Cats in Heat Signs, Durability and Care of the Cat in Heat

Cats in Heat Signs: Heat stroke or hyperthermia is an excessive rise in the body temperature of the cat that can cause damage to your body. In the most serious cases, irreversible damage and even death may occur.

For this same reason, it is essential to know the symptoms of heat stroke in the cat as well as the first aid that we must apply or the basic prevention methods.

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cats in heat signs


Cats in Heat Signs – Durability

Also known as the “heat or heat cycle” is when the cat is fertile and receptive to mating. The heat is usually seasonal, but it depends on a number of factors such as the number of hours of light, age and general health of the cat.

In fact, there are four phases per cat heat cycle:

  • Proestro
  • Oestrus
  • Interesting
  • Right-handed

In this article, we will examine the second phase of estrus, where the female is receptive to mating.

At What Age Does The Zeal Begin?

The heat begins during puberty, this principle varies from cat to cat and race. Some breeds, such as the Siamese, can be called in a minimum of four or five months. Other races cannot reach sexual maturity for up to 10 months or more.

Maturation Season

Cats usually mate seasonally, although they can go into heat and produce a litter at any time of the year. The mating season usually begins in spring, when the days begin to the tongue and until the fall. The cat is polyester, which means that it will have more than one heat cycle per year.

What are the Signs Of Inspiration in Cats?

Signs of inspiration include

Your cat can become more affectionate with people and other cats, rub against their legs, zigzag between their legs or roll on the ground.

If it is stroked, it can lower the back, and lift the back part, tilting up and down with the back feet, and move the tail from one side to another.

Persistent display This is often stronger than normal and can be described as an calculi.

  • Take care of the genital region.
  • There may be a clear discharge from the vagina.
  • Loss of appetite
  • It can spray on vertical surfaces.

Some cats call silently and may not show any of the above signs. If your cat is in heat, keep her inside. If you are already an indoor cat, be very careful to keep the windows and doors closed because you will be ready to reach a male cat and mate.

How Long is Your Cat in Heat?

The heat usually lasts from 7 to 10 days. If your cat does not become pregnant, it is repeated every 14/21 days until it becomes pregnant or changes seasons.

How Long is Your Cat in Heat

There are three possible outcomes:

  • The cat mates and becomes pregnant.
  • The cat kills, does not get pregnant, has a pseudo-pregnancy (also known as “false pregnancy”) and returns to wax about 30 days later.
  • The cat does not mate or becomes pregnant and is in heat 14/21 days later.

How Does a Cat Wax

If the cat does not get pregnant during a period of “heat”, it will go out of season for 2-3 weeks and then re-wax.

This can continue until the days are shortened in autumn (around September in the northern hemisphere and March in the southern hemisphere).

Can I keep My Cat in Heat

The only way to prevent a queen from entering a cat is to sterilize her. This ensures the absence of unwanted puppies introduced into the world, but there are also health benefits in sterilization.

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Can I keep My Cat in Heat

Tips to Avoid Heat Stroke in Cats

Whether our cat has suffered a heat stroke or not, it will be important to consider these tips in summer or on days of excessive heat. Take note:

  • Never leave your cat locked in a car, a carrier or any type of cabin, especially under the sun. These instruments must always be of temporary use.
  • Check that your cat has always fresh and clean water in abundance.
  • We will always provide a shaded area in which the feline can be fresh.
  • In summer it will be advisable to go to the feline hairdresser to trim the mantle of long-haired cats.
  • We will avoid obesity through exercises for cats, however, we will avoid intense and prolonged exercise.
  • Offer food at sunset, always in a cool place.

The affection and care towards our pet are the true formula to prevent a heat stroke. For this reason, it is useful to pay attention regularly and to ensure that the 5 freedoms of animal welfare are covered.

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