How to Tell If Your Cat Is Sick

How to tell if your Cat is Sick: Surely if you have a cat mascot. You are very concerned to see that she is apathetic and not very active, which alarms you right away. And even knowing that cats are not as active dogs, you can detect if they are not well. If you observe their behavior in detail.

If you love the kittens and your health worries, we will give you some tips on how to know if your cat is sick. You can see our article and know more information about the pet cats.

How to Tell if Your Cat is Sick


Hygiene and Feeding

If you have a kitten you should know that you take care of it from its hygiene and feeding. It is very important that you observe it every day. In this way, you will be able to detect more easily if your pet is in good health. If, on the contrary, it has some ailment. Neither do you need to obsess over the issue of health. But you must monitor their behavior and their way of acting to detect the symptoms of a sick cat. You may also be interested in how old the cats live.

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If you detect that lately, your cat does not eat as much as it used to and shows signs of apathy in front of the food, it is probably that your pet is sick. Sometimes, having a fever, upset stomach or any other animal can cause the animal to stop eating suddenly as it usually does. For more information, you can see why my cat does not eat.

Excessive water is also a sign that your cat may be sick. If you also see that your muzzle is more humid than normal, this is also a sign that something is not working properly.

Health Upset Symptoms

  • If your cat vomits once, it may be because something has been wrong, because they are very curious creatures and are not afraid to explore. But if the vomit is repeated a few times more, you should immediately take it to the vet to verify that it is not poisoning or indigestion. You can see why my cat vomits.
  • If you think your pet has an upset stomach, you should check your sandbox. Wear gloves and check if the cat has diarrhea or if his stools are softer than normal, if this is so, you have to take it to the vet to check that he is in good health.

Health Upset Symptoms

  • If your feline’s eyes look strange and watery, irritability and aggressiveness or other obvious physical aspects such as dull hair or inflamed part of your body are also signs that your pet may have a health problem. Keep in mind that if a cat is sick it can also purr. You can see why the cats purr.
  • If you see that your pussycat is more than usual, is apathetic and struggles to maintain balance when you walk it may be that you have fallen ill, for this reason, it is essential that you take it to the specialist.

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Signs of Cat

If you think there is something that does not work well with your pussycat, it is essential that you look at your sandbox to see how you evacuate and if you urinate normally or have difficulty doing so, this is an unmistakable sign that you may be sick

You have to pay attention to the time your feline spends sleeping, since cats that are sick sleep more. You should keep your pet under observation if it does not have other signs of illness such as diarrhea, vomiting, swelling or loss of appetite. If you see that the symptoms are increasing, you have to take it to the vet. For more information: how much the cats sleep

You have a look at the silhouette of your pet and its weight. If there is any change in your weight, you have to take it to the vet. The fact that your cat loses weight suddenly or gradually can be a sign that he is sick. To get rid of doubts, you should weigh it once a week at home and if you see that you continue to lose weight, you should ask your veterinarian.

Check the temperature of your cat to rule out that you have a fever, to use this to a rectal thermometer. But if he gets nervous, take him to the vet for him to do. A normal temperature is between 37.5 and 39 ° C (99.5 and 102.5 ° F), but if it is above it is considered high and if it is 39.4 ° C (103 ° F) it is considered to have a fever, it is at this time when you have to take your pet to the vet. You can see how to know if my cat has a fever.

Growth of Cats

You should clean your pet often to check if you notice new growths or growths. You have to know that most of the abscesses or lumps are benign. however, if they ooze or hurt, it is necessary to review them. Also pay attention to odors that come from infected scratches, if so, take your kitten to the veterinarian, because if you are not treated, you may suffer blood poisoning because of the infection.

You have to check if your pussycat is dehydrated. You must control if there is any change in your behavior that makes you drink water. The amount of water your baby drinks depends on whether you drink wet food or dry food. There are diseases of cats that cause them to drink more than usual, such as kidney diseases, some infections, diabetes and overactive thyroid. You may be interested in how to feed a cat.

Check your feline’s hair. When a pussycat is sick it usually does not have the strength to clean up. Then, the hair that was previously well-groomed and shiny, will become tangled, opaque and matted. If this happens, your cat may be sick. Although sometimes stress may also cause weight loss or it may not clear up as much as before.

Problems for Cat

Check if your furry friend has breathing problems. If you see that your cat breathes very quickly and superficially or does it with his mouth open and has not done any kind of exercise, it is important that you take him to the veterinarian. You should consider if your breathing is difficult or not.

Cats Sick

Check your pussycat’s mouth, see if his gums are discolored. If your pet has black gums and at some point, you see that they turn pale. It could be that you have become ill. You must also smell the breath of your cat. If you notice a very strong and strange smell that is not due to anything you have eaten, it may be that your cat has a health problem.

The hide may be another sign that something is not at all well with your kitty. We know that cats sometimes like to get lost in some corner of the house, but if you start to isolate more than normal, that is not good at all. Remember that many times cats show us their pain or suffering and prefer to hide. Therefore, if your cat prefers to be isolated from the world, this is also a sign that something is happening to him.

If your cat shows some discomfort when grabbing him, that is to say. I have complains as if he was hurting him, you should check his whole body to be able to locate where this pain is coming from. It can be treated from some type of fracture to some type of rash on your skin. Such as to rash, an allergy or some bug or flea bite (see how to know if my cat has fleas).

Final Words

Any type of a cough or sneeze that your feline pet presents is important that you pay attention. While it could be a temporary allergy. If this cough or sneeze becomes constant, it will be very important that you take it to treatment to know what is the cause, and of course, treat it with the right medication.

An aggressive behavior sudden can also be a clear warning that your cat is doing badly. This is an involuntary reaction and totally normal since many times. The pain as happens in us human beings causes us irritability. That is if your kitten from one moment to another begins to have a very aggressive behavior with you. It may be a clear sign that you have some discomfort that is causing this irritability.

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