How to Wash a Cat? Tips for How to Bathe Your Cat

How to Wash a Cat? Since cats are the most demanding hairdressers, they usually do not need to bathe, nor do they want to! However, on rare occasions, your cat can actually get dirty.

Here are some tips to make the experience more bearable… for both of you!


How to Wash Your Cat

Put a non-slip mat (or even a towel) on the floor. Fill the bathtub with enough hot water to bathe your pet. Do not fill the bathtub excessively, as the cat will be frightened by the depth of the water and will increase the risk of spilling water on the ground.

Always use a special shampoo that does not contain chemicals or perfumes. Never use shampoo for humans, as it is not suitable for cats due to the difference in pH levels.

Once the cat is in the bathtub, apply a small amount of shampoo avoiding the area of the ears and eyes. It is easier to wash a particular part of the cat than the whole body.

Therefore, if there is a single dirty or contaminated area, focus on washing only this part. If you have to wash your entire body, soak it from neck to tail without forgetting the bottom, legs, and feet.

You will probably find it easier if you take the cat out of the bathtub for it (put it on a towel if you want) since some medical shampoos require some contact time.

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Tips for How to Bathe Your Cat or Kitten

After soaping, rinse carefully with the shower or a jug of warm water avoiding the eyes and ears. Keep in mind that after a good soak, your cat will love to shake energetically to get rid of excess water.

You can wait for it to finish and then dry your pet with another towel. Complete the drying process in a warm room and do not let it come out until it is completely dry.

Most cats are afraid of hair dryers, avoid using it unless your cat is used to it from a very young age (like cats that show up at a beauty contest).

Bath time is a nightmare for many cats; Offering numerous prizes is usually a great help distraction. Try someone to help you. If your cat is stressed too much, do not insist; Bites and scratches from a cat can be serious. You must be careful and treat it with gentled.

Ask the veterinarian, or your assistant, to help you with the most basic wash. If you have more than one cat, keep in mind that from now on the cat will have a new smell.

This can generate a conflict between them in your house. One way to avoid it is to rub the other cats with the towel you used to dry the clean cat. In this way, you will spread the new smell around the house and the cats will interact with more harmony.

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How Do You Bath Cat?

How Do You Bath Cat

Cats, in addition to being extremely clean animals that are groomed continuously with the help of their tongue, tend to show hostility to the contact of their bodies with water. That is the reason why it is sometimes recommended to use dry cleaning foams, which can be purchased in specialized animal stores and, combined with a proper brushing to eliminate dead hair, can be an excellent option to maintain your hygiene in optimal condition.

Despite this, there are certain circumstances that can cause it to be necessary to bathe a cat. Among them, it is important to highlight their breed or characteristics (long coat), the need for deworming through a suitable shampoo, the presence of any pathology related to the skin, or even the elimination of concentrated spot dirt (fat, rust, dirt)

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It is also true that if you get to accustom your cat to the bathroom since it is a kitten (from 2 months of age), contact with water does not necessarily have to be unpleasant. If this is your case, and your cat does not usually go outside, a monthly washing frequency is sufficient.


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