Female Cat Names: Suggestion For Your New Kitten

The names for female cat are usually very repetitive and common, here we will show you some original and varied options for you to call your feline in a very special way. There are different female cat names based on their color, behavior, breed and many more. If you want cat names female for your pet then you must see our article on cat names and choose a best out of it for your pet female cat.

If you are looking for a perfect name for your cat, you are reading the right article the names for female cat usually lack originality, here we will teach you several options and recommendations for your cat to be called in the most special way. In case If your female kitten names doesn’t match your pet then you will feel a lot because you call it with that name every day.

Female Cat Names

Cats are silent, independent, loving and faithful animals but adopting a feline also implies assuming certain responsibilities such as expenses, care and attention even though it is a challenge that is worth taking if you are looking for a good company in your life. Below we are providing some unique female cat names for your pet. See all the names for female cats and choose the which you like the most.


Recommendations to Choose Right Name for Your Cat

Avoid that the name is very extensive, so it will be much easier for your cat to understand when you are calling. Cats understand better when their name is one or two syllables, this way you will also facilitate other people to memorize it quickly.

Besides being short, the name must have a good phonetic, if it is difficult to pronounce when other people try to address your cat and it is very likely that it does not capture well the message you want to transmit.

If the cat is not only going to live with you but in a whole family, it would be a good idea that when choosing your name there is a consensus among all the members of the family and remember that when you adopt a pet it also happens to form part of her.

cat names female

Generally people adopt cats when they are still babies and in these conditions it is difficult to know how they will behave or when they are big, but if you find any characteristic, behavior or particularity in your feline, a good idea to assign a name is based on in what makes her so special. You can give it a name related to a famous character either from your favorite books or movies.

There are an infinity of names for female cat, but if none catches your attention, put your creativity at stake and create an exclusive one for it.

Names for Female Cat With Meanings

  • Amber: It is a name of Arabic origin and its meaning is “precious stone”
  • Bella: Its origin is French and means “the one that is beautiful”
  • Cielo: Of Latin origin, means “Abode of God”
  • Sweet: If your cat is tender and pleasant, this name is perfect for her.
  • Emma: It is of German origin and comes from the word Ermin which means strength.
  • Fiama: It comes from Latin and means “She who shines like a flame”
  • Gina: It means “God has pity” in Hebrew.
  • Hannah: It means ‘full of grace’ and its origin is Hebrew.
  • Iris: In Greek mythology was the messenger of the gods, also means “the beautiful colors”
  • Jasmine: The origin of this name is Arabic and means “is beautiful as the flower of the garden”
  • Kiara: “The one that is clear or bright “Its origin is American.
  • Lili: It means “pure as a lilio” is of Latin origin and is variant of the name Liliana.
  • Mia: It has Hebrew origin and means “the chosen one”
  • Nina: The origin of this name is Chaldean and its meaning is “protective of its palaces”
  • Olga: This name is of Scandinavian origin Helga and means “She who is immortal”.
  • Pearl: Its origin is Germanic and means “that is precious”
  • Quira: It is a variant of the name Kira, originating from the word “khur” whose meaning is sun.
  • Reina: He is of Latin origin, his masculine is Rex and this is derived from the Indo-European root reg- it means “to rule, to command, to govern”.
  • Sasha: This name is of Greek and Russian origin, its meaning is “defender of humanity”, “The one that defends man”
  • Tina: It is the diminutive of Alberta that comes from the masculine Adalberto. and it means “the radiance of the noble lineage”.
  • Ursula: Its origin is Latin and means “funny like a little bear”
  • Vicky: It is of Latin origin and means victorious.
  • Wendy: This name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means “True friend”
  • Ximena: “Woman who knows how to listen”, its origin is Hebrew.
  • Yenny: Its origin is Celtic and means white spirit
  • Sapphire: The name sapphire is of Hebrew origin and means “beautiful as the precious stone”

Cute Female Cat Names

female kitten names

  • Alicia
  • Amaya
  • Baguira
  • Carmela
  • Demi
  • Ena
  • Flofly
  • Fionna
  • Fiorela
  • Gemma
  • Gringa
  • Helena
  • Irene
  • Jenni
  • Lana
  • Maschas
  • Michi
  • Obdulia
  • Ranfla
  • Zuky
  • Aurora

