How to Take the Cat to the Vet? Read This First

How to Take the Cat to the Vet: Many owners only manage to take their cat to the veterinarian when he is already so sick that he does not have the strength to protest. It’s usually too late.

Every day we see cats with diseases that are too advanced. When we ask the owners why they have not brought it to us before. We are surprised by the high percentage of customers who answer “it” s that I’m not able to put it in the carrier. ”

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How to take the cat to the vet


How to Take the Cat to the Vet

Most veterinarians think that preventive health is the most effective way of working to give cats a long and healthy life.

It is essential to an annual review, in addition to your vaccinations as explained here and here.

Many cats hate to leave home and the problem begins with the fight to put them in the carrier. At Cristina Veterinarians we are aware of the importance of managing our patients, minimizing the animal’s stress in the clinic, but we must bear that mind begins at home.

If we can stop the carrier from being an unpleasant place for the cat, we will make the visit to the veterinarian much less stressful. The same can be applied when we have to take the cat out of the house for any other reason.

The first thing is to understand how is the Mentality of a Cat

Cats like the routine, they feel comfortable with everything that is familiar and predictable.

Mentality of a Cat

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However, they react with distrust and even aggressiveness to the new, they need time to adapt to the unknown.

Therefore, a period of adaptation to the carrier, to the car, to the clinic is necessary … We can not pretend that a cat accepts entering by force in a totally unknown place, that it smells strange (cats are very sensitive to odors ) and without possible escape.

It is asking too much and that is precisely what we want when we put it in a car in the first place.

It is important to remain calm, cats easily detect our stress and that makes us transmit it to them.

With cats, you have to go on a good roll, no punishments, nothing by force. Cats only learn based on prizes that stimulate appropriate behavior. Give him a prize when he is inside the carrier or close to him, that he has the carrier with something good if it is food that he likes or a caress.

The cat must associate the carrier with positive experiences that are part of his daily routine so that he ends up voluntarily entering it.

How to Make the Carrier part of the Cat’s Environment

  • Leave the carrier in a room where the cat spends a lot of time.
  • Put a blanket that you like, with its smell, inside the carrier, so you can use it as a resting area. Leave that blanket inside when you take it to the clinic.
  • Leave in the carrier some of your favorite toys.
  • It will be days before the cat begins to trust the carrier, the important thing is to have patience. Premiale whenever you can.
  • Accustom your cat to the carrier from a young age and always before you need it.

How to Choose a Carrier to take the Cat to the Vet?

Carrier to take the Cat to the Vet

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Choose rigid carriers, with a grill door that can be opened from above and from the front. It is important that we explore the cat by removing the upper half.

Avoid Carriers in Which it is Necessary to Force the Cat to Exit

They are ideal carriers that can be easily disassembled by their upper half. Because it allows the cat to remain at the base of the same during the examination without the need to remove it. This significantly reduces the cat’s stress.

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