Cat Vomiting What to do and Possible Reasons

Do you have a cat and are you searching for cat vomiting and its treatment. In some cases if we have a cat then obviously we need to know some information about them like a cat vomiting foam continuously or some times a cat throwing up brown liquid. In most of the cases we should know the reason and diagnose them for our pet safety.

Whether you have swallowed something you should not have such as a ball or improper food or because you are really sick, it is not impossible to see a cat vomiting. This is one of the signs that can represent several diseases and demonstrate some dysfunction in the digestive system of the animal. In addition, vomit may have varying tones, may be whitish, green or yellow and the cause of each type needs to be investigated.

cat vomiting

The vomiting cat may not be so disturbing, depending on what triggered that reaction. It could be for example, because of balls of fur that the animal swallowed which is a common habit among felines but not in dogs. The complaint about vomiting at veterinary clinics is common and usually scare the tutors. But calm down, the reason can be quiet to stop.


What Makes the Cat Vomit

Kidney failure is one of the most serious causes of vomiting and usually affects older cats and Persian cats. In this case cats usually exude a reddish or brownish foam, such as coffee grounds. As it is a more serious situation and indicates a complicated illness, the feline should be taken immediately to the doctor.

Complications in the gastrointestinal tract may also cause this symptom. It can range from intolerance, allergy or gastritis. Food lymphoma and parasites in the gut are still causes. Cat Diabetes, pancreatitis (inflammation in the liver) and hyperthyroidism are serious diseases and one of the clinical signs is vomiting.

Due to Ingestion Of Medicines

Ingestion of medicines not well accepted by the animal’s body usually causes reactions in the stomach, especially in the case of strong medicines. The veterinarian should be consulted to change the type of product used in the treatment.

In addition, animals are very curious and some tend to fiddle with dangerous objects and products. By ingesting some undue liquid, for example or a piece of plastic, the cat’s stomach tends to want to eliminate them.

Heavy Meals

If the cat vomited soon after the meal, it may be severe or not. If it happens frequently it may represent an allergy to the feed. There are some specific hypoallergenic foods that prevent this type of reaction. As they are usually more expensive, you can also exchange for another common meal. In most of the cases it is most suitable to provide the cat with the homemade food because the cheap cat food may effect your cats health.

cat vomiting undigested food

But when it occurs only once and was not common before, it is possible that the pussy is just regurgitating and does not exactly have any health problems. Often the food has not yet reached the stomach and it is common to return through the esophagus and then be swallowed again. In addition, regurgitation may also signal a problem called megaesophagus, a deformation in the esophagus region and this can be verified by means of an x-ray.

So before feeding your cat you must see how much dry food to feed a cat because if you feed your cat with excess food it will not digest and it starts to vomit because of its heavy stomach. A cat vomiting undigested food is the most common and normal problem. In addition to hair balls, the feline can eliminate blood, plants, undigested food, plastics, blood (red or more brownish) and foreign bodies. The cause may indicate the severity of the health problem.


Stress is also a factor that leads to vomiting. Changes to cats are problematic, especially in the environment. Switching from home requires a slow adaptation to these pets, who may even escape in the process of change. He needs to feel safe and in case another pet starts to live with him, the ideal is to accustom him to the few.


The history of the cat is important to ensure a correct diagnosis and to facilitate the work of the veterinarian. In addition a series of tests can help in this process if the doctor can not figure out what happens. Hepatic, renal failure in cats and blood flow functions should be analyzed.

What to do with the Vomiting Cat?

The first step is to identify the type of vomiting by analyzing the color and what is in it. It’s unpleasant, but very necessary when it comes to explaining to the veterinarian and getting some diagnosis. Sometimes there are scraps of swallowed objects or food that did not do the cat good. Depending on what it is, it is already possible to have an idea if the change in diet will help or not.

cat throwing up brown liquid

It is important to watch the cat after it has gone a way and it is natural for it to become more tired and still. The ideal in this case is to take water and his meal to prevent it from go far again. Slowly offer small doses of liquid and food. After all he also can not become dehydrated, since when he vomits he loses nutrients and food.


It is recommended that the pussy stay for 24 hours without eating. The diet should also be mild for the body to recover gradually.

In some cases this change must be permanent, especially if the animal has presented the allergy to some specific food. Fibers should be added as they aid in digestion and cleansing the body. Fats and sugars must always be avoided, but in this case even more so.

If the animal is dehydrated, intravenous or subcutaneous fluids may be needed. When oral data are often inadequate as they pass through the animal very quickly to be sufficiently absorbed.

When caused by bacteria, vomiting should be contained by antibiotics. Or even lighter medications, just to control this reaction of the body.

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With this you will have an idea of why is cat vomiting and how to diagnosis it. If your pet is having such problem then you can make the cat vomiting treatment and then start doing this treatment at home continuously. For more information on cats simply visit our catsFud website.

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