cat is a feline that has a very fast growth. In just one year your bones and muscles will reach adulthood. This means that certainly, he will be ready to ‘see the world’ or in the event that he can not leave to be a Lord Cat.

kitten growth chart weight

His behavior will notice that it will change little by little. The desire to play will remain high. But as time goes by you will prefer a session of caresses and not so much fun. This does not mean that we do not have to play with him. But we simply will not see him running around with as much energy as when he was a puppy.

But, despite the fact that it is recommended to feed them (croquettes) for adult cats after one year of age. Their development will not be over yet. If during the first months your skeleton develops from the second year we will see that it ‘takes body’ that it widens. It’s when the muscle mass ends up developing. This development can last more or less, depending on the final size of the animal and the breed. But it will usually end at 3 years.

From then on, and from my point of view we will have a truly adult cat, in every way. I hope you have simply got an idea of cat weight chart by age.

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