Best female cat names

  • Akita
  • Alma
  • Astra
  • Spider
  • Blanca
  • Belky
  • Camila
  • Cana
  • Duqueza
  • Elle
  • Futia
  • Gady
  • Karen
  • Kicha
  • Lissi
  • Lucia
  • Lady
  • Music
  • Mishina
  • Muse
  • Pinata
  • Piolita
  • Preciosa
  • Romi
  • Roma
  • Tuji
  • Tyhara
  • Tuna

Cool female cat names

  • Ana
  • Africa
  • Azur
  • Arcana
  • Brucky
  • Bubble
  • Catalina
  • Cata
  • Elsa
  • Fluska
  • Gloomy
  • Kendra
  • Karo
  • Lacky
  • Lola
  • Liceth
  • Maggie
  • Micha
  • Milu
  • Minnie
  • Pupi
  • Pucky
  • Preciosa
  • Pietra
  • Rosinda
  • Robi
  • Tora
  • Tracy

Names With Letters

A: Abadi, Abel, Abala, Amara, Aika, Amaya, Angela, Angelina, Aila, Azul, Azumi.

B: Bafy,  Bety, Bianca, Belinda, Beli, Bell, Bichis, Bhiskers, Bubu, Bubi, Bolit, Barbie.

C: Caramel, Cinnamon, Cocoon, Carolina, Cat, Celeste, Cenile, Cinderella, Caty, Catia.

D: Danny, Donatella, Diana, Dama, Dana, Daira, Dora.

E: Eclipse, Empress, Enola, Estela, Estrella, Eugenia, Eva, Eve, Eleonor.

F: Flora, Fabi, Fresi, Strawberry, Fígara, Fuska, Frida, Flower, Flopy.

G: Gabi, Gata, Grace, Glenda, Gina, Ginger, Griselda, Gomita.

H: Hilary, Heidi, Helga, Honey, Haydee.

I: Ibis, Isabel, , Isis, Isa, Isidora, Ingrid, Iria, Isabella.

J: Josefina, Jessi, Jade, Julieta, July, Joya, Juanita, Julieth, Janis.

K: Kenya, Kira, Kitty, Keisha, Kily, Kami, Kikyo, Katy, Kiya.

L: Lulu, Lina, Luna, , Lupe, Linda, Lisa, Luli, Lucinda, Luci, Lala, Lila, Linsy.

M: Malena, Maca, Mica, Mandy, Marina, Sea, Doll, Morocha, Moti, Monina, Mecks.

N: Nikita, Nadia, Nala, Fog, Niky, Nuni, Nura, Baby, Girl, Bold, Noelia, Noni, Nouka.

O: Olafa, Ochin, Oboe, Olinda, Osa, Ozzie, Oreo, Okie.

P: Pamela, Paloma, Pau, Pao, Paprika, Paulina, Peluza, Pelucita, Peludita, Pily, Pilar, Percy.

Q: Quiti, Quira, Queen, Quesi.

R: , Rachel, Rita, Rosa, Roxi, Rufi, Rossi, Ralsa, Ruby, Rocio, Runa, Rufi, Ronroneo, Rayitas.

S: Sabrina, Safiro, Samba, Saya, Sun, Susi, Sophie, Sofia, Stefa, Suave, Soni, Shyla, Sepia, Sabina.

T: Tefa, Tini, Tati, Tuinqui, Tata, Tali, Teresa, Tersa, Tara, Tiara, Tonca, Tomasa, Tiffy, Tita.

U: Urape, Uma.Umbilina.

V: Vodka, Valerie, Valen, Valdi, Vilma, Viking, Volana, Vela.

W: Wenyi, Wera, Winnie, Wilma, White, Wika, Winner.

X: Xime, Xaxa, Xira, Xula, Xenia, Xena, Xara.

Y: Yoli, Yackie, Yen, Yaska, Yuly, Yuya, Yoka, Yambe, Yuka, Yanira, Yara.

Z: Zoe, Zafari, Zacha, Zingara, , Zuri, Zulita, Zoa, Zaira, Zarika, Zula, Zuri.

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With these female cat names you can easily keep a good name for your pet cat. If you have a female cat then these are most suggestible names for your cat. If you like these names then share this article so that even some other new kitten will get a cute name for it. For more information on kittens see catsfud website.

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