How to Know My Cat’s Breeds: Are You Curious?

Cat’s Breeds: Knowing the feline origin of your feline is not something simple, much less taken lightly. How to know my cat’s breed? The same happens when we build our family tree, to discover our genetic and hereditary ties. With our kittens, it is interesting to make an identification to know what is their genetic history and the races that contribute to their beauty.

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In turn yes what you want is to adapt and you would like to investigate how to know the breed of your favorite cat? A difficult question between so much mysticism and feline beauty that we want them to be part of our lives. As we decipher the race deal to live with us, we will have better knowledge about the domestic needs that our kitten’s care entails.


How to Know My Cat’s Breeds?

Well, how to know your cat’s breed is not an easy task. There are about 70 feline breeds around the world, this without adding the different variants that make nuances within the known ones. The associations responsible for the recognition of the breeds of cats indicate that there are different patterns to take into account at the time of categorizing our pet.

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Know Cat’s Breeds?

It goes through the study of the characteristic aspects of an animal: its fur, nose, head, body and other features. An exercise to discover the race of a cat is with the Scottish fold, an interesting race that gives us to distinguish between many. Mainly this race is characterized by having a very large head with reference to its body. They are plump cats, with light colors, big eyes, and a little-squashed nose. They are a cute tabby caricature.

How to Know Your Cat’s Breeds

The ears are a very important feature among the distinctions made of cats. The Maine coon cat, has ears that seem to always be alert, along with its huge eyes and a very fluffy and soft fur. They are delicate colors between shades of white, orange, brown and black. A nice point of this race is the kind of white beard that is made accompanying his chest.

How to Know Your Cat's Breed

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There is a race that specializes in making us laugh at the number of memes, caricatures where the British shorthair takes a prize. It is a cat with an abundant and silky coat, which generates a feeling that it is a robust cat. It has beautiful almond-shaped eyes and is known for being a grayish cat.

There are many beautiful memories that can fill us with much joy and love. Cats are a wonderful choice to form our first family of love, care, and affection. There are more than 70 options to answer, how to know the breed of my favorite cat? The best choice is the one that most appeals to you. Cats with short, long, silky, rough hairs, of orange, black, white and many more colors.

Races of Cats

Races of cats or feline breeds: In this section, you will find the description of different breeds of cats. Cats, lineages and categories, families, breeds and castes. Check out on Popular Cat’s Breeds.

  • Abyssinian, Angora, Russian Blue, Balinese, Bengal, Japanese Bobtail, Bombay.
  • British, British Shorthair, Burmese, Burmilla, Cartujo (Chartreux), Cornish Rex.
  • Cymric (Man with long hair), Norwegian Forest, Devon Rex, Exotic, Scottish Fold.
  • Foldex, Havana, Himalayan, Javanese, Korat, Maine Coon, Manx, Egyptian Mau.
  • Munchkin, Ocicat, Oriental, American Pelicorto, European Pelicorto, Persians.
  • Ragdoll’s, Rex Selkirk, Sacred Burma, Siamese, Siberian, Singapore, Snowshoe.
  • Somali, Sphynx, Tonkinese, Turkish Van

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