Cat Names: Choose a Best Name For Your Cat

If you are thinking of adopting a kitten and thus increase the family, in this article we will bring you some ideas of cat names for both the male and female cats. If you are going to adopt the female then you can see the Names for female cats which you can find the ideal name for your new companion of mischief. In case if going to get a male cat then see the cat names male that are available below.

Although many think in reality that the cats end up being calmer than the males, the truth is that each cat, regardless of its gender, has a unique personality.  Something that can be affirmed is that the cats usually behave with a little more elegance and have slightly finer features than the males. So we provide the unisex cat names for our users and based on your interest you can choose the cat names.

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When you keep a name for your cat then that is the most biggest thing that happens because with that name you will be calling your pet daily. So before choosing the cat names you must think twice and know their meanings too. You can even choose a cat names from movies as they are popular too like calico kitten names. If you keep the funniest cat names then obviously you will be laughing all the time when you call your cat. Below we are providing the cat names list that you can check.

Names for Original Female cats

It is good to remember that cats, in general recognize better short names, so it is good to opt for those cat names that are few syllables. Although if you are already living with her you can choose the cat names female and try to find some trait or behavior that characterizes your little one well. In this way, it will be much easier to find the perfect name. Here we present a list of ideas for female cat names that could help you:

cat names female

  • Amaya
  • Aila
  • Bafy
  • Baguira
  • Bety
  • Bianca
  • Katherine
  • Tasting
  • Light blue
  • Dana
  • Lady
  • Ena
  • Grace
  • Kily
  • Karime
  • Maggie
  • Not
  • Tana
  • Zoe
  • Delilah
  • Tub
  • Hansel
  • Gretel
  • Elsa
  • Aria
  • Lulu
  • Nala
  • Frida
  • Ethnicity
  • Hannie
  • Nanni
  • Hermion
  • Betty
  • Wendy
  • Girl

Names for Female Cats and their Meaning

Although there is an infinity of naming options for female cats, it is also a very good option to choose one that has a special meaning like disney cat names. In this way our cat may have a touch of personality that plays perfectly with their attitude and way of being at home.

good cat names girl

Next we will leave you some ideas of names of female cats and their meaning so that you get a good idea and inspiration when naming your kitten these are for the good cat names girl:

  • Hannah: This name comes from the Hebrew and it is translated as “full of grace”. It can be interpreted in the religious sense or simply as a personality trait that the cat possesses in its way of behaving that is graceful.
  • Baby: Translates as “baby” or “baby” in English, but also inspires that it is an innocent and sweet, so it is a perfect name for playful cats.
  • Preciosa: this is very common among the names for girl cats and the most curious thing is that the cats that carry the name are usually plump and somewhat loose. They are wastes that usually sleep all day but do not lose their beauty.
  • Fiama: Is an ideal name for cats that are orange or reddish, since that name is translated from Latin as “shines like a flame”. It is also perfect if we see that our cat has a serious personality and very sure of itself, feeling power in itself.
  • Disha: Among the names of female cats, this is very characteristic of cats that are playful but have an elegant demeanor. It is translated from Greek as “gift” so if your cat came to you by means of a gift or you adopted her it is a very good option.
  • IO: It is not a very common name but it represents the moon of the planet Jupiter, which can come perfect if the cat’s master is an astrology lover.
  • Karma: Surely many know the meaning of this word, which is being “destiny”, although normally it is associated with receiving what you give, be it good or bad. It’s perfect for a playful and naughty cat.
  • Padme: It is a name of Hindu origin and represents the lotus flower, which is perfect if it is a kitten with delicate and fine features.
  • Velvet: Has to mean “velvet”, so if we have a cat with a very abundant coat this name will surely go great.
  • Yui: If our cat is very nice with strangers, this name can represent that trait very well, since its translation has been “kind”.
  • Tabby: It is a name that sounds tender, but that in turn translates as “tabby”, so if our cat has a striped coat it will be perfect.

Names for Male Cats with Meanings

It is more than clear that we want our pet to be full of personality, so it is always better option to choose a name that has a background that is a famous cat names, something that truly represents our pet or the story behind how he became our friend furry. See the good cat names male.

cat names male

Below we will offer you a small list of names for male cats with meanings so you can have an idea:

