How Long Does a Cat Stay in heat

How Long Does a Cat Stay in heat: If you see your cat roll on the ground, meow and ask you caresses without stopping because suddenly it has become the most affectionate cat on earth. if … begins to suspect that it is in heat. But the question is, how long does a cat’s zeal last?

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How Long Does a Cat Stay in heat

How long is a cat’s zeal

First of all, it is clear that for a cat to be in the heat it must be “whole”, that is, the castrated cats (from which the ovaries are removed) do not enter into heat.

When people ask how long the heat in the cats is, they often ignore that the heat is really a cycle and that it has different phases (usually speaking of 4 phases). Of them, the behavior that we recognize as “cat in heat” occurs in the phases called proestro and above all estrus.

Clarifying that, the estrus (estrus) can last between 3 and 10 days and even more, but the most normal thing is that more or less the heat in the cats lasts 5 days or a week. That is the reference, and then each cat is a little different and some may have jealousies somewhat longer than others.

How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat? How to Know

The symptoms or signs that we can appreciate in the behavior of our cat to be sure that it is in heat are:

1. Mimosas:

The cats in heat suddenly become more affectionate and mimosas than normal. They are “all loves” and constantly seek to rub against their owner, as well as their caresses and contact. (This also happens with cats that are usually a little more independent).

2. Roll on the floor:

The cats in heat usually lie belly up and wallow and turn on the floor or carpet.

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3. Maullan high:

This is one of the most annoying behaviors associated with the zeal of cats. Maullan in a very high tone as with short meows, and repetitively with the objective of being heard by the male cats of the area.

As we said, this is usually the most annoying thing about jealousy, and precisely … they tend to do it more at dusk and at night when you are trying to rest.

4. He licks his genitals a lot:

During the heat of the cat, her sexual organs are a little more inflamed than normal, although this is usually imperceptible to the naked eye, and the cat licks those areas more frequently.

5. You can urinate outside the sandbox:

The urine of a cat in heat is loaded with olfactory and chemical messages, among them pheromones (if you do not know them, here you can read that they are pheromones for cats ). When urinating outside of the sandbox is a way that the cat has to zeal to try to mark the house and spread its chemical signals that the male cats know how to detect and understand.

6. Loss of appetite:

This does not happen to everyone, but some do lose their appetite a bit and tend to eat less when they are in heat.

7. Mounting position:

It may be that while caressing your cat, she adopts a position similar to that of riding. That is, they lower their heads and put the tail on one side (see here).

The cats have several fits of jealousy followed
Well, remember, all these signs of heat, can last from 3 days to almost 2 weeks, but it is normal to last around a week (5 to 7 days).

You can urinate outside the sandbox

But the cats have a particularity. They are not like bitches that have a zeal, spend 6 months and have another zeal. The cats do not expect almost any time between zeal and zeal. A cat has a zeal, and if she does not get pregnant, after 8 or 10 days she can go back into heat. This usually happens in the months when the days are longer and there are more daylight hours, for example in Spain it would be between March and October.

That is to say, that between spring and autumn, an uncastrated cat :

• will have a zeal for a week or so (the estrus phase),
• will rest one or two weeks, and will go back into heat
• Suppose then that a cat goes into heat twice a month between March and October, that would be a few fits of jealousy per season, between 4 and 16 normally and each zeal of your cat would last a week or so … horror! O_o

Because it bothers the zeal of the cats, and especially to avoid an overpopulation of kittens that nobody wants, the best option, if you do not dedicate to breeding, is the sterilization of your cat. This is the end of the zeal, it ends with the unwanted litters and the discomfort and meowing.

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