Cat Losing Weight: Why does my Cat Lose Weight

Is you cat losing weight do you have a problem of your cat sudden weight loss then you must know the reasons about it, sometimes the unexpected weight loss may damage your cats health. So if you have a pet then you must be aware of all the cat health conditions. Here we are going to share the causes of weight loss in cats which you can see below.

To all of us who live with a cat that we love very much we would like it to be always in good health. Unfortunately although we can do some things to strengthen your immune system, we can never protect you from absolutely everything. For this reason when you lose weight we have to worry and find out why this happens.

cat losing weight

If your poor kitten is losing weight at a rapid pace or if you’ve found a kitten too skinny, it’s time to take out the pet to the vet. Although some cats are naturally thin and there is no cause for alarm, a loss of weight means that it is brewing health problems like cat breathing fast. As there are several causes I will explain why my cat loses weight and in addition. I will tell you everything what you must do to recover as soon as possible.


Weight Loss in Cats

Weight loss in cats can be for various reasons the most common are provided below. Have a look at them.

sudden weight loss

Emotional Causes

If you want to know why is my cat losing weight then you can expect that it may be due to the emotional causes in cats. These may result in the rapid cat weight loss, so check below.


The cat is very sensitive they do not like changes at all. The movement of the cat depends on the arrival of a new member to the home, re-distribution of furniture and anything that can make you feel so bad that you could even stop eating with the consequent loss of weight.

For this little hair what you can do is use Feliway in diffuser, which is a product made with the synthetic pheromones of the cat in charge of relaxing it and removes cat with dandruff too. But it will not be the only thing you can do but you must also continue with your daily life as if nothing happened. Pay him a lot of attention and give him a lot of love. You can stimulate your appetite with wet food cans for cats which are much tastier and more fragrant than dry feed.

cat weight loss

New home

If you just adopted it and do not eat during the first day it is normal. Everything is so new to him that he needs time to get used to it. To help you it is convenient not to overwhelm or force anything. You just have to leave your feeder and drinker full and invite him to play several times throughout the day.

Of course if you spend two days or more and do not eat anything, take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Physical Causes of Cat Losing Weight

The rapid weight loss causes different abnormalities in cats. Some of them may also include different diseases in cats.


The cat is an animal that can be affected by different types of cancer, like humans: skin, bone, lung, heart etc. Weight loss is the symptom that is common in all of them but not it is the only one: vomiting, lack of appetite or diarrhea and felv in cats are just some others you may have.

This disease is more frequent in older hairy ones of eight years or more, but it is not necessary to lower the guard. If you suspect that your friend has it then do not hesitate: take it to the specialist to treat it with chemo or radiotherapy or surgery as the case may be.


Diabetes is a disease that appears when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, which is responsible for metabolizing glucose that is then transformed into energy. Thus the level of sugar in the blood rises, which can increase the appetite of the cat. However since you will not be able to metabolize it, you will lose weight and you will probably see it drink a lot more water than usual.

The treatment may consist of giving specific medication like insulin injections or changes in diet.

causes of weight loss

Kidney Diseases

The kidneys are the purifiers of the organism. They are the ones that filter the toxins, thus preventing them from ‘contaminating’ the blood. But when they begin to fail these toxins accumulate which causes the cat to lose weight and appetite, difficulty urinating and lethargy.

To help you get back to your normal life it is important to take it to the veterinarian to prescribe medication. It is also likely that you have to change your diet and give foods low in protein, phosphorus and sodium.


It is a disease caused by an overproduction of the hormone thyroxine which is produced by the thyroid gland. The excessive amount of this hormone increases the cat’s metabolism which makes it necessary to stay much more active. In addition the foods your body ingests process them faster, so you barely have time to absorb the nutrients you need.

Other symptoms that may occur are high blood pressure and kidney problems, so it is very important to consult a veterinarian for treatment which can be with medication, radioactive iodine therapy or surgery.

Internal parasites

Cats can have many serious problems with internal parasites. If your friend has you will see that he eats a lot eagerly but hardly fat. When the infestation is severe you will notice the swollen, soft abdomen.

The best thing to do is put him on anti parasitic treatment. The professional will give you syrup, pills or anti parasitic pipettes (depending on what you consider appropriate) that you will have to give to your cat.

weight loss in cats

Bucco Dental Problems

The mouth is the entrance door of food. When the cat feels pain or discomfort it may not want to eat and therefore lose weight. This becomes more evident as it gets older, the accumulation of tartar causes infections in the cat teeth, which dissuade the feline from tasting any bite.

If you see that you do not feel like eating if you chew with difficulty and if you smell your breath badly take it to the veterinarian to have it examined and treated with medication. In very serious cases you might have to remove a tooth.

Old Age

With the passage of the years, the body is worn away little by little you can see how old is my cat now. When it reaches 10 years (more or less) the muscle mass is lost. So that the weight of the animal is reduced. You do not have to worry more. You just have to take care of him giving him a lot more pampering and love so he knows how much you love him, which will give him the strength to keep going.

How to Prevent My Cat from Losing Weight

There are several things you can do to keep your cat from losing weight early:

  • Give it a quality feed, without cereals and very rich in animal protein. This is how the immunological system is strengthened.
  • Take care of it as it deserves. And I do not mean just giving you water and food, but also that you care about him. Play with him every day pick him up and give him a few kisses (without overwhelming him). Show him how much you care about him everyday. Until the end.
  • Take it to the veterinarian whenever necessary. You must receive all your vaccinations and special attention if you suffer an accident or fall ill.
  • At home avoid noise, tension and loud music. It is a very sensitive animal that stresses very fast.
  • Make the presentations little by little. If you intend to give him a cat companion, introduce them little by little and gradually exchanging their beds and having a lot of patience.

As we have seen there are several reasons why a cat can lose weight. I hope you could find the cause of your friend.

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If your cat losing weight then you can take some precautions for it to avoid the weight loss in cats. Some time even you can make your cat in a such a way that it feels happy and takes the rest. Not in all cases we say these are problems, but beyond our limit also there will be some causes for that you must and should visit the veterinarian. For more information on cats simply see catsfud and know more about the pets.

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