  • Athena: Cats are considered very intelligent and elegant animals, so if we have a cat that will be part of the family this name can go very well since it is the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom, which besides characterized in history by his great intelligence and cunning. It was considered one of the most beautiful and elegant.
  • Lucifer: this name is associated mainly with the evil angel “Lucifer”, however began to take popularity in the world of felines when in the Disney movie, “Cinderella”, a black cat was observed wearing the same first name. This cat represented a personality of high society in addition to being elegant and well behaved.
  • Tiger: It is a name that is perfect for cats with striped fur, since the name translated into Spanish literally means “tiger”. On the other hand he is also associated with the Disney character “Tiger”, who was a faithful friend of the Winnie the Pooh bear.
  • Dali: Among the names for cats we also have the name “Dalí”, which in addition to representing the famous painter also means that it is someone with a big heart, which would be perfect for our new feline companion. Ideal for playful and affectionate cats.
  • Duchess: This is a name that since you mention it makes you think of elegance and good manners, so it is perfect if our cat has a very delicate personality and a style of its own. Similarly it represents the character of the famous animated Disney movie “The Aristocats”, where the white cat is called “Duchess”.
  • Simba: Every lover of cats has seen the movie called “The Lion King”, where the protagonist is a lion cub named “Simba”. He is a character who lives many adventures and shows great companionship with those around him, making him a perfect name for our new hairy friend, especially if the color of his fur is golden or yellow, similar to that of the animated character.
  • Sissy: Among the most popular names for cats we can find “Sissy”, which literally means “the one who loves God”. It is perfect if we want to give our kitten a more religious name but that is not totally evident. The personality that usually characterizes this name is very demanding, responsible and seeks to overcome the challenges imposed by life.
  • Phoenix: It’s a name for a cat with a strong and serious personality. It represents the phoenix, the one that when dying begins to burn in flames and then reborn from the ashes. It is an ideal name if you are a lover of stories that are related to magic and that in turn you want your cat friend can be part of that world.
  • Tom: Surely you know the famous cartoon “Tom and Jerry”, so to put your new kitten the name of that character that gave us so many laughs during childhood is a completely fantastic option in addition, it would be completely perfect if the Kitty has a grayish coat similar to Tom’s.
  • Luna: This is among the most common names for cats because many people choose to put this cute nickname to their furry friend. This name represents the satellite of our planet and is perfect for those cats that prove to be very beautiful and elegant and that if they have a bright and clear fur, surely combined with the name.

Names for Cats

In different parts of the planet throughout history, felines have gone from being worshiped as Gods in ancient Egypt to being hated in the Middle Ages. In Egypt, the great adoration towards cats was represented by the Goddess Bastet which was shown in the shape of a domestic cat. This goddess represented the night and the day also possessed the innate personality of these animals. I went from tranquility to attack in an instant.

The cats were so precious that the Egyptians did not want to market them to Greece. So the Greeks had to steal some of these pairs and take them to their lands to help them eliminate the mice and the pests of their crops.

cat names list

In the Middle Ages the thing changed and much, since these animals were considered as demonic creatures. This is because many of the people who were burned at the stake for being witchcraft practitioners had these kittens as friends, which were incinerated along with them very much in spite of the fact that many churches and peasants had cats to hunt the rats that tried to make life in their properties. From this moment both the church and the general culture, have standardized the image of witches being accompanied by these felines.

For those who see cats as great hunters and have them as their faithful friends, we bring a variety of names for the new cat in the house which range from the most tender to the most serious and impressive.

If you have a new kitten and you are looking for funny cat names, I recommend that you enter the cat names page and find the one you are looking for.

Names for Cats by the A

  • April

It comes from the Latin aprire or aprilis which means opening. It is because in some parts of the world the month of April is the beginning of spring, which also denotes vitality and youth.

  • Agatha

This name comes from the Greek and refers to kindness, one of important characters with this name was: Agatha Christie, a distinguished writer and playwright who specialized in suspense and police plots.

  • Amber

This is the name given to a semiprecious stone and in Arabic it means: “what floats in the sea”. Normally this name is given to the cats with yellowish coats or colors very similar to orange, this is due to the tonality that this stone has.

  • Athena

It is the name of a Greek Goddess of peace and wisdom, one of the highest ranking deities in the mythology of this country.

Names for Cats by the B

  • Bastet

This was an Egyptian Goddess that was represented with the figure of a cat’s head, since these animals have very changing personalities and this deity was associated with the sun and the moon, clarity and darkness, because although it is peaceful, when it is Angry becomes a very dangerous feline able to protect their own as of place.

  • Bianca

This name is derived from Blanca and also refers to brightness or whiteness. A curious and ironic fact is that this is the name of one of the most remembered animated characters. Some little mice called: “Bernardo and Bianca”.

  • Blanca

It comes from the German blank and means white, which in turn denotes purity and virginity. In the case of felines this name can be given to cats that fulfill this characteristic of having the color white in their fur.

Names for Cats by the C

  • Cinnamon

Usually this name is given to the cats with a color between brown and reddish, which is the tonality of this essence.

  • Katherine

It is a name of Greek origin and means immaculate. One of her diminutives is Cat, which in her translation of English means cat.

  • Cleo

This name comes from the Greek and is diminutive of Cleopatra, who at the time was the queen of the Nile.

  • Cloe

It comes from the Greek Chloe and means “green herbs”.

  • Coconut

This is the name of a fruit of tropical origin with a rich aroma in addition to a very sweet flavor and in general, this name is given to the brown kittens with white parts. This name can also be used on males.

good cat names male

Names for Cats by the D

  • Dyne

It comes from Hebrew and means “the innocent who is judged.”

  • Duchess

Some owners often name their pets with titles of the nobility to give them a special nickname.

Names for cats by the E

  • Elsa

It has a Hebrew origin and means: “the one helped by God”.

  • Star

Celestial body that shines. This name is very significant due to its beauty and its relationship with the stars.

