Cat Bath: How to Give a Cat a Bath Tips

As we know, cats are very clean animals. It is also very common for cats to panic to water. Learn today how to give a cat a bath. The ability to use tongue and teeth to groom yourself is one of the main characteristics and advantages of cats. However there are times when they get dirty with something they can not get rid of. In this case we have to be the owners who help them.

Many of them wants to know do cats need baths, then the answer will be yes, to be clean and safe the cats have to be washed. But the owners must know how to wash a cat, because simply keeping the kitten in water and removing doesn’t help the cat to remove its dirt.

How to Give a Cat a Bath

That is why it is very important to accustom them from small (in the first two months) to see water as something normal. We should always use a cats pay shampoo and not use conditioner. Shampoos for people are not recommended for cats. Among other things, because they have active ingredients that can be harmful to your skin.


Guidelines for how to give a cat a bath

To give a safe bath to our friend we will give him the bath in the sink, for the height and the size.

  •  Ideally leave a few inches of warm water and try to get used to the noise of the tap.
  • It is very positive to be relaxed and transmit calm to the animal through caresses, a voice with a soft tone etc.
  • When we carry out a safe bath for the cat, we will choose a moment in which it is quiet. A good trick is to play with him before the bath so that he can burn energy and be relaxed.
  • Before wetting it we will give you a good brushing to remove loose hairs and knots, especially if you have long hair and it removes the cat dandruff too.
  • We must remember to put cotton in his ears so that water does not get in and thus avoiding possible infections.
  • Before running the water, we have to place a base to prevent the cat from slipping.
  • The filling of the space of a safe bathroom will not exceed 10 centimeters. And the temperature of the water, if possible make it lukewarm. Be careful that it is very hot.

how to bathe a cat

More Tips for a Safe Cat Bath

  • The most comfortable way to wet our feline is with a hand shower.
  • When we have already wetted it, we will be using shampoo for cats and apply massages in the direction of hair growth.
  • Always be careful not to wet your cat face and ears if the water goes inside its nose then you will notice your pet as a heavy breathing cat which you must avoid.
  • At the time of rinsing, make sure all the shampoo has been removed. The waste could irritate your cat skin and even act as a reticent of dust or dirt.
  • If we want to clean face, we will do it by moistening a clean cloth with warm water and passing it delicately. In case face is very dirty, it is recommended to dilute a little shampoo in water. We will always be careful not to get in his eyes.

how to wash a cat

This is the way we bath a kitten and most of them don’t know how to bathe a kitten and they we will doing as per their knowledge which may irritate the cat and some times later your cat will start kneading. Know about why do cats knead with towels and blankets

After a Cat Bath the moment of drying

Once it is clean and wrung out, touch the drying. We wrap it in a towel and dry it in a warm place and always keeping it away from the air currents. If the noise does not bother you, we can try using the dryer.

We can also cut or file the nails before carrying out the bath know about how to cut cat nails. For our friend to associate the bathroom with a good experience we prepare a good reward that you can give immediately after you have finished drying it. Pets love the prizes especially if they come in the form of a snack.

 Other options for a Cat bath

One of the desperate plans for the cat with awe at the water is a very fast bath you can see how to wash a cat for more information.

It’s about taking the cat to the bathtub, but without taps or open artichokes. We will put a bucket with warm water (37ºC is ideal), we put it inside and holding its front legs with one hand.

After giving it with a little soap diluted in water (always use a special brand for cats) with the other hand we wet it a little already directly rinsing it.

Everything has to be very fast without giving you time to get upset. This system is for cats that are not completely impossible of those that take a little while to react

do cats need baths

How to Bathe a cat with three basins

It is about filling three basins with warm water and putting them well in the bathtub or anywhere else, such as a garden etc. We must be careful that they are on a stable surface, that is that they do not dance.

We dilute soap in the first one where we will introduce the cat, holding it by the armpits and always saving its head from the water. The effectiveness is in the shallow depth of these containers: they scare the cat less because of its shape of low walls and because there is less water.

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With this you will simply know how to give a cat a bath with different types. You can choose any of the best way and bathe your cat as per its wish. Share the article and help other kittens to survive. For more information on cats and their health then simply visit our catsFud community and share your feelings.

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