Friendliest Cat Breeds, Choosing The Right Cat For You

Friendliest cat breeds: Exactly not only dogs can be affectionate. It is true that cats are very independent they go more to their ball. In general they have a reputation for being cold and distant, even from controllers. Some say that “you do not have a cat, the cat has you”.

We have created this list with the most affectionate cat breeds to show you that the kittens also have a sweet heart and love to make them mimitos. There are many types of cat breeds among them we are providing the most friendliest one for you. You can see them below.

Friendliest Cat Breeds

Rather than the regular ones for you we have collected the most friendliest cat breeds that can be regularized in your home. If you have a cat pet it will be more and more affectionate with you. See some the best cat breeds that are provided below.


The 10 most Affectionate Cat Breeds

It is true that not only the race (or characteristics of the races of the parents in the case of mestizo cats) determines the character. Each animal individually has its customs, its feelings and its tastes, which determine a unique character. But yes to a certain extent genetics influences temperament more than you can imagine. If you want to know what breed is my cat then you check from us.

It is sure that there will be other breeds of kind and tender cats, and other cats that are of lesser fame breeds that are a charm. But we have selected the 10 most affectionate and well-known cat breeds.

1. Siamese

One of the most affectionate cat breeds is the Siamese. He is very much affectionate with his family and loves to share his life with children. In fact he has an infinite patience to endure his tricks and games. The Siamese often develops the habit of waiting in front of the door for their owners to return home as do dogs! They are extremely faithful and develop a lot of attachment to their families.

Siamese cats

These cats are charming and adapt very well to any environment anyone who wants it and is willing to take care of it can adopt one. They are very vivacious, intelligent, affectionate and very expressive, you will feel that they communicate with you! Who can resist those eyes?

2. Ragdoll

The ragdoll cat is one of the most affectionate and calm cat breeds. He is very kind even with the visits and he loves the little ones. Do you know why it’s called “ragdoll”? It means “rag doll” in English, he likes them so much that they pay attention to him and give him affection that when they pick him up he gives up and he gets “soft”, exactly like a rag doll. He abandons love because he loves it!

cat breeds

3. Maine coon

This breed comes from the United States and is very popular in that country and in the rest of the world. It is a giant cat but just as big is its heart: the maine coon cat breeders is a very familiar cat and loves children. He also gets along well with other pets.

The maine coon race has two very special peculiarities: the first is that within the family nucleus always always choose a favorite a leader who shows special admiration. The other is that he loves water! How do you read it?

4. Exotic cat

Perhaps the exotic cat is among all the most affectionate cat breeds. They are adorable and loves to live with his family. In fact they needs it. This race bears such a bad loneliness that it can even make you sick if you spend too much time alone.

It is very rare that this cat is isolated to another room always usually with the family, the more the better! In addition it also tolerates well coexisting with other pets.

5. Burmese cat

The Burmese cat also known as the sacred cat of Burma, is a very elegant and spectacular looking feline. But it is much more than that! Yes, it is also a very affectionate race.

On the other hand he is not as mischievous and “restless” as other cats. In fact he is especially calm, very calm like the calico cats and munchkin cats.

6. Bombay cat

Not many know this race but those lucky enough to live with a Bombay cat know that they are privileged. The Bombay race is one of the most affectionate that is known.

In addition to being friendly, affectionate and faithful, the Bombay cat is very peaceful and very calm, hardly ever makes noise.

Bombay cat

7. Havana

Affectionate as it is Havana is sometimes even heavy. But it’s not his fault it’s that he wants little ones all the time! He is intelligent, kind, tender and loves his family but he is also affable with strangers. Anyone is worth to receive a few caresses!

In addition he is very active and loves to play with his family all day.

8. Persian cat

The Persian cat is one of the most famous in the world and yes also of the most affectionate. It is also very quiet and flirtatious. She loves to have her beautiful hair straightened!

If you like to groom your pets, the Persian cat is perfect for you. The more you take care of him the more loving and close he will be with you.

9. Scottish fold

This adorable kitten with folded ears is all love. His appearance is adorable but also his character is also very sweet. It has body and soul of peluche.

He is friendly, affectionate, faithful, calm and homelike also loves to interact with children. He is a perfect playmate!

Scottish fold cat

10. Common cat

As we said at the beginning the kind and affectionate character does not only reside in genetics. That’s why we decided to close this list with the common cats or if you prefer to call it that mestizos. Why kindness is not a matter of races!

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If you are responsible with your cat you give him everything he needs, you play with him and take care of him, he will be very affectionate with you regardless of his genes. There is nothing more loving than a grateful pet, a happy pet! Know more information about cats from our catsfud website.

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