How to Treat Cat Scratches At Home

The cat is a cat that has claws that try to keep always sharp and when it scratches we call them as cat scratches. From a very young age he uses them to jump and climb. The problem is that unintentionally it can sometimes hurt us, because the human skin is not only very thin but also has hardly any protective hair so that from time to time we can take the odd scratch.

While there are several causes why this beautiful hairy spider, the most common is usually the game. For this reason, it is very important to teach him not to do it from the first day he comes home. But when a cat scratches us we should not take it in a easy way because the cat has scratched may be with a problem.

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Meanwhile it is interesting to have these homemade cat scratch remedies on hand. You can follow this article and know about how to treat cat scratches and what are the best home remedies for cat scratches. Simply have a look at them and know more information from us.


Why does My Cat Scratch

The cat is an animal that has nails and uses them to climb. He is a feline and without them he could not lead a cat life. It is very important to always keep this in mind and not choose to amputate them. If he scratches us, we do not have to shout at him, but teach him not to. Let’s first see why the cat scratches:

  • Play: Especially in the kitten. A young cat uses its claws to explore. Also he does not control his strength during the game and it becomes as a jumping cat.
  • He is sick: If he has pain or discomfort, the hairy will be on the defensive so he could attack.
  • He is stressed: If he is tense (or lives in a tense family environment) he will react violently to defend himself. this is we call as distemper in cats.
  • People have not had a relationship: If he has been rescued from the street or if he has been multitude, the hairy will scratch those who want to help him because he is not used to it.

What do I do if My Cat Scratches Me

If the cat that has scratched you is yours and it usually does, you can try to control this behavior. To do this, you must take into account some tips such as the following on what to do and how to prevent your cat from scratching you again:

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  • Set limits between the cat and you: In addition to teaching him that you are not his prey offer him appropriate toys so he can relax and play.
  • Respect yourself also the limits: That is do not bother him when he is resting or eating, do not force him to interact if he does not want to.
  • Do not react inappropriately: when you scratch do not yell at him or chase him, much less attack him. React in a calm and logical way, that is just as you should not punish or assault him, neither should you give him any love or a prize at the moment he scratches you. In this way, you will not reinforce this behavior.
  • Go to the veterinarian: He is the one who knows best what is causing this attitude. The specialist can help you correct aspects of the behavior of your cat and yours towards him. Also decide whether it is appropriate to cut the nails to the cat a little or not know more on how to cut cat nails.

Home Remedies for Cat Scratches

Depending on the situation, may be you can heal at home or may be you should go to the doctor. This will depend, above all on whether you have been scratched by a cat that is vaccinated and clean or an unvaccinated or unknown cat, of which we do not know anything, in this case you should go to your doctor or emergency, just as if It’s about a deep scratch.

For the cases of superficial scratches of healthy and vaccinated cats in which we can be cured at home there are the following tips and home remedies:

  • Wash the wound: The first remedy to be applied in these cases is to wash the scratch well with water and antibacterial soap (with previously washed hands).
  • Disinfect the wound: After washing the wound well, even if we use antibacterial soap, we can disinfect the wound with hydrogen peroxide. In this way we ensure a good disinfection and avoid the possible risks of a cat scratch.
  • Do not cover the scratch: if we can, we should leave the wound in the open air to heal better, otherwise we will apply a gauze.
  • Aloe vera: We can apply aloe vera gel which is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and also regenerating the skin. If we do not have a plant at home to extract it from one of its leaves, we can buy pure gel at the pharmacy.

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With these you will know about the cat scratch treatment and how to treat when a cat scratches you. Pets are the one which we have them at our home. So if you have a cat then you must first know about the cat scratch home remedy which you can see from us. If you have a cat simply share its behavior with us. Also for more information on a cat see CatsFud Community.

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