  • Eve

In most religions the name of Eve is what was given to the first woman in the world, the one that emerged from the rib of Adam.

Names for cats by F

  • Fiona

Most of the pet owners who give this name to their pets are inspired by the character in the children’s movie Shrek, which is a princess who falls in love with an Ogre.

  • Flower

This is an appellative is ideal to give a meaning of beauty.

  • Flora

In ancient Rome this was the name of the Goddess Flora, protector of flowers, gardens and spring.

  • Frida

This was the name of the famous painter of Mexican origin Frida Kahlo, who with her art marked a before and after in history as well as being a significant figure in the female community.

Names for cats by G

  • Catwoman

This is a well-known fictional character thanks to his relationship with the famous “Batman” and is presented by a strong and powerful woman, with the changing personality of cats and feline characteristics.

  • Fat woman

It is a qualifying name of overweight, although it sounds derogatory is usually a name that is placed by love and are also called chubby.

  • Greta

This is diminutive of Margarita and in turn means: “the pearl”.

unisex cat names

Names for cats by the H

  • Fairy

This is a magical and fantastic being that is always represented by a woman.

  • Hanna

It comes from the Hebrew name Ana and means: “full of grace”.

  • Holly

It is born from English and means sacred or holy.

Names for cats by I

  • India

It comes from the Hindu and it is translated in “river of great flow”.

  • Iris

It comes from the Greek, in mythology it represents the Goddess of the rainbow and means beauty of many colors.

Names for cats by J

  • Jade

This is a mineral widely used in Asia, more specifically in China. Which has a beautiful green color and according to some beliefs brings strength, protection, peace and serenity.

  • Juliet

It has its origin in Latin and means: “strong from the root”, in turn is also the name of a literary character recognized worldwide as was Julieta Capulet.

Names for cats by the K

  • Katty

This is a diminutive of Katiuska or Katherine also it is an affectionate appellative in reference to Cat that means cat.

  • Kiara

It has an American origin and means clear or bright.

  • Kitty

It is a term in English and its translation would be kitty it became very famous thanks to the trademark Hello Kitty, which is represented by a feline.

  • Kyra

In Irish means black or dark this name is usually given to cats with this characteristic.

cat names from movies

Names for cats by the L

  • Lili

Diminutive Liliana or Lilian. Its meaning in Latin means, “that which is pure”.

  • Cute

It is an appellative that denotes beauty.

  • Lulu

This is the name of a character from a children’s series was very famous “the ages of Lulu.”

  • Moon

It refers to brightness and illumination.

Names for cats by the M

  • Mine

It means female with a lot of character in Hebrew it means the one chosen.

  • My girl

It is one of the names given to cats.

Names for Cats by the N

  • Nana

Of Japanese origin means dynamic.

  • Girl

It comes from Russian and means “the beneficent kindness”.

Names for Cats by the O

  • Ofelia

Name of Greek origin, means: “the one that helps others”.

  • Olivia

It comes from the Latin and means fruit of the olive tree.

  • Osiris

This is the name of the Egyptian God of the resurrection, it is a symbol of fertility.

names for cats

Names for Cats by the P

  • Pearl

Of Latin origin and means precious.

  • Princess

This is a title of the nobility, which is always given with affection to pets.

Names for cats by the Q

  • What in

Your translation of English means Reina.

Names for cats by the R

  • Queen

Its meaning comes from Latin and means “the one who commands”.

  • Ruby

This is the name of a precious gem of a beautiful reddish color, it comes from the Latin “rubin”, which means red.

Names for cats by the S

  • Sasha

Of Greek origin and means: protection.

  • Sofia

It comes from the Greek and means wisdom.

  • Sun

Of Latin origin, it means: “that which shines like the sun”.

  • Shadow

Appeal of darkness, it is usually given to black cats.

Names for cats by the T

  • Tigress

Female tiger

  • Tub

It is ideal for the owners called Valentina since this is diminutive.

Names for cats by the U

  • Ursula

It comes from Latin and means “bear and bear”.

  • Uma

It is the name of the Hindu Mother Goddess. In Hebrew it means nation.

Names for cats by the V

  • Venus

Roman goddess of love and beauty.

  • Vicky

It comes from Latin and means “conqueror”.

  • Violet

In Spanish it refers to the purple color and the flowers that bear the same name.

Names for cats by the X

  • Xena

It is a name of Greek origin and means guest or foreigner.

Names for cats by Z

  • Zara

It comes from the Arabic Zahara and means “flower blooming”. In Hebrew it means “radiant brightness”.

  • Zelda

Undoubtedly this is the idea for pets of lovers of video games: Zelda, is a princess in the classic game that bears her name. In German it means gray.

  • Zoe

The Jews translated Zoe as Eva, for being the biblical mother of all mortals. It means life.

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Nowadays, cats are highly valued domestic animals in shops and in homes where “ailurophilics” or feline lovers live, they no longer have them as much for their great ability to hunt, but as important members of their homes or premises. It could be said that the kittens at this time are part of the families and are named with names that denote affection, love, some important feature these or just decide to call them with historical names or of great importance and character. Visit Catsfud for more information on names.

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