How to Punish a Cat? How Should Punishments be for Cats

Want to know how to punish a cat. We know that our cats have behaviors that we can not accept and that should be punished. These punishments must be carried out effectively for the cat to relate his misbehavior to the situation that has occurred so that the event does not happen again.

There are many techniques that can be used to punish a cat. From the beginning, we must know that physical or psychological abuse is not allowed and neither is it beneficial to educate an animal.

How to Punish a Cat

One of the recommended ways is in the same moment in which the animal is found to commit the infraction to take it from the neck as its mother does and take it to a room and lock it there alone.


How Should Punishments be for Cats

  • We must know that to carry out effective punishments. These must be carried out at the same time as the cat is doing the damage or the wrong action. Late punishments should never be carried out since the animal will not relate to the erroneous act or action.
  • We must also remember that cats, as well as dogs or other pets, need our love and our patience. Many times we must be much more than with children because with them we can at least communicate more directly.
  • With cats, many harmful behaviors may occur because they are not satisfied or their play and socialization needs are not met. In these cases there may be bad behaviors that should be punished but also solved at the root.
  • It is necessary that we identify the origin of the bad behavior and to the masters, we can be the ones that sometimes cause the origin of the evil.
  • To continue with the punishments, we must know that claims to cats are fully accepted. Sounds or strong affirmations of “NO” or a powerful “Ssssshhh” can make our cat stop instantly.

Associative Punishments

Associative punishments can also be used, such as wetting it with a little water. To use this technique a sprinkler with water is needed. The moment we see the bad behavior we spray the cat with water without him noticing or associating this fact with us.

Associative Punishments

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With this you will surely associate the situation you were doing with the water and then stop doing it. In the event that you reiterate your bad behavior, we must continue with the same technique until you relate it.

Situations to Avoid in the Punishments for Cats

In the punishments that we give to our cats for their bad behavior. There are situations that should be avoided completely. One of them is corporal punishment. Blows or squeezes, among others are not allowed. If we want to have a good learning and have a happy cat.

Neither psychological abuse is allowed and are associated with violent reactions or grudges that we do not want to present to our pets. So we must also avoid that the cat directly relates the punishment or the situation that is generated by the person. An example is not to allow them to see when we spray them with water. Since the punishment will not be effective and at the time of our absence they will carry out the bad actions.

We must also avoid wetting them completely. Also at the time of catching them from the neck, we should not shake them nor have them suspended for a long time as punishment.

Cats Always Have A Reason

It sounds bad to us and every time it costs us to follow certain advice that they will give us. Whose results are that our relationship with the cats gets worse and the problems are not solved.


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No living being is worthy of punishment or imposition of the freedom. And the beauty of each being is to enjoy each as it is, understanding its nature. Its origin and need respecting as it is, and loving it. When there is an imbalance in the relationship between a human and a cat, it is usually due to a comprehension problem. We do not understand some behaviors and our reaction is usually anger, frustration and punishment to the animal.

In most cases this makes the problem worse. The cat does not understand anything, he is only scared by your attitude. There is no way to teach anything when one gets angry. The anger is the result of frustration and the need to control or dominate the other. When in reality everything is simpler, without falling into this situation that can break a beautiful relationship of trust.

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Final Words

In general we say that any humans that is the cat owners should not punish the cats, as the cats are small pets that needs the love and effection. In most of the times it is not good to punish a cat, but when sometimes if it does a wrong thing then obviously it is our duty to educate the cat and give him a slight punishment so that it wont repeat it again. For more information on cats simply visit our Catsfud website.

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