The 5 Funniest Cat Shelves

Cats are great pets and they love climbing and perching and for that, they need a suitable environment and pieces of furniture so that they can enjoy their day. A cat shelf or a cat perch is a kind of furniture specially curated for cats so that they can climb up and move their body.

Being above the ground is a kind of comfort zone for a cat and that is why a cat shelve is essential to have for every cat’s owner. You can easily get a cat shelf today as you will find a lot of variety in the market or go with another option and that is to make your own customized cat shelve.

Most domestic cats like to roam around and jump on things and a cat wall shelf is a great tool in this regard. Cats have a portion of wildness in them and for that reason, they like to climb on things just like any other animal jumps or climbs to catch its prey. If you are thinking about celebrating your cat’s birthday, a wall shelf will be a perfect gift.

Today, markets are filled with a variety of funny cat shelves and you can choose which you like the most for your cat. Cats are fascinating creatures and they love being above the ground and for that purpose, they like to climb.


Five Best & Funniest Cat Shelves

If you are not sure that what kind of cat wall shelf is best for your cat, you will get some general ideas from these cat shelves recommendations and can select what you like for your cat. Some of these shelves are properly mounted to the walls and some other have a bridge-like structure that makes you cat’s day more fun and happier.

Today, you can customize cat shelves the way you want by mixing different pieces and aligning them according to your need. Below are some exciting and funny cat shelves that are famous among cats and also, they also bring several benefits for your cat.

Wall Mounted Cat Tree

It might seem fun to let your cat roam outside, but it is not always a good idea as domestic cats should be kept inside so make sure that they are provided with enough facilities and gadgets. For that purpose, there are various options available for a cat owner and one of them is a cat shelve that serves all the purposes to keep your cat physically fit and active.

A wall-mounted cat tree is a pretty simple and good-looking cat shelve that comes with great woodwork, and it is one of the common cat shelves that you will see in various houses that have cats. You will find variety in these kinds of cat shelves and some even come with three to four boxes that you can easily mount on the wall so that your cat and climb and enjoy.

Cats are sensitive and when they are kept outside for a long time, it can be very problematic for them. Moreover, cats are more likely to get diseases from outside like leukemia that is very common among cats.

Your cats must be provided with a suitable environment inside the home in the form of a wall shelf so that they do not need to go outside.

They generally come in two boxes and can be used for decoration and look pretty stylish and modern. They also come in different colors, so it is easy for you to choose according to your mood and requirement. If you have more than one cat in your home, it is again a very suitable cat shelf as it will allow cats to climb freely and play whenever they want.

Cats also love scratching and what is better than a scratching post or a landing pad. These shelves also come with a landing pad that allows the cats to rest and play along whenever they want.

These shelves not only prove to be a source of entertainment for cats but also can be used for the decoration of the house. Furthermore, you can decorate them with various decoration pieces and even plants. If you have a playful cat that loves to move around and climb, this shelf is the best option.

The installation process is also very smooth and easy as you do not need to make holes in the wall and do the complex measuring. This is a kind of shelve that is suitable for your cat and your cat will love its time while playing and climbing on it.

Curved Cat Shelf

While considering buying a perfect wall shelf for your pet, you must select a perch that is designed especially for house cats and a curved cat shelf is one of them. This shelf is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the cat and provide all the comfort that your cat needs.

This kind of cat shelf is completely made from fine quality wood and has a slight curve that provides maximum comfort to the cat. It has a sleek and modern design, and it is the best addition to your home decoration. It usually comes along with three scratch pads that you can easily affix to the shelf.

The pads that come with these curved cat shelves are of high quality and most of them are even washable and cats love to sit on these pads. The shelf is also very easy to attach with the wall as all it needs is three anchors and screws.

You can easily set up the shelf without any kind of help from a professional. Another very important reason that these perches or shelves are valuable for your kittens is that it is a source of exercise for your cat when it climbs up and down.

Like human beings, cats also need to engage in healthy activities, so they must have these gadgets at home to achieve that.

If you own more than one cat, you can buy more than one shelf from the market and can attach it with the wall in various locations. Usually, these shelves are attached to the wall in a way so that cats can climb from one shelf to another.

Talking about the positive aspects of shelves, you will be happy to know it is extremely valuable for your cat because it is a kind of exercise for your feline friends as it helps them move their body and also helps them to stay in their ideal weight.

Many cat owners provide their feedback about this particular shelf that is loved by their cats because it serves two purposes. One is that the cat can play while climbing up and down and the second is that it is also a resting place for a cat.

Your cat can take a quick nap on it and at the same time moving up and down the shelf will also help your cat to increase the physical activity which is beneficial for cats.

The shelf can also be customized by putting a soft and fluffy cushion on top of it so that your cat can take a good nap.

Window Hammock Shelf

It is also one of the popular shelves and cat lovers like to buy this particular shelf as it provides a very easy installation and most importantly it is loved by cats as they can enjoy a clear view of the outside world while sitting on a shelf in front of a window. It is also one of the cheap options for cat owners if they want a good and modern-looking shelf for their cats.


These shelves can be a great source of exercise for your cats as we have seen that feline obesity is so common among cats and sitting for long periods is one of the causes of this condition. A perfect perch or a shelf just like a window hammock will keep your little friend busy as it climbs up and down moving its body and stretching it.

A window hammock shelf provides the best indoor view to the cats. It offers your cats a very peaceful and comfy place to take a quick sunbath. High-grade material is used in these kinds of shelves and that is the reason these shelves are long-lasting and durable.

There are suction cups that are extremely strong and included with the shelf. These suction cups are used to easily hang shelve with the window. They stay at the exact place and are not easy to fall off.

If your cat prefers a cozier and fluffy seat, make sure to use a soft cat blanket to place it on the shelf. It is also a space-saving cat shelve and does not occupy a lot of space.

The light of the sun is crucial for cats the same way it is for humans. A good quantity of sunshine helps to ensure the healthy growth of your cat. Cats like to enjoy the sunlight and when they have a suitable place specially curated for them, they feel happier. Your cat enjoys a beautiful day outside while basking.

This shelf is kind of a window bed for cats, and it is a comfy and quiet place for your cat to sleep and most importantly it provides a very nice view of the outside while enjoying the sunshine.

A very common problem that many cat owners come across is that they are always worried that their pets are going to damage their furniture, but once you install this modern window hammock shelve, your cat will stay away from your precious furniture.

Make sure you determine a suitable installation location to ensure that it gives a good view and most importantly you should also ensure the safety of your cat.

Wave Cat Shelf

As we have discussed earlier that there are a variety of cat shelves available out there, and you can choose any of them according to your choice, but a wave cat shelf is also very comfy and trendy. This kind of cat shelves comes in the shape of a wave that gives it a funnier and more aesthetic look and the cat loves to climb on it and play.

Cats also like to scratch and there are different reasons they do that including to keep their claws in shape.

A shelf like this one also comes with a scratchpad that keeps your cat busy. It is such a great concept and most importantly it will save other parts of your home from being damaged with cat nails.

This shelf also attaches to the wall very easily just like any other shelve and mostly comes with a small comfy mattress that you can put on the top of it so that your cat can enjoy sitting on it. This kind of wall shelf comes in various shapes and colors, and it is highly customizable.

Cats have distinctive personalities because some cats prefer to sit at one place and others like to roam around the house and exploring various things.

If you provide your cats a suitable environment, it will keep them happier and more energetic throughout the day. It will also keep other things in the house less messy and it will be easier for you to manage all the things.

It is lightweight and stable and a perfect playground for your cat, and it will make any cat happier. If you are also a cat owner and thinking to provide something entertaining and funny to your cat, this wall perch is the best option for you.

Searching for a perfect cat shelve will take some time as you need to see whether it is easy on your pocket and, most importantly, that it provides you the quality you want.

Wall Mounted Cat Bridge

When searching for a perfect cat perch, there are various things that you need to follow like whether a shelf is strong enough to hold the weight of your cat and most importantly that it can make your cat happy.

Every cat owner wants a securely mounted wall shelf so that the cat can get all the comfort while sitting on it and a wall-mounted cat perch will be your best choice. It is a perfect shelve for cats as it provides a lot of options for the cats to explore and have fun.

Climbing on different surfaces allows your cat to roam freely and shows more affection towards you. It is entertainment and stimuli at the same time for your cat. It is an exciting mental and physical exercise when a cat jumps and climbs on things, so a dedicated cat shelve is a must-have for every cat owner.

These cat shelves mostly come with two sections that are also very easy to install and a bridge-style piece that connects both shelves.

Two hammocks are used while the installation and the fabric that is used is also of high quality that provides it more durability. It also comes in different colors, and you can select anyone and can match it with your interior to give it a more modern look.

There are many reasons cats love being above the ground so why not give them a place specially made for them as it will allow your cat to move freely and stay fit.

You can continuously build it according to your need from time to time. For instance, you can install additional boxes, extra shelves if you have more than one cat or even can decorate it from time to time keeping in view the comfort of your precious cats. The shelf has a quite modular design and that makes it more unique and adaptable according to the environment.

The shelves can be modified and replaced very easily without the need of a professional, so that makes it easier for you to manage them from time to time.

It is a perfect shelve for playing and if you have multiple cats, it is a suitable choice for you. The bridge is the main highlight of this shelve, which makes it unique from all other shelves available in the market. The bridge can be used as a walkway for cats and also looks very cool on the wall.

The floating design of the shelf makes it more appealing for the cats, and they enjoy their time while sitting on it. It also provides a very clean and sleek look to everyone as it is mounted in a way so that all the extra parts stay hidden and deliver a more refined look.

If you are someone who is having a hard time feeding your cat on the floor because your cat does not like it there, you do not need to worry as they also come with built-in feeders so that you can stuff the fluffy tummy of your cat with food when it sits on the shelf.

Final Words

A wall perch or a shelf is no doubt a unique way of keeping your cat busy and physically fit as it moves up and down. A cat owner does not need to spend a lot of money on expensive toys but rather he should consider these shelves that are both trendy and valuable for your cats. When you install multiple shelves in your home, it will allow your cats to climb even higher and they will feel more energetic and also it will give your cats the ability to exercise.

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