Hair Loss in Cats – How To Avoid Cat Hair Loss

The hair loss in cats is something that could usually be defined as normal, because every time they scratch, lick or rub against the wall or any other object, the follicles of their coats tend to break off and fall to the ground. However When the loss of the coat is excessive we must be attentive because it could be a very serious problem

If your cat falls out of hair and it is extremely important that you look for information so that you can learn to identify the causes and reasons why this happens. Handling a suitable information, you will know when you should go to a veterinary consultation to attack the root problem. Although hair loss is a characteristic feature of many animal species, this type of evidence usually generates multiple reactions in the owners of cats, from fullness to worry.

hair loss in cats

Beyond the race, as we mentioned before, hair loss in cats is common as well as natural. Mainly this action is produced by the shedding of the dead fur, if this is the case we should not express major concern.


When Does Hair loss in Cats Occur

The fall of the hair in cats is something that can occur during all the seasons of the year, although in times like the spring and the summer they are usually the times where greater amount of hair can lose a feline. Also know more on cat throwing up hairballs.

Another aspect that should be taken into account, is that cats that have greater contact with the outside and they tend to strengthen their coat and thus are less likely to move it, unlike those cats that live within the comfort of a home, which lose their hair faster.

cat losing hair on belly

In faithful we will explain the three main reasons why cats lose their hair, and the data that will help you understand the performance of your cat body and provide you with the necessary knowledge so you know whether you should worry about hair loss or not in cats.

Reasons for hair loss in cats

The reasons that cause hair loss in cats are varied, that is it can be caused by mild or frequent pathologies such as stress or the appearance of some type of allergic reactions, up to causes that become more serious, such as the rebound of some medication, poor diet or bacterial infections.

When a cat drops its hair and licks impatiently or obsessively, the owner of the cat must worry about that attitude. As if you notice that the cat bites and scratches in the affected area know more on why cats bite, especially if these actions are persistent. If this is the case you should consult your veterinarian as soon as possible to avoid future complications.

Normal Hair Loss in Cats

Usually when we are experts in the care of a cat, either because it is first that we have one as a pet, or because we do not know what are the necessary care for this animal species, it is normal that we are not used to the constant presence of hair in our furniture or other areas of the house. That is why hair loss in cats is observed normally in most cases especially when the cat is long-haired.

The care of cats fur is extremely important, you should brush regularly – at least twice a week – to help them naturally eliminate dead hair. If you notice that the coat has lost its shine and there are some gaps in your cat’s body, you should start worrying because something is wrong. As we mentioned earlier the cats that are older tend to lose more hair than younger cats. When hair loss in cats is motivated by this reason the veterinarian will recommend a better diet to prevent hair loss.

Considering all this, now if we can explain what are the most common reasons for hair loss in cats.

The Muda

Cats like other animal species constantly shed their fur, this to adapt to the changes in temperature that occur during the year. In the case of cats that are wild or living in a street situation permanently, this type of fur changes tend to be more pronounced, but when a cat lives in the comfort of a home these changes usually do not occur in the right way because many times in the houses there is presence of air conditioners, fans and heating.

The normal thing is that during one of the two usual hair loss that a cat has per year, there is evidence of more fallen hair. The process lasts between one or two weeks at the most and usually manifests between late summer and early spring.


Stress is not something typical of human beings, because animals can also suffer from it. Remember that pets also have feelings and some memories that can produce at some point in their hectic lives psychological disorders.

The sudden change of residence, the loss or departure of a relative close to the animal or adaptation to new spaces can affect the emotional state of a cat in a serious way. It is there when these depressive pictures can cause hair fall in cats.

Skin diseases

Finally it is important to keep in mind that there are multiple skin diseases such as fungi and mites that cause hair loss in cats. There are even much more invasive and contagious diseases such as ringworm and scabies that also cause the feline to lose large amounts of hair.

To this is added the appearance of bacteria. So your you evidence that your friend with mustaches is losing more hair than normal, do not hesitate to consult with your specialist because only he is able to determine the real causes of this pathology.

How do I Avoid Hair Loss in Cats

Avoid Hair Loss in Cats

When cat hair loss becomes visible, reducing hair loss is possible. Just follow some advice progressively.

  • Healthy diet

If you guarantee that your cat has a healthy and balanced diet, not only will it strengthen its immune status, but it will help keep its fur silky, healthy and shiny.

  • Toilet toilet

To create the habit to the bathroom also cooperates to the maintenance of the coat of the cats. It is essential that you bathe at least once a month and brush your hair twice a week.

  • Control the cats fur

It is important that you as the owner of a cat, take a balance of the amount of hair that your pet disposes weekly and monthly, this way you will know if there is any anomaly in the fall of it.


We hope that this article has been of your interest, remember that our writings are purely informative, so our recommendation is that you take your pet to a veterinary consultation to rule out any type of disease. Remember healthy pet and a happy pet. Visit our Catsfud for more information.

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