Hairless Cat Breeds Personality and Facts

Cats without Hair are called as the hairless cat, these pets are also know as bald cats because they are with naked without any fur on their body. There are hairless cat breeds which every one should know about them and these are the cats with no hair have different facts which you can see below and know more about these hairless animals.

When we weigh in cats without hair the first thing that comes to mind in the Egyptian Cat, Sphynx cat or also called Sphinx and although you can come to think that they have no beauty in the skin and this is not the case. These breeds have a very short and fine hair, what happens is that some distance in difficult to appreciate it.

hairless cat

The hairless cat hair depends on the length or density which depends on each race and the pigmentation of your cat skin. But there are more officially recognized breeds on these cute hairless cats, let’s see the diversity of these special cats.

Breeds of Hairless Cat

Hairless cats are those which tend to eat more and require a complete and balanced food that helps to reinforce the natural barrier in the skin and that is adapted to a complete and balanced diet with the energy contribution for these hairless race needs.

Sphynx cat

It is one of the best known breeds of cats and appeared in Canada in the 60s as a result of a natural recessive genetic mutation. From there these specialized breeders wanted to set and maintain, as well as define some special characteristics.

Sphynx cat

It is believed that the origin of Sphynx could occur in a Devon Rex mutation, since the two families with natural mutations that appeared in Minnesota and Toronto (5 original members) have common phenotypic characteristics with it.

It is a loving, sociable and peaceful cat that seeks tranquility and the closeness of its humans. If the cats are already chilly, the Sphynx are a bit more because they are more sensitive to temperature changes, however it is a strong breed, with a high metabolism.

Peterbald Cat

Its name honors Tsar Peter the Great, founder of St. Petersburg and is the result of crossing a variant of Siamese or eastern modern type, with another variant with natural mutation with lack of hair like Don Sphynx. You can have from little hair, to a thin dense layer. As a curiosity the puppies of this breed that are born with more hair are losing it over time progressively. We can distinguish 3 types of fur: Bald, Floc (layer of 1 to 5 mm) and Brush (Very fine hair of more than 5 mm).

Peterbald Cat

They are peterbald cat of calm and intelligent character. Slender with almond shaped eyes, thin but muscled tall legs and large ears are the most important characteristics.

Don Sphynx Cat

It has its origin in Russia and was developed by the cat breeder Elena Kovaleda having its origin in a female rescued from the city of Rostovna Donu called Varya. The main difference with the Sphinx cat is that the mutation is due to a recessive gene whereas in the Don Sphynx or Donskoy cat of sebe a dominant gene like the Peterbald. They are very sociable cats of average size and muscular, eyes in the form of almond and big ears. Your skin is wrinkled and may have a light fluff on the extremities. They are very intelligent and extroverted.

Don Sphynx cat

Bambino Cat

Other lesser known breeds are the bambino cat which is characterized by short legs, large straight ears in proportion to its body and almost pink skin color. It comes from the crossing of the race of munchkin cat and Sphynx.

Bambino Cat

Elf cat

The elf cat is another variant little concocida that is distinguished by the curved ears and the absence of hair as a result of the crossing between the american shorthair curl and the cat Sphinx or Sphynx.

Elf cat

Levkoy Ukrainian Cat

We can also name the Ukrainian Levkoy breed developed by Elena Biriukova of ukraine as a result of the mixture of Donskoy and Scottish Fold. They are very calm, sociable cats with the muscular and slender body and the ears folded as a significant feature.

Levkoy Ukrainian cat


The Kohona cat is possibly the only cat breed that has total absence of the hair follicle so unlike the rest, it does not have any hair on its body. Originating from a mutation in the hawaiian islands it is currently very rare and is characterized by developing a lot of wrinkles on their skin.

Kohona cat

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We can say then that regardless of different breeds of cats that have emerged, it is about cats that leave in one indifferent places and has detractors and defenders in equal parts. What do you think? Do you have a Sphinx or Egyptian cat? Simply tell us your experience about these hairless breeds. And if you got here in catsfud and you liked the article about “hairless cat” simply share it with the world!

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