How Much Should I Feed My Cat: Tips to Feed Your Cat

How Much Should I Feed My Cat: How many times a day do I have to feed my cat? and how often should i feed my cat wet food? Do you know how many times a day a cat eats? Regardless of what type of food we choose for our cat (dry feed, damp cans, homemade cat food, BARF diet for cats or whatever) we all have doubts about how many times a day I should feed my cat.

If you have asked yourself these questions like how much to feed a cat chart then congratulations because it is a very good question and yes there are differences between choosing one option or another. Since the number of times a day you feed your cat impacts both its level of activity and his tendency to gain weight. Attentive you must first know how often should i feed my cat because the more may increase its weight.

How Much Should I feed my Cat

Now a days it is really necessary to maintain a cat feeding schedule and you have to feed to cat at regular intervals like a baby. So we are providing a cat feeding guide wet and dry food any things but that must be given to your pet cat in time to time. Simply check our article on how much should i feed my cat and know more about the cat feeding schedules.


How Often Should i Feed My Cat Wet Food

If you want to know how much wet food to feed a cat. It is not the same for every cat to feed your pet only once a day or to feed your cat 4 times a day. Why? The number of times your cat eats in a day will affect his level of activity and even his metabolism.

How Much Should I feed my Cat

It’s like in humans. Many times when people go on a diet they tell them that they have to eat certain foods and reduce their caloric intake but they are also told to eat 4 or 5 different meals a day. This is to stimulate the metabolism and that the body is always “active” processing nutrients and has a more stable and higher energy level than if we eat all in one go. If you need to know how much food should i feed my cat then see completely.

Leave the cat and let him eat when he wants?

In principle this is not a good idea we explain why. Many people fill their cat’s feeder up and wait for it to be administered during the day. This idea works with some cats and it’s true. There are little anxious cats with food that peck a bit and then they leave and follow their stuff. Those cats never become fat even if they leave the bowl full all day.

But this tactic does not always work with all cats. If you do this “always fill the feeder” and you think your cat is fat obviously and did not know how to manage very well so far right? In general we would recommend that you do not let your cat eat and will especially if:

  • Your cat is chubby or obese.
  • If your cat is anxious with food.
  • If you have more animals at home especially a dog because there will be too much food in circulation and too many “robberies” too.

How Much Should I feed my Cat?

How Much Should I Feed My Cat? As we said before it is not the same to feed your cat only once a day to feed your cat 3 or 4 times a day. Coming to the types of foods like dry and wet it will be obviously different. Like you must know how much dry food to feed a cat and how much wet food should be given.

How Much Should I feed my Cat

The ideal is to feed your cat several times a day. This is not yet known by many people.

1. Feed your cat only once a day

This option is not the healthiest. It’s comfortable yes but there are better options for your cat.

2. Feed your cat 2 times a day

This is what is usually said almost everywhere as a “general recommendation”. They tell you that if you have an adult cat to feed him twice a day it’s enough. And it is true that feeding your adult cat twice a day is not bad.

3. Feed your cat 3 or 4 times a day

If you feed your cat 3 or 4 times a day distributing the same daily intake that you gave in 3 or 4 servings the health of your cat will improve for two reasons:

  • It will be a more active cat
  • Your cat will lose weight

It’s not worth cheating! It is clear that you are not saying that you increase the amount of daily food that you give to your cat but that you distribute it in more takes if you can do it. If your work schedule does not allow it there is more to talk about but there are many people who have the availability to do it but they simply do not know that feeding your cat more times a day is good for your health.

This is no invention we say based on a study published on February 10 2014 by the University of Illinois, specifically its Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. In your study of early 2014 you have concluded that you feed your cat more times a day small amounts of food is used to lose weight and reduce obesity in cats and make them even more active and playful.

If I feed my adult cat once a day is it okay?

According to what we have said is not recommended but if your cat is an adult healthy and vital and has no health problems you can do it. Say it is not ideal but it is acceptable feed to cat adult one single eleven a day.

If you have a kitten you should feed him more times a day than an adult cat

  • Kittens up to 5 or 6 months at least should eat more often than adults. (The same goes for pregnant cats and cats that feed their children).
  • This is because small kittens need the energy and calories of their bodies their musculature their bones and their teeth etc.
  • Imagine that you work outside the home or for whatever reason you think “oh I’m going to feed my adult cat only once a day” value it’s acceptable, although not the best option.
  • But if what you have is a kitten 4 months, there is not worth it.

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So from our guide you have simply got an idea of how much should i feed my cat and how to take of their food schedule. If you have a pet cat then obviously you must follow all these instructions. If you any other suggestions for our cat lovers then simply you can share with us. Visit our catsfud for more information. You can see how much to feed a cat chart based on the growth of cat.

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