Distemper in Cats or Panleukopenia: What it is and How it is Treated

The distemper in cats is a viral disease which is highly contagious and affects cats and is caused by the feline parvovirus, this medical condition is known by many names, among the most popular stands out cat fever, or typhoid fever and Feline Panleukopenia, it is important to clarify that the feline distemper should not be confused with the canine.

Both share the same name, however it is important to clarify that they are very different diseases. These are caused by different viruses, we clarify that none of them represent a threat to us humans, after exposure to the virus many of their cells in active proliferation are destroyed. Cell death makes cats more susceptible to other complications or bacterial infections of a secondary nature. If you want to know more about what is distemper in cats we invite you to continue reading this interesting article.

distemper in cats

In this we will give you all the information about these beautiful animals, all about their diet, customs and care, so if you are a cat lover you can not miss our post, which are made with all the love for these wonderful pussycat.


What is distemper in cats?

Distemper in cats can be prevented with vaccines, but in severe cases and with no possibility of treatment, it can be deadly for your pet! It is very important to be aware of this serious feline disease, which is quite contagious and can be fatal. In this article we will tell you what you should know about distemper in cats or panleukopenia.

Panleukopenia is a disease that is transmitted by a virus that may be in the environment. This means that all cats are exposed to it. However whether or not they are infected with the disease will depend exclusively on whether they have been vaccinated.

feline distemper

It will also have much to do with the animal’s immune system, because if it is weak, micro organisms can enter and develop more easily in the body. The distemper virus enters the animal through contact with fluids, nasal secretions, blood or feces of a sick cat. Once inside your organism, it will attack the cells and will not allow them to divide and develop.

Panleukopenia affects the nervous system as well as the digestive system and sometimes the bone marrow, so it severely compromises the animal’s health. In severe cases and without treatment causes death. The natural antibiotics for cats can be used to cure this disease.

What are the Symptoms of Distemper in Cats

One of the problems of this disease is that the initial feline distemper symptoms that can be confused with other pathologies or conditions, such as an infection or food poisoning.

During the first days after the virus is transmitted, the cat may suffer from lack of appetite, cat vomiting foam, diarrhea, fever, runny nose, apathy and reluctance. Also because you do not want to drink water, you are likely to show signs of dehydration.

It is necessary to pay close attention to how your pet acts and in the slightest doubt, take it to the veterinarian. If the virus continues to advance, the animal may manifest seizures or changes in its behavior such as biting in different parts of the body (such as the tail).

Is there treatment for distemper in cats?

As a first step we should note that the distemper in cats is prevented in a very simple way: with vaccination. It will not matter if the animal goes outside or if it has contact with other pets, because it is essential that it is inoculated against the virus.

Panleukopenia is more frequent in cats less than five months old, that is when they have not yet been vaccinated. Those whose mother does not have antibodies to the virus have a higher risk of infection; felines that were born on the street or that are in a pet shelter are also more vulnerable.

It is important to know that there is no treatment so far that completely eliminates the virus once it has been installed you can use prozac dosage in this case. The veterinary attention will be basically responsible for alleviating the symptoms, preventing the animal from dehydrating and reducing the damage at the nervous level.

symptoms of distemper in cats

It is said that once the cat has exceeded the first five days since the virus manifests, it is more likely to survive and you must consider the cat lifespan in this case. But you should always be careful in a special way so you do not have ‘relapses’. Distemper will always be present in the body of the animal, but the care of its owners and doctor will depend on the virus being weaker and the symptoms milder.

How is Distemper Spread in Cats

You must bear in mind that panleukopenia is only contagious among felines (domestic and wild), so there is no risk of being affected by your family members or other pets, such as dogs.

But if you have more than one cat at home and one of them has been diagnosed with distemper, the first thing you should do is vaccinate others. Then we recommend that you isolate the sick animal for a few days. In this way, the risk of contagion with the rest will be lower.

As they say the best remedy in these cases is prevention. As soon as a kitten arrives at home, you should take it to the veterinarian to give him the vaccines that are necessary. This simple act can mean the salvation of your pet.

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Cat distemper can be cured if it is recognized in the initial stages. The distemper cats must be surely treated. If you have seen any other symptoms in the cats that are suffering with this virus then simply share with us. Visit our Catsfud for more information on cats.

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