How Long are Cats Pregnant? How to Find Out and When to Expect Kittens

How Long are Cats Pregnant: If you are thinking of having your cat ride and having new kittens in your home, it is very likely that you want to know the gestation time of a cat. But it may also be the case that your pet feline is already pregnant and you want to know when the new puppies will arrive. How long is the process of gestation of the cats? Is it the same as in humans? In our website we want to explain to you how long the pregnancy of a cat lasts, whether it is first-time or not.

Generally many of us don’t know how to tell if your cat is pregnant or not. It may show some signs like illness and many more. If you see your cat daily then you can simply say about it that whether you cat is ill or not. In most of the cases its a good choice if you wait for some days and then take your cat to a veteran.

How long are cats pregnant

If this continues and you want to know about the cat gestation period then you can simply check our article and know more about it. Here we are providing some ideas to take care of your cat too and how long are cats pregnant.

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Gestation Time of a Cat

  1. Just as happens with humans and other mammalian animals, the gestation period of a cat has a certain duration. In this particular case you should know that it is much smaller than you can imagine.
  2. You should know that the pregnancy of the cats lasts between 57 and 63 days, or what is the same practically a couple of months. Therefore to the questions: how long is the gestation of a cat? Or how many months does the pregnancy of a cat last? The answer is that the gestation of cats lasts 2 months.
  3. But if your animal has been mounted and you did not know it the gestation time of the cats inside your pet will seem shorter since it may take a few weeks to detect what is happening to them. For this reason you should be alert to know if your cat is pregnant.
  4. If you think that your kitten is waiting for puppies the most important thing is that you go to your veterinarian to confirm it. He can tell you exactly how many weeks your pregnant cat has. In this way you will know how to calculate the moment of delivery and you can have everything ready for when your hairy pet has puppies.
  5. Well now that you have been able to know how long a pregnant cat lasts it is essential that you know that you should increase your care. In this way,you can ensure the health of future puppies and your feline especially at the nutritional level.

How long is the pregnancy of a cat steps to follow:

The first thing you should know is that cats, like any mammal (including humans) have a determined gestation period which in this case is shorter than you think.

  • The pregnancy of the cats lasts between 57 and 63 days that is approximately two months. However for many owners seems to last less because sometimes take a few weeks to notice that something strange happens with your pet so it is important to pay attention to know if your cat is pregnant.
  • If you suspect a pregnancy it is best to take your cat to the veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis. Ask your specialist to tell you approximately how many weeks your pregnant cat has in this way you can calculate the time of delivery and be prepared to help your animal.
  • Now that you know that your pet is pregnant it is important that you increase the care especially at the nutritional level to ensure the maximum health of your cat and its puppies. In our article how to care for a pregnant cat you can discover all the steps to follow to give your pet the best treatment.
  • But what to do when the weeks have passed and the moment of delivery arrives? Many owners do not know how to deal with this situation and what measures to take to make the cat feel completely at ease that is why we invite you to read our article how to help my cat to give birth so that you discover all the steps that are recommendable to follow.

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How long are Cats Pregnant First time

How long are Cats Pregnant First time

How long are Cats Pregnant First time: You should know that both the gestation period of a first-time cat and that of a cat that has given birth before is exactly the same. That is between 57 and 63 days about 8 weeks or two months. This point is very important since many people think that in a cat that is pregnant for the first time the pregnancy lasts less time.

As you have been able to verify to know how long the pregnancy of a cat lasts is very simple. It will be very easy to know the approximate day that the baby cats will come to the world if you know the day of the ride. But it is something more complicated when you do not know it.

We inform you that this article is merely informative. We can not make diagnoses or prescribe any type of veterinary treatment. In case of doubt or that your animal has any type of symptom or discomfort we recommend that you go to the veterinarian immediately.

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