Exotic Cat Names For Your Pet Cats

The love that the cats of the exotic shorthair breed will love you from the first day. But the truth is that if you have an Exotic cat at home, the first thing you will have to do is decide what it will be called with a exotic cat names. A name is the most special gift you will give to your pussycat as it will accompany you throughout your life.

More and more owners decide to choose names for cats according to their race, characteristics or appearance. Therefore we want to help you choose your cat’s name with a list of names for Exotic cats for both males and females.

exotic cat names

You can also choose the name based on the personality of your pet. In this way, when you have been home for a couple of days, you will already know if your pet or puppy likes to sleep a lot or if he loves to make small noises. Look closely at how he reacts to your games and caresses and I’m sure that in a moment the right name will come for him.

How We Choose The Perfect Name For Our Pet

For example I have a friend who gave his dog name “Tomorrow” and at that moment it seemed like a unique cat names that I would never have thought of calling a pet like that, but every time they asked my friend’s name we could feel the admiration of the people.

There is no manual that tells us which name is best for each pet, depending on whether it is a dog a cat, a uron, a hamster or a turtle but many times we choose the name based on the appearance of the animal (for example : white or “Black” if it is cute black cat).

exotic female cat names

Another idea that I give you for choosing the name of your pet is that you put names of characters or other animals that you like for example I have a nephew who called his turtle “Bob” in honor of his favorite drawing “Spongebob”.

A recommendation in these cases is not to put the name of an old pet because automatically more than once it will remind you of it and you will have the feeling of nostalgia to the fullest. Each pet like humans, are irreplaceable so do not try to replace the love that a previous pet gave you for a current pet.

Another tip that is good to keep in mind is that the name you choose should not be similar to the pronunciation that some orders you can give your pet, especially in the case of dogs. For example, if you use the word “down” or “take” to indicate something, the best thing to do is to choose a name that does not have these words in its pronunciation.

Exotic Cat Names For Your Felines

Below each of the  names for cats of the Exotic breed that we propose, you will find a brief description of the cat names list. Thus, you can be inspired by names for Exotic cats and their meaning. Which one do you like best for your cat?


It can be included in the group of names for male cats and names for female cats. Mishi is a frequent name among domestic cats and triumphs over the delicacy of his phonetics.

  • ALEF

According to astrology, Alef  means “fire.” It is ideal for Exotic cats, orange colored, affectionate and familiar.


It is also one of the  most popular unisex names for cats. Sasha is Alejandro’s Russian hippocoristico, so it is also possible that you listen to him in people. It is a perfect name for adventurous and playful cats.


Although this name reminds you of a candy and do not you think it’s a funny and original cat name. Sugus is ideal for lazy cats and gluttons.

  • OSA

The fur of these cats resembles a little bear, do not you think? That’s why we think that Osa  is a very nice name for Exotic cats especially for those that are affectionate and never reject mimes at the end of the day.


From English, Silver means “silver”. That’s why if you have an  Exotic cat of silver or gray color, this name will come in handy. It is also ideal for those who have large eyes and light colors.


Being the name of the protagonist of  The Swan Lake, this is a name for white and elegant cats.

  • BOB

Surely this name is familiar to you by such famous singers as Bon Dylan or Bob Marley. Of English origin, Bob is ideal for strong and adventurous Exotic cats.

  • LIZY

The elegance of this name makes it one of the most suitable for fine and flirty exotic cats. It is also associated with white cats.


It is a name of the sweetest for exotic loving cats, lovers of quiet life and if possible surrounded by family.

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Finding the name of a pet is a task compared to finding the name of a child because although pets are often not going to remember it when they are very small. It is ideal to find the name that goes with their personality, which is also consistent with your race and characteristics, that we like and that is also unique. For more information on cat names simply visit our catsfud website.

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