Cat Mating Season: What is the Time of Cat Mating?

v: Cats go into heat around eight months of age and cats can have their first heat at six months. Generally, all cats have their first sexual behavior before finishing their growth and reach adulthood. During the heat, the male cats meow very loudly and urinate to mark their territory. Not when they were in the water tray, but in a characteristic way as if they were throwing urine under pressure or as if it were a strong spray, with a difficult odor of hardened for humans.

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Cats Mating season


Cat Mating Season:

The Cats in heat become more restless and aggressive. They try to escape outside the house and can disappear for a few days. The Cats how to a lot and rub on the ground raising the part of the tail very high and moving it, it is a characteristic behavior besides hormonal and olfactory factors that we find hard to perceive, but which are unequivocal signs of malfunctions that they can mate with the female.

The sexuality of the cat is characterized by being very strong and accentuated by the frequency of periods of heat in females. From six months of age to nine or ten, the sexual maturity of the cats begins. Males, less precocious, are suitable for procreation from nine or eleven months. However, it is not convenient to use as a stallion to a cat that has not fulfilled the year of age too much nor allow a female to be covered before nine or ten months of life.

Do Cats Mate:

The evils, from the full sexual maturity, are able to mate whenever the cats allow it. These have periods of estrus that happen for months of frequent and almost uninterrupted form throughout the year. It is depending on their age, health status, weight and season of the year.

Do cats Mate

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The most favorable period of the year for the departures of the cats during the heat. When they escape from the houses and go through the streets and roofs looking to mate. It usually coincides with the beginning of spring and during the summer, although there are matings in other periods of the year. Especially if the weather is favorable in the area and there are good temperatures.

It can happen immediately after leaving the winter season. If there are favorable environmental conditions. Just as in cats that did not have the zeal for malnutrition or poor health and after recovering they go into heat.

The cats, after six months, show their receptivity showing more than usual. Rubbing against people and objects, wallowing. Making capers and pirouettes very characteristic and meowing intensely. As if singing opera with a heartrending moan or if they suddenly became more talkative or demanded more attention. While the behavioral patterns of courtship and heat in cats are manifest at the level of changes in behavior and urine labeling, for humans it is difficult to perceive at the hormonal level, but females also attractive in a way Olfactory and have higher hormonal levels when They are in heat and are willing to mate.

Time of Cat Mating:

The first-time cats are very elusive and can injure an inexperienced. A cat that tries the coup without being invited to it. To let a male know that they want to mate, the females tend to be receptive. They are down and position the tail upwards in a movement that they only do when they are in heat, instinctively displacing the tail showing the genital area for mating.

Time of Cat Mating

When the female gives in, the male quickly mounts her and immobilizes her by biting with the teeth. In the neck area where the cats can be grabbed to transport them and as they were when they were young. The male cat also tries this gesture of biting to try to perform the mount by immobilizing the cat as a sexual behavior if it is always at home. the real mating lasts a short time and the cat is not long on the female, retiring with brusqueness and irritating the genital organs of the cat.

The female will meow and feel pain due to the horny scales or small spines. That cover the reproductive organ of the male. The cat’s penis is usually conical and with white spots, where you can perceive those small spines. The duration of the receptive period in the females from three to nine days ending after the matings. After separating, the cat could emit very loud meows and chase the male, who could be hurt